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If you love to make your life as easy as it can be, our productivity hub is here for you. We’ve curated a goldmine of resources full of Microsoft and Google hacks, as well as efficiency tips you can practice on the job.

5 Easy Ways to Say Goodbye to Email Overwhelm and Burnout

We are in the midst of the Great Resignation, with employees leaving their jobs in record numbers. 

Guest Post

Why Is Data-Driven Culture Important for a Consumer Business?

Due to the rapid digital transformation across all industries, an exploding quantity of data is...


What Is Inventory? From Raw Materials to Finished Goods

Once upon a time, there were goods so organized, so efficient, that it laid the foundation to...


What Is Business Forecasting? Predictions to Drive Success

It’s time to look inside your crystal ball and start forecasting.Forecasting gives you the tools...


What Is Time Blocking? A Beginner's Guide

No matter how well we try to plan our day, be more productive, and simply get more done, time seems...


Employee Document Management: Organize Company Records

The human resource department is often home to complex documents that contain sensitive information.


How to Pick the Right Warehouse Layout to Improve Operations

Successful warehouse operations start in the right space.


11 Human Resource Management Functions for Success

It’s common for employees to think the human resources team is only called on when something goes...


Why It's Time to Start Offering Employees Paid Parental Leave

Think about the major milestones you’ve had in your life.

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