Daniella Alscher

Daniella Alscher is a Brand Designer for G2. When she's not reading or writing, she's spending time with her dog, watching a true crime documentary on Netflix, or trying to learn something completely new. (she/her/hers)


Vanity Metrics: Spotting and Striking Them Out

Vanity is vain.


How to Host a Webinar That'll Keep Them Coming Back for More

Whether you're speaking to a live audience of 10 or 10,000 or delivering a talk online, there's...


What Is a Copywriter? A Guide to Stellar Professional Copywriting

Having a way with words can be your full-time job - I promise.


Social Media Monitoring: How to Listen to Audience Feedback

Having your finger on the pulse of customer sentiment is essential, no matter what’s being said...


The 10 Social Media Metrics You Can't Afford to Forget

The more data we collect about our marketing activities, the more doors can open to lead us to...


8 Marketing KPIs that Keep Your CMO Up At Night

The first page of the marketing bible reads: “measure your KPIs”.


How You Can Overcome the Challenges of Working Remotely

There’s something delightful about not having to commute any further than from your bed to your...


KPIs: The Most Important Characters in Your Company's Story

Some things are easier to measure than others. Measuring improvement is not one of those things.


Conversion Tracking: Venturing to the Bottom of the Funnel

The buyer's journey consists of awareness, consideration, and decision. That final conversion to...

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