The G2 Guide to #WFHWeek


How to Work From Home: A Comprehensive Survival Guide

By Grace Pinegar

I had to learn how to work from home the hard way: by doing it. If you're joining the remote workforce, learn from my experience ahead of time. READ MORE


Research Tips for Working From Home for Optimal Productivity 

By Kevin Indig

Working from home is fun - but also a huge challenge. This article provides research-based tips on unlocking maximal productivity when working from home. READ MORE


Amazon Work from Home: How to Make It Work for You 

By Deirdre O'Donoghue

Amazon work from home is a great way to make money working for the largest retailer in the world while sitting on your couch. Learn how to apply today. READ MORE


Home Office Ideas: Creating a Sanctuary Space

By Grace Pinegar

Working from home is cool, and having a home office you enjoy is the cherry on top. Check out these home office ideas that'll make your space shine. READ MORE


10 Skills Remote Team Managers Need

By Sophia Bernazzani

Being a manager of a remote team isn't always easy, but applying these must-have skills that every remote team manager needs is a great place to start. READ MORE


A Soundtrack to #WFHWeek

By John Thomas Lang

There's a distinct connection between the rise of remote employment and the revitalization of the vinyl record industry. #WFHWeek was the perfect excuse to bring them together. READ MORE


The Struggle is Real: How 6 Employees Conquer Common Remote Work Challenges

By Lauren Pope

Remote work isn't all fun and games – there are challenges every employee faces. Read how six employees conquered common remote work challenges. READ MORE


4 Ways Working From Home Helps Your Work-Life Balance

By Maddie Rehayem

A perfect work-life balance is easier to achieve when you work from home. Here are the main four ways working from home can help your productivity. READ MORE


How to Balance Work and Family: 8 Work From Home Lessons

By Kristen McCabe

Juggling family and work priorities is never easy. Learn how to keep everyone happy (including you!) with these eight tips. READ MORE


The Best Places to Work Remotely: a #WFHWeek Investigation

By Meghan Treptow

Where are the best places to work remotely? G2 investigated a variety of locations during #WFHWeek to find the answer. READ MORE

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