Sagar Joshi

Sagar Joshi is a former content marketing specialist at G2 in India. He is an engineer with a keen interest in data analytics and cybersecurity. He writes about topics related to them. You can find him reading books, learning a new language, or playing pool in his free time.


What Is a Cyber Attack? The Last Guide You'll Ever Need

A few minutes of a cyber attack can risk the reputation you built for ages.


How FIDO Standards Make Authentication Simple and Secure

Fast identity online (FIDO) standards are authentication protocols where security and user...


What Is Ethical Hacking? Learn From Scratch

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CEH Study Guide: How to Become a Certified Ethical Hacker

Securing a job as an ethical hacker is a tricky process.


What Is SIEM? A Brilliant Guide to the Basics

Safeguarding your organization's cybersecurity is tricky.


What Is ITSM? A Guide to All of the Details, Simplified

Information technology is at the forefront of modern businesses.It’s the core element that enables...


How IT Portfolio Management Can Save Your Team Money

Managing a multitude of IT projects is tricky.


What Is Penetration Testing? How to Use It Against Hackers

Hackers are evolving continuously, and so are their methods. 


Top 5 Vulnerability Scanners You Need to Patrol Security Grids

Cyber threats are a mirror of security gaps, and you should always cover them before they get out...

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