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Kevin Indig

Kevin is the formerr VP of SEO & Content at G2. He believes that technology can substantially improve our lives and wants to do everything in his power to make the right technology visible and available to the right people.


The COVID-19 Crisis Is Transforming the Way We Use Software

The coronavirus crisis is the biggest disrupter of our lives in the 21st century.


How to Become a Top-Notch Database Administrator

Database administrators are more important than their title might reveal to the layman.


The User-Friendly Approach to Targeted Advertising

Online ads can be annoying unless they come just at the right moment.


The Simple Guide to Buying a Business

You would think there are no shortcuts to entrepreneurship, but there are.


Tips for Working from Home, According to Research

Working from home is as much a perk as it is a challenge. It can increase productivity or kill it....

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