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Kai Tomboc

Kai Tomboc is an experienced content designer and writer on all things healthcare, design, and SaaS. She used to be a nurse and a telemarketer in her past lives. She lives for mountain trips, lap swimming, books, and conversations over beer.

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9 Types of Graphic Design, Examples, and Top Career Options

In school, you'll often learn that graphic design is all about making things look pretty.

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How to Make Animated Infographics: Creative Tips and Ideas

If you think about it, visual content is the secret ingredient in transforming text-based content...

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What Is a Marketing Deck? Tips, Examples, and Templates

One of the frustrating things about marketing a brand or business is capturing your target...


History of Infographics: Cave Symbols to Interactive Visuals

Ancient storytellers already understood that pictures are worth a thousand words – from depictions...


5 Short Infographic Video Tips to Get More Shares and Views

It's February, and that means you're probably halfway through the implementation phase of your...

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What Is Lorem Ipsum? (History, Fun Facts, and Alternatives)

If you've at least used some form of writing or web content management software, there is a chance...

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What Is the Duotone Effect? (+How to Use It in Your Designs)

While not all of us can be graphic designers, that shouldn’t stop you from wanting to learn about...

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3 Brainstorming Techniques for Original Infographic Content

Running low on creative energy every time you’re about to start on an infographic project?

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