8 Best Rated Job Search Engines for Recruiters in 2019

November 15, 2018

Online recruitment tools provide employers, job seekers and businesses with solutions that help them achieve the same goal — to post and fill job openings.

Job boards help candidates find new careers, give employers a leg up in identifying top talent and give job board businesses tools to create effective job board solutions.

These sites are often referred to as job boards, job search engines or job board software.

Job Search Engines vs. Job Boards

Companies looking to fill open positions regularly employ job boards or job search engines to help find qualified candidates. Employers and recruiters use job boards to post and advertise current openings for job seekers to easily find, based on factors such as title, keyword or job description.

Meanwhile, job search engines aggregate job listings from job boards, recruiter job description listings and company career sites, to name a few. Some online recruitment tools function as both job boards and job search engines.

Types of Job Boards

Below is a general overview of the types of job boards available to businesses and job seekers:

  • General job boards and search engines host job listings for any and every type of industry.
  • Professional job boards host job postings in fields such as financial, legal and general professional sectors.
  • Health care job search engines host job listings for the health care industry; this space is extremely competitive and posting quality job openings is essential.
  • IT and tech job boards focus on the technology sector, such as IT help desk technicians.
  • Creative job boards provide a space for visual artists, copywriters, product managers, social media managers and more to search for creative jobs.
  • Some job boards focus on helping businesses improve their diversity hiring practices; these solution might focus on women, minorities or veterans — to name a few.
  • Free job board sites are available either free of charge or for a no-cost trial.

If you are not certain how to choose which job boards to post your company’s open job positions to, start with a simple search. Check out similar job titles and choose the top-rated search results that other recruiting teams are using.

Review the job descriptions, industries and companies — determine if these job postings are for comparable jobs and sectors. Keep in mind that some job board solutions provide free trials or allow you to post job openings for free but charge to advertise the listings.

Research the cost of the top job boards and compare it to your budget. A general rule of thumb is to limit your total recruitment spend from 3 to 20 percent of the first year of salary for that role. This range is dependent upon whether you are posting job openings directly to job boards or are hiring a recruiter to help find a broader range of candidates. Post job openings, test job boards for quality and candidates and refine.

White-Label Job Boards

The terms “job board” and “job board software” are currently used interchangeably, and the most popular use of these solutions is to help connect employers with job seekers, but they also provide job board businesses with the requisite software. Whether businesses are looking to launch a job board or migrate their existing job board to a new platform — white-label job board software provides prebuilt job search engine solutions. These solutions are either hosted or installed and provide a range of features, including job and resume matching, applicant tracking system, social media integrations, SEO and multilingual options.

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Best Job Search Board Engines in 2019

 For products with G2 Crowd verified user reviews, we have included:

  • G2 Crowd star rating
  • User satisfaction
  • Top industries represented
  • An overview, integrations and pricing information
  • Reviews highlighting what users like and dislike
  • User recommendations for those considering the product

The G2 Crowd Grid® displays job boards with 10 or more verified user reviews. Brand logos appear in one of four quadrants: Leaders, High Performers, Contenders and Niche.

The placement within the quadrants is determined by a combination of user satisfaction and market presence scoring. We aggregate data from user reviews to determine the user satisfaction score and analyze company metrics, such as product scale and influence, to develop the market presence score.


These job board products alone have well over 450 validated user reviews on G2 Crowd as of October, 30 2018, and only represent a small portion of the 55-plus job board software offerings listed on our platform.

The products must have at least 10 reviews and are ranked by user satisfaction score, which is calculated by a proprietary algorithm that factors in real user satisfaction ratings from review data.


1. Indeed

Product Name: Indeed
G2 Crowd Star Rating: 4.3 out of 5 stars 
User Satisfaction: 96 percent 
Reviews: 147


Indeed hosts job openings, company reviews, salaries and resumes to help connect job seekers and employers. Companies can create an account, post jobs, write job descriptions, review applications, manage candidates and schedule interviews. Indeed provides companies with sponsored job options, resume subscriptions, mobile recruiting, featured employer options and company pages.

  • Indeed integrates with a variety of ATS solutions.
  • Free for regular postings
  • Sponsored jobs ranges from $0.10 to $5 per click.

2. LinkedIn Job Search

Product Name: LinkedIn Job Search
G2 Crowd Star Rating: 4.3 out of 5 stars
User Satisfaction: 79 percent
Reviews: 180


LinkedIn Job Search helps organizations post job openings and reach candidates. Features include targeted job promotion, recommended matches and candidate management.

  • LinkedIn Job Search operates on a pay-per-click model in which companies can set a daily job budget for each job posted. Job posting budgets can be purchased in advance, you receive a discount on a prepaid amount, which can be applied across multiple job posts.

3. Glassdoor

Product Name: Glassdoor
G2 Crowd Star Rating: 4.4 out of 5 stars 
User Satisfaction: 71 percent 
Reviews: 27


Glassdoor helps employers find the best candidates for the job. Features include free job listings on Glassdoor and more than 100 job sites, employer accounts that host company reviews, photos and insights, response capabilities and sales team communication.

  • Glassdoor integrates with a variety of ATS solutions.
  • Free employer account and enhanced profile options
  • Contact Glassdoor for pricing information

4. Handshake

Product Name: Handshake
G2 Crowd Star Rating: 4.3 out of 5 stars 
User Satisfaction: 58 percent 
Reviews: 19


Handshake is a  career network and recruiting platform that specializes in college and university recruitment. Features include multi-school job posting, applicant filtering, training and support, career fair management, direct messaging, and more.

  • Contact Handshake for pricing information

5. SimplyHired

Product Name: SimplyHired
G2 Crowd Star Rating: 4.2 out of 5 stars 
User Satisfaction: 40 percent 
Reviews: 11


SimplyHired is an online recruitment platform that helps companies hire new employees by posting job listings to more than 100 job boards. Features include comprehensive search engine, location-based job posting, salary estimator tool and mobile app for Android and iOS.

  • Pay-per-click (PPC) and self-service pay-per-post job advertising solutions available
  • Contact SimplyHired for pricing information

6. ZipRecruiter

Product Name: ZipRecruiter
G2 Crowd Star Rating: 3.7 out of 5 stars 
User Satisfaction: 39 percent 
Reviews: 54


ZipRecruiter provides employers, recruiters and staffing agencies with customizable job description templates and the option to post prescreen interview questions. ZipRecruiter posts all job listings to more than 100 job search engines and provides candidate information in a candidate dashboard for candidate assessment. Features include reusable job slots, social network posting and mobile access.

  • ZipRecruiter integrates with a variety of ATS solutions.
  • Standard, Premium or Pro; all available with free trials
  • Contact ZipRecruiter for pricing information

7. Monster

Product Name: Monster
G2 Crowd Star Rating: 3.4 out of 5 stars 
User Satisfaction: 32 percent 
Reviews: 36


Monster provides businesses with job posting and candidate engagement solutions for small, mid-market and enterprise businesses, as well as staffing and government sectors. Features include job listing advertising, resume search, employer branding, analytics and more.

  • Standard: $299 for 30 days,  $319 for 60 days
  • Enhanced: $339 for 30 days, $359 for 60 days
  • Premium: $375 for 30 days, $395 for 60 days

8. CareerBuilder Job Board

Product Name: CareerBuilder Job Board 
G2 Crowd Star Rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars 
User Satisfaction: 18 percent 
Reviews: 27


CareerBuilder Job Board is powered by Google AI and machine learning software. Features include job-to-candidate matching technology, candidate management, mobile optimization, unlimited job posting edits and new candidate applicant alerts.

  • CareerBuilder Job Board integrates with a variety of ATS solutions.
  • Pay per job: $375 each
  • Value plan: $299 per month

Next Steps For Selecting a Job Boards

Many companies employ additional solutions to help them find the best talent. Some choose to hire recruiters to help them broaden their candidate search while others employ additional recruiting software.

Recruiting automation software simplifies the recruiting process by identifying passive talent, building talent pools and tracking candidate engagement.

Alternatively, recruitment marketing platforms will help you optimize your company’s brand, streamline all job postings and track all candidates. All of these systems are commonly integrated with applicant tracking system (ATS) software and onboarding software.

Visit G2 Crowd’s HR software categories for thousands of verified user reviews to find the best solution to fit your company’s needs. Check out the job boards category where you can compare products, view specific ratings, discover available features and read user reviews.

Reviews can be tailored to view company sizes, user roles and industries, specific ratings and categories to help determine which product will work best for your unique business.

Please note: Reviews have been edited for spelling and grammar.

8 Best Rated Job Search Engines for Recruiters in 2019 The 8 best job search sites, software, portals, and tools for recruiters and hiring teams, rated from an in-depth analysis from G2 Crowd user reviews in 2019. https://learn.g2crowd.com/hubfs/blog-marketingPR-groupinoffice.jpg
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