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Sagar Joshi

Sagar Joshi is a content marketing specialist at G2 in India. He is a firm believer in the potential of content and its role in helping people. Topics related to security and technology pique his interest and motivates him to write about them. In his free time, you can find him reading books, learning a new language, or playing pool.


How Public Key Encryption Ensures Data Integrity

Data needs security, and security needs encryption.


What Is Session Hijacking? How to Ensure Session Privacy

A lot can happen between a login and a logout.


What Is a Brute Force Attack? How to Keep User Accounts Safe

Passwords alone do not protect user accounts, but you can.


How Rapid Application Development Helps Teams Save Time

Technology evolves constantly.Every business in today’s competitive landscape aims to provide...


What Is IoT Security? How to Keep IoT Devices Safe

Internet of Things (IoT) solves pressing business problems but often poses concerning challenges.


What Is Endpoint Security? How It Guards Your IT Assets

Security is a significant cornerstone of any business. 


What Is Zero-Day Vulnerability? A Threat You Need to Be Aware Of

Security vulnerabilities are a consistent threat to cybersecurity.


5 Malware Removal Tools That Keep You Safe

Malware, a malicious program infecting your computers and networks, can have a troublesome...


How to Find a Network Security Key in the Devices You Love

Modern world functions on the pillars of wireless devices.

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