Holly Hunt

Holly is a team lead on the content marketing team. An avid reader and writer, Holly graduated from the University of Missouri with a dual major in Journalism and English. Prior to joining G2, she lived in Madison, WI, ate a horrifying amount of cheese curds, and then found her way to Chicago for a content writing gig. (she/her/hers)


How to Turn Off Windows Defender (Temporarily and Permanently)

Is your Windows Defender security driving you crazy as you try to Google harmless things?


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How Keyword Research Led Us to the Right Content

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Inbound Marketing: Reel Your Audience in with This Strategy

Inbound marketing is a lot like fishing.


How to Get More Likes on Instagram and Improve Engagement Metrics

There’s much more to Instagram than simply uploading quality photos.


The Perfect Instagram Photo Size (+ Profile Pictures, IGTV and Stories)

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What Do Accountants Do? Accounting Jobs, Career Paths, Education and More!

When someone says accountant, what comes to mind?


How to Access Windows 10 BIOS in 6 Easy Steps

Windows 10 offers many personalization options, but if you want to change something...


Twitter Night Mode: How to Use it on Mobile or PC

If you're restless right before falling asleep, chances are you pull out your phone and...

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