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G2 Voices

When looking for fresh takes, we look within. G2 Voices is a series that highlights our teams’ knowledge and unique perspectives. Check out these G2ers’ expert advice and thoughts on hot topics in their respective fields.

Moving Past the Uncertainty of AI Law with G2 Senior Corporate Counsel
G2 Voices

After passing the bar in 2016, I transitioned from courtroom advocacy to Senior Corporate Counsel for G2, a Chicago unicorn, and the...

G2 Voices

Beyond the Hype: Will AI Co-Pilot Content Editing?

The allure of editing is the opportunity it provides to be at the center of the relationship...

G2 Voices

How to Know It’s Time For a Career Change (And What to Do Next)

Stuck in the confines of routine, I found myself in the same loop for the past two years.

G2 Voices

Strong Customer Marketing Strategies: The Key to Boosting Retention

Have you ever wondered why certain brands have fiercely loyal customers? The ones who don’t just...

G2 Voices

Level Up Your Career With These 7 Professional Development Tips

New year, new me!

G2 Voices

How Artificial Intelligence Is Impacting the Legal Industry

The legal industry presents a unique contrast: many of its principles have remained the same for...

G2 Voices

The Beginner's Launchpad to Generative AI Software: A Video Guide

Learning to use generative AI tools can prove daunting for the uninitiated. Between the different...

G2 Voices

Cross-Cultural Management: Enhancing the Global Employee Experience

In 2010, an up-and-coming startup company called LinkedIn opened an office in my hometown of...

G2 Voices

Looking For AI Code Generators? Learn the Legal Fine Print

AI has an ever-evolving potential that can feel overwhelming without adequate knowledge. When it...

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