Daniella Alscher

Daniella Alscher is a Content Marketing Associate for G2. When she's not reading or writing, she's listening to murder podcasts or sitting on the couch. Or both. (she/her/hers)


What Is a Financial Manager? (Skills, Job Duties + Salary)

Terrific financial management is behind every successful business.


What Is a Breach of Contract (+4 Types of Breaches)

Ideally, every promise that’s made is one that’s kept.


Amazon Advertising: 3 Unique Ways to Sell Your Product

An advertiser’s story often begins with having a product that needs to be sold, and organic...


#G2Fireside Twitter Chat Roundup: Brand + Design

What’s a company without a brand design?


Spotify Ads: Types, Set Up, + Best Practices

One of the most popular music streaming services in the U.S., Spotify is good for more than...


Reddit Ads: Everything You Need to Know

While it isn’t often a first choice, Reddit is a goldmine for marketers.


The Full Guide to Snapchat Ads

Snapchat is small but mighty.


Facebook Lead Ads Explained (+How to Optimize Them for Your Business)

The original purpose of the world’s most popular social media platform is long gone.


What Are Business Expenses? (What’s Deductible and What Isn’t)

You have a great idea for a business.

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