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The Road to 1M Organic Visits

A content marketing case study.


Chapter 1

How We Grew Organic Traffic to 1 Million Monthly Visitors 

By Jakub Rudnik

G2's Learning Hub grew its organic traffic to 1 million monthly visitors in one year. This is the case study of what we did right (and wrong) and how it can work for you.

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Chapter 2

How Topic Clustering and Interlinking Established G2’s Authority 

By Claire Brenner

All content marketers share the same desire: to see their content on the coveted first page of Google. By revamping our topic clustering and interlinking strategy, we secured quite a bit of real estate there. Read on to learn how the hub and spoke model helped establish G2's content authority.

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Chapter 3

How We Mastered SEO and Dominated the SERPs 

By Jordan Wahl

Let’s face it – building solid traffic numbers isn’t easy nor can it be done overnight. In fact, it takes a matter of months to successfully generate traffic. The first step? A solid SEO strategy. Read on to see how we mastered SEO on our road to 1 million.

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Chapter 4

How Keyword Research Led Us to the Right Content 

By Holly Hunt

Starting a blog from scratch is super intimidating. With keyword research, you can discover the content that your audience — and Google — wants. Learn how we discovered the keyword research method that helped us reach 1 million monthly visitors!

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Chapter 5

Content Doesn't Write Itself: How to Find and Retain a Content Marketing Team

By Amy Lecza

It’s no easy feat to hire and retain a stellar content marketing team that matches your company culture and is motivated to go above and beyond to reach your goals. With a focus on building people-centric systems and processes, and utilizing talent at all levels, it’s totally in reach for you. Learn how we grew and trained our team in just a few months’ time.

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Chapter 6

How We Built a Scalable Link Building Program From Scratch

By Levi Olmstead

Links are crucial to the success of your content. Learn how the content marketing team at G2 went from zero to 3,500 referring domains in one year, and you can too.

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Chapter 7

From Page Views to Clicks: How to Create a Conversion Strategy 

By Kristen McCabe

Traffic is only the first part of an inbound marketing strategy. Once you get those organic views, readers need to take action. Learn how we’re building a CRO strategy that gets clicks, new contacts, and influences revenue.

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Chapter 8

G2's Content Community: It Takes a Community to Raise Your Blog 

By John Thomas Lang

Now that G2 figured out the basics of what content to write, how to get backlinks, and maintaining a steady stream of traffic, it's time to move on to the new frontier: creating a community.

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