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How Much Is Netflix in 2020? (+Which Plan to Choose)

September 24, 2019

Do you have a lot of time on your hands?

If so, it’s time you checked out what Netflix has to offer.

Netflix is the most popular video streaming service in most of the world, and with 1,300 TV shows and 4,300 movies available in the United States, it ought to help fill some of that pesky free time.

If you’re ready to get a Netflix subscription, first you need to decide which plan is best for you. Let’s break it down so you choose the right one.

How much is Netflix?

While Netflix has raised its subscription prices multiple times since debuting its standalone streaming service for $7.99 a month in 2010, the most recent price increase took effect in January 2019.

Ready to choose a Netflix plan? Keep reading for an explanation of your choices.

Netflix plans

Netflix offers three plans. While each plan gives unlimited access to Netflix’s entire library of movies and shows, the main differences between them are streaming quality and the number of screens that can play simultaneously. On the plus side, regardless of which plan you choose, you won’t have to worry about your viewing choice being interrupted by advertising.

chart showing Netflix plans

Basic Plan

At $8.99 per month, the Basic Plan is the bare-bones subscription tier. This option doesn’t allow more than one screen to play simultaneously or have available high-definition streaming, but if only one person will be using the account and access to HD isn’t a priority, Basic should be sufficient.

Standard Plan

Under the $12.99 per month Standard Plan, two screens can play at the same time. Standard also allows HD quality streaming on available titles and devices.

Premium Plan

If you’re likely to end up sharing your account with friends, offspring, or exes, the Premium Netflix plan will be the way to go. For $15.99 per month, up to four screens can play at the same time without anyone getting kicked off. Paying for Premium also lets you watch available content in Ultra HD quality to get the most out of that 4K resolution, 72-inch screen TV you couldn’t resist.

DVD Plan

While Netflix has become more associated with its streaming service, it still offers the option to rent DVDs by mail. Users can subscribe to one of two DVD-only plans, or add one onto their streaming plan. $7.99 per month will get you unlimited rentals, but you can only have one disc at a time. For $11.99, you can have two discs out at once. Those prices are both for standard DVDs only - to include Blu-ray discs, add on an extra $2 a month.

Get ready to start streaming

With plans ranging from $8.99 to $15.99, the right choice of Netflix plan will depend on your needs. Whether you opt for basic, standard, or premium, happy binge-watching!

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