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Graphic Design Basics: A Complete Guide for Beginners

Learn graphic design and master the art of visual storytelling with our exhaustive guide. It covers everything from graphic design basics, colors, and typography, to examples, skills, and extra tips.

graphic design

Graphic Design Fundamentals

Start your journey by going over the basics of graphic design. Learn the principles, types, and different software to use when practicing your skills.

Graphic design fundamentals

Design 101: What Is Graphic Design?

Graphic design isn’t a black and white concept. To fully grasp the basics of graphic design, check out this article exploring the concepts and fundamentals for beginners.

7 Types of Graphic Design (Examples + Job Titles)

8 Best Free Graphic Design Software

How to Write a Creative Brief (+ Free Checklist)

Visual Hierarchy: Principles and Patterns

Graphic Design Jobs and Skills

Looking to make a career in graphic design? Know about the different jobs available and the skillset you need to excel in your role.

graphic design jobs and skills

Kickstarting Your Career as a Freelance Graphic Designer

Wondering what it takes to become a freelance graphic designer? Here's a set of tips and to-dos for kickstarting your journey the right way.

Graphic Design and Marketing

Graphic design plays a vital role in the world of marketing. It helps brands in communicating through ads that effectively delivers their message to target audiences. Learn how graphic design creates different marketing assets that shape the visual identity of businesses.

Graphic design for ads

6 Ways to Make a Powerful Ad Design (+ Examples)

In a world of fleeting attention spans, how do you communicate with impact and cut through the noise? By perfecting your graphic design for ads, you can tell a story that engages your audience.

Advice for a Striking Billboard Design

Brochure Design: Tips + Concepts

Business Card Design: Essential Elements + Examples

Let Them Judge: Mastering Book Cover Design

Magazine Layout: 6 Tips to Fine-Tune Your Spread

Graphic Design for Logos

A brand's logo is a crucial element of its identity, as it represents the values a business wants to be known for. Learn graphic design for beginners and upgrade your skill set to create a versatile logo that stands the test of time.

graphic design logos

The Logo Design Process: Finding Order in the Chaos

First impressions matter. By learning logo graphic design, you can create a unique logo that perfectly embodies your brand's identity. Design your vision now and become memorable in the eyes of your customers.

The 3 Types of Logos: A Method to the Madness

The Logo Evolution of 3 Tech Giants

Logo Trends to Watch

Logo Design Cost: What Are You Really Paying For?

Logo Design Software For All Experience Levels

Typography in Graphic Design

A font speaks a thousand words. Typography is a great example of graphic design that's critical in shaping the appearance of your work. Learn the principles of typography and its nuances to create aesthetic designs that contribute to the user experience.

graphic design typography

What is Typography: Terms, Resources, and Trends

Shape your brand's message into virtual artistry by perfecting typography in graphic design. Convey your words in a way that evokes emotion and connects with your audience through this powerful tool.

4 Font Types for the Overwhelmed Designer

7 Must-Read Tips for How to Make Your Own Font

A Comprehensive Guide to Typography Terms

Typeface vs Font: The Real Difference

Kerning: Don't Cramp Your Style

Color in Graphic Design

Learn everything about the role of colors in graphic design. From color theory, schemes, and hues to differences and the art of creating contrast, this section has everything you need to gain a deep understanding of this graphic design concept.

graphic design color

Color Theory: All for One and One for All

Color theory in graphic design is all about understanding how colors work together and creating a visual impact through your designs. Learn about the different color schemes and hues to create the perfect blend of visuals that strike above the rest.

The 6 Color Schemes to Keep Everything Picture Perfect

RGB vs CMYK: Why the Difference Makes a Difference

Color Me Confused: What Is Pantone?

Graphic Design Trends and Tips

Keeping up with trends is important no matter which industry you belong to. Here's your doze of the latest graphic design trends and tips to stay on top of your game.

graphic design trends

18 Innovative Graphic Design Trends

Whether you're a freelancer or a design company, check out these graphic design trends to keep up with changes in technology, user preferences, and cultural shifts.

How to Break Through a Creative Block

5 Types of Environmental Graphic Design

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