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Alexandra Vazquez

Alexandra Vazquez is a Content Marketing Specialist at G2. She received her Bachelor of Business Administration from Florida International University and is a published playwright. Alexandra specializes in writing for the Supply Chain persona, with articles discussing topics such as demand planning and warehouse management. In her spare time, she enjoys collecting board games and playing karaoke.


What Is Inventory? From Raw Materials to Finished Goods

Once upon a time, there were goods so organized, so efficient, that it laid the foundation to...


What Is Business Forecasting? Predictions to Drive Success

It’s time to look inside your crystal ball and start forecasting.Forecasting gives you the tools...


How to Pick the Right Warehouse Layout to Improve Operations

Successful warehouse operations start in the right space.


What Is Supply and Demand? Strategize in a Competitive Market

If a product is being sold but there’s no one around to buy it, does it really exist? 


Demand Planning: How to Meet Future Needs Using Old Data

To be successful, companies have to be efficient. 

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