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Holly Hunt

Holly is the director of content marketing at G2. An avid reader and writer, Holly graduated from the University of Missouri with a dual major in Journalism and English. She firmly believes in the power of content and is constantly seeking ways to better engage and delight readers.


What Is a Customer Profile? The Ultimate Guide + Free Template

The days of mass marketing are behind us.


18 Inspiring Email Newsletter Examples in 2021

Flaunt what you got.


Marketing During the COVID-19 Crisis: Lessons From the Past

These are terrifying times, both as a professional and as a human being.


How Much Do YouTubers Make (And How You Can Make It, Too)

Home videos can be more than just a hobby — they can be a money-maker, for businesses and...


How to Start Page Numbers on Page 2 in Word

Sometimes, you don’t want page one to actually say page 1.


How Keyword Research Led Us to the Right Content

You know that feeling when you’re asked “What do you want for dinner tonight?” and you’re paralyzed...


How to Get More Likes on Instagram and Improve Engagement Metrics

There’s much more to Instagram than simply uploading quality photos.


The Perfect Instagram Photo Size (+ Profile Pictures, IGTV and Stories)

As a photo-sharing platform, it’s important for your Instagram presence that your photos actually...


What Do Accountants Do? Accounting Jobs, Career Paths, Education and More!

When someone says accountant, what comes to mind?

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