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11 Best Free Floor Plan Software Tools

January 29, 2019

Floor plans provide an aerial, scaled-down illustration of a space.

They can be comprehensive, like a house blueprint, showing all interior and exterior space, or granular, like an apartment floor plan, visualizing how a space might looking once it’s finished and furnished.

Floor plans are usually drafted by architects and used by builders and contractors, interior designers and real estate agents.

The purpose of a floor plan is to give a representation of how a space is set up in terms of fixtures, dimensions and spatial relationships. They help people understand whether areas are suited for their intended purpose. For example, shared office workspace planners must take into consideration both functionality and inspiration to get ahead of the competition by offering tangible, desirable coworking space benefits.

As you can imagine, creating floor plans can be laborious.

Enter: Floor plan software.

Top free floor plan software in 2020

Floor plan software has myriad uses, including office space planning, facility plant floor planning, and venue management planning. Even parking lots benefit from floor planning!

(This post will focus specifically on architectural and real estate design planning. Software that facilitates warehouse and equipment floor planning is a different topic.)

Happily, free floor plan solutions exist. Some are bundled within comprehensive CAD software solutions while some are add-ons or standalone tools.

The products listed above span multiple categories on G2. Categories sampled include: general-purpose CAD software, building design and building Information modeling (BIM) software, diagramming software, and real estate virtual tour software. The 11 products listed here have more than 100 validated user reviews on G2 as of Jan. 17, 2019. They represent a small portion of both the 22 sampled categories (and a whopping 2,900-plus reviews) and overall number of categories and user-generated reviews on our platform.

Products are ranked by number of reviews, then by satisfaction score, then alphabetically.

For each product we provide:

  • An overview
  • Highlighted features
  • Free and paid options details

For products with G2 verified user reviews, we have included:

  • G2 star rating
  • Reviews highlighting what users like and dislike
  • User recommendations for these considering the product

The list we’ve outlined here includes any CAD, BIM, architecture or construction solution with an available free offering. It should be noted that this does not include products that are only free on a temporary basis, such as limited trial versions for new users. They may only support one user or one project, but they’re truly free offerings. Scaling, however, will often require full investments.

1. SketchUp

Product Name: SketchUp Free
G2 Star Rating: 4.4 out of 5.0 stars
Number of Reviews: 281

SketchUp is a user-friendly 3D design tool that is used for drafting and modeling,  designed to emulate the feel and freedom of working with pen and paper. All versions of SketchUp, including SketchUp Free, can be used in any industry that benefits from drawing and modeling applications. Therefore, SketchUp can be used in any stage of the construction design process by architects, designers, builders, and engineers.

SketchUp floor plan Image courtesy of SketchUp

Free option:
  • SketchUp Free allows users to draw in 3D in a web browser.
Paid option:
  • SketchUp Pro costs $695 for an initial license. SketchUp Pro comes equipped with LayOut, a tool used to create, annotate, export and save SketchUp documentation.
  • 3D drawing and modeling
  • Supports import of reference images and documents
  • Light rendering
  • 3D object warehouse
  • 3D rendering
  • Integration with Trimble Connect

What users like:

“SketchUp has been a wonderful platform to project architectural and interior design ideas in. It is so easy to use and easy to learn. If there is a tool or something that I don't know how to do there is always a free tutorial you are able to find online. I do multiple projects in a week and need a program where you can import CAD files or JPEG floorplans, quickly select walls and build up. This is a great because I can use quick shots of the different views in my presentations.”
SketchUp review by a user in design.


What users dislike:

“I don't like the quality of rendering in SketchUp. It makes it difficult to use when trying to create a final presentation, which forced us to buy a plug-in.”
SketchUp review by Emily S.


Recommendations to others considering the product:

“Highly recommend to beginners and even pros. It is a cheap way to design in 3D if you cannot afford other products. I would like to recommend to add more help videos on the features and how to do steps.”
SketchUp review by Mark E.

2. AutoCAD Architecture

Product Name: AutoCAD Architecture
G2 Star Rating: 4.1 out of 5.0 stars
Number of Reviews: 121

AutoCAD Architecture adds to the features of AutoCAD a toolset that’s tailored to the needs of an architect. It leverages AEC (architecture, engineering and construction) objects (that is, walls, doors, and windows) as design elements and uses those symbols to create realistic and spatially aware, three-dimensional floor plans.

AutoCAD Architecture floor planImage courtesy of AutoDesk

Free option:
  • The student version of AutoCAD Architecture is free for students and educators for three years.
Paid option:
Because AutoCAD Architecture is a toolset bundled within AutoCAD, the pricing structure reflects the one for AutoCAD. AutoCAD’s license can either be purchased as a monthly or yearly subscription. Pro and Business plans include pay per user per month, unlimited projects and unlimited sheets
  • Monthly: $195
  • One year: $1,575
  • Two years: $3,150
  • Three years: $4,725
  • Drawing documentation and annotation
  • Styles browser and tool palettes
  • Object database
  • Renovation mode
  • AEC object styles
  • Supports import of Revit grids

What users like:

“The final output for most users of this software is going to be constructing documents for building projects. What I like the best about AutoCAD Architecture is its ability to let you draw using a multitude of tools, objects, blocks, and components. AutoCAD Architecture gives you the ability to draw using "dumb" objects like lines and shapes or using "smart" objects like walls and windows that have information embedded in them, and pushes towards the BIM avenue of software. AutoCAD Architecture features a variety of import/export features and is very compatible with most other leading CAD software.”
AutoCAD Architecture review by a user in architecture & planning


What users dislike:

“I somewhat dislike not being to render a finished design product like in REVIT Architecture, and still having to import/export plans in and out of the program to achieve a well-rounded product for the client.”
AutoCAD Architecture review by Jack E.P.


Recommendations to others considering the product:

“For smaller projects and simple floor plans and diagrams, AutoCAD Architecture is a great product. However, for more complex, smarter projects, look into other 3D programs such as Revit Architecture.”
AutoCAD Architecture review by a user in architecture & planning

3. Civil 3D

Product Name: AutoDesk Civil 3D
G2 Star Rating: 4.2 out of 5.0 stars
Number of Reviews: 113

Civil 3D from AutoDesk is a BIM solution designed for civil engineering design and construction companies, but its features can technically be used to create a 3D house plan. However, because Civil 3D provides users with a set of surveying and civil engineering tools,  house plans will most likely not produce the detailed floor plans that more granular design companies prefer.

Civil 3D floor plan softwareImage courtesy of AutoDesk Civil 3D

Free option:
  • The student version of AutoDesk’s Civil 3D is free for students for three years.
Paid option:

Civil 3D’s license can either be purchased as a monthly or yearly subscription

  • Monthly: $870
  • One year: $2,155
  • Two years: $4,310
  • Three years: $6,465
  • Elevation surveying and analysis
  • Property type labeling
  • Construction drafting and annotation
  • Geospatial analysis
  • Integration with Revit, Navisworks, AutoCAD and AutoDesk products

What users like:

“As far as I know, it is one of the best software for drawings. It helps structural engineers and architects point out specific details [in] layouts and plans. [Helps deliver] more design alternatives in less time.”
Civil 3D review by a user in civil engineering


What users dislike:

“Everything is driven by styles, so it takes a long time to dig in deep to get the content and data to display correctly.”
Civil 3D review by Eric D.


Recommendations to others considering the product:

“I am creating floor plans for hotels, libraries, and schools. I've realized Civil 3D is not universal but the fact that it’s under AutoDesk allows it to be compatible with all of AutoDesk’s other products. That's the beauty of it; if you can’t get certain things in one software, you can get it in another and transfer it.”
Civil 3D review by Saad S.

4. AutoCAD LT

Product Name: AutoCAD LT
G2 Star Rating: 4.0 out of 5.0 stars
Number of Reviews: 105

AutoCAD LT is a 2D CAD drafting and documentation software that can be used on either a Windows or Mac operating system. Essentially, AutoCAD LT is the 2D version of AutoCAD, a stripped-down version with a lower price tag. However, AutoCAD LT still fulfills the technical diagramming and drafting needs of contractors and construction companies.

AutoCAD LT floor plan softwareImage courtesy of AutoCAD LT

Free option:
  • The student version of AutoCAD LT is free for students for three years.
Paid option:

AutoCAD LT’s license can either be purchased as a monthly or yearly subscription.

  • Monthly: $50
  • One year: $390
  • Two years: $780
  • Three years: $1,170
  • 2D drawing, documentation, and annotation
  • Intelligent dimensioning
  • Integrates with AutoCAD’s catalog of products
  • Publishes to web browser for sharing
  • Web and mobile applications
  • Supports import of a variety of PDF formats
  • Technical support

What users like:

“As always, this product is a must for anyone who is in an industry that requires planning and design for building structures, construction, and things of that nature. It is easy to use and offers a lot of features, some of which I haven't even discovered yet. It makes drafting and designing a lot faster, especially if you're making complex designs and floor plans.”
AutoCAD LT review by Sheilla C.


What users dislike:

“I think the hatch feature needs some tweaking. Often times the program won't hatch, thinking my lines don't meet up when in fact they do.”
AutoCAD LT review by Jennifer B.


Recommendations to others considering the product:

“If you're looking for a drafting tool to produce 2D drawings and you do not need 3D or customization, AutoCAD LT is the way to go.”
AutoCAD LT review by User in Architecture & Planning

5. SmartDraw

Product Name: SmartDraw
G2 Star Rating: 3.9 out of 5.0 stars
Number of Reviews: 23

SmartDraw is an org chart maker that offers an online floor plan creator for easy use, sharing and collaboration. SmartDraw’s chart and diagram templates are used to create visuals for businesses that are simple to present. Its floor plan creator can be used by anyone with an internet connection and comes equipped with architectural design symbols and file sharing applications.

SmartDraw free floor plan softwareImage courtesy of SmartDraw

Free option:
  • The online version of SmartDraw is free.
Paid option:
  • SmartDraw’s single-user edition costs $9.95 per month and comes with ready-to-use templates and an extensive symbol library. The single-user version supports integration with file sharing solutions and Visio import and export.
  • SmartDraw’s multiple-user edition is $5.95 per month per user for more than five users. The multiple-user edition provides team administrative and collaboration functionality and customer support.
  • Professional, intelligent diagramming
  • Export to Microsoft Office, Google Docs and Google Sheets
  • Ready-to-use templates
  • Drag-and-drop functionality
  • Automatically scales room dimensions
  • Supports import to and export from Visio

What users like:

“SmartDraw is easy to use and doesn't take long to learn. It is a product that can be used by a person beginning in CAD systems to do simple drawings and learn to draw simple floor plans … The product has useful help features and a good library of furnishings to show in the floor plan to help indicate size or scale.”
SmartDraw review by a user


What users dislike:

“There really isn't that much to choose from when you get down to it. Many of the graphics are so specific that I could never see myself ever having use for them. I also found that the graphics are so specific that customizing them is extremely hard. There were also many issues with choosing colors, margins, and text. I hate how it doesn't do spell check and how hard it is to find icons.”
SmartDraw review by a user in nonprofit organization management


Recommendations to others considering the product:

“Look at your use cases carefully. Do you do detailed flow charting? Visio is better. Do you do project planning with interdependencies? Project is better. Do you need to do a lot of quick and simple diagrams or mind maps? Then this tool can work for you.”
SmartDraw review by a user in information technology and services

6. Sweet Home 3D

Product Name: Sweet Home 3D
G2 Star Rating: 3.9 out of 5.0 stars
Number of Reviews: 10

Sweet Home 3D is an open-source interior design application that can either be downloaded or used in a web browser. As its name implies, it allows users to view the finished 2D floor plans in 3D for context and presentation. Sweet Home 3D is designed to be used by non-professionals. The program runs on Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems.

Sweet Home 3D free floor plan softwareImage courtesy of SweetHome 3D

Free option:
  • The entire Sweet Home 3D software can either be downloaded or accessed in a web browser.
Paid option:
  • Because Sweet Home 3D is an open-source tool, there is no paid option available.
  • 2D design, 3D view
  • Drawing tools with precise dimensions
  • Measurements of fixtures like doors and windows
  • Furniture catalog
  • Floor plan annotation
  • Blueprint import
  • Integration with Java plug-ins

What users like:

“There are many good things about this software: it has thousands of models to create 3D interior models, is very easy to use, [and] the interface runs so smoothly. It is very light, but the graphics can be great. There is [a] browser version [that] runs very smoothly too. It has very good performance, and doesn't require a high-end computer. The best thing about Sweet Home 3D is the lightmap. It is a very cheap software, but so useful.”
Sweet Home 3D review by Rebeca C.


What users dislike:

“It does not comply with the parameters and requirements for projects with professional appearance. Its scope is limited, its preset tools are not flexible, and designing environments is a task that leaves you unsatisfied with the result… The gallery of objects available for insertion have a discontinued appearance; they do not correspond with the current market of available products.”
Sweet Home 3D review by Michael S.


Recommendations to others considering the product:

“Definitely consider other products on the market and look at more expensive products. The price increase for a better product might be worth it for some consumers. On the other hand, the program does work fairly well without too many bells and whistles. It can be a great bargain for those on a budget.”
Sweet Home 3D review by Bruce E.

7. Draft it

Product Name: Draft it Free
G2 Star Rating: 5.0 out of 5.0 stars
Number of Reviews: 1

Draft it, from cadlogic, is a full-featured, 2D CAD drawing software that provides architects with 3D modeling, drafting, and detailing tools. Draft it equips architects with powerful drawing tools and supports the import of AutoCAD files and various design components and symbols. Users can leverage Draft it’s four editions to get the most bang for their buck.

draft it free floor plan softwareImage courtesy of cadlogic

Free option:
  • Draft it Free can be used indefinitely even after the 15-day trial. The free version allows users to create, modify, and save floor plans.
Paid option:
  • Draft it Plus costs £20, a low-cost upgrade. Draft it Plus allows users to create templates, take advantage of additional input options and access more drawing tools.
  • Draft it Pro costs £99 and adds a professional look to the finished floor plan design. Draft it Pro provides users with an extensive symbol library and supports the import of AutoCAD files.
  • Draft it Architectural costs £199 and is designed for building planning, to be used by architects, building designers and real estate agents. Draft it Architectural provides users with an automatic 3D model viewer, even more architectural symbols, and the ability to get highly granular with dimensions and measurements.
  • 2D CAD design
  • Metric and imperial units
  • Powerful drawing tools and editing functionality
  • Architectural design symbols
  • Dimension tools

What users like:

“A user-friendly 2D architectural CAD platform. [Provides] basic floor plan diagramming capabilities. Great for non-technical staff to cut their teeth on. Supports imperial and metric units.”
Draft it review by Corinne H.


What users dislike:

“Layering tools are not intuitive. Automatic 3D Model Viewer is not exactly automatic.”
Draft it review by Corinne H.


Recommendations to others considering the product:

“Try it before you spend thousands on another package. Determine exactly what tools you must have and what you're willing to pay for them.”
Draft it review by Corinne H.

8. Floorplanner

Product Name: Floorplanner
G2 Star Rating: 4.0 out of 5.0 stars
Number of Reviews: 1

Floorplanner makes it easy to create floor plans in 2D and 3D and then share interactive versions of those floor plans online. Floorplanner comes equipped with an “auto-furnish” feature that lets you easily decorate rooms within your floor plan. Floorplanner’s completed floor plans look professional and polished, ready for presentation.

Floorplanner floor plan softwareImage courtesy of Floorplanner

Free option:
  • Floorplanner’s free, web-based option supports one project, and is intended for casual use. (Paying users of Floorplanner can also leverage the free version, which exists as training module within paid versions.) If the user begins work on other projects that require the use of Floorplanner, they can pay an additional $4.99/project fee. The free plan includes the attachment of photos and videos to enrich completed floor plans as well as access to the Floorplanner iOS mobile application.
Paid option:
  • “Plus” option costs $14.95 per year and supports five projects and 20 3D renderings per year. Extra projects cost $2.99 per project. The “Plus” option allows users to export the floor plans in high-resolution orin a variety of PDF scales, and make them interactive.
  • “Pro” option costs $29 per month and supports 15 projects per month and an unlimited number of 3D renderings. Extra projects cost $1.99 per project. The “Pro” option builds on top of the “Plus” options and allows company branding as well as multiple seat access.
  • Drawing tool
  • Furniture image library
  • Interactive floor plan in 2D and 3D
  • 3D, 360-degree panorama, and VR walkthroughs
  • Photorealistic rendering

What users like:

“FloorPlanner is a great tool for quick, easy designs with lots of features. Its apps in Google Chrome and iPad are a great addition to the web tool. The drag and drop function in the design view is amazing. The navigation between design features, floors, and view options are a big plus.”
Floorplanner review by Margie A.


What users dislike:

“New features, like the new dashboard, need more attention; it's still very buggy and doesn't quite work all the time.”
Floorplanner review by Margie A.

9. RoomSketcher

Product Name: RoomSketcher (formerly RoomSketcher Home Designer)
G2 Star Rating: 3.5 out of 5.0 stars
Number of Reviews: 1

RoomSketcher (formerly RoomSketcher Home Designer) design application allows users to create floor plans and home designs in 3D. Both professionals and individuals can use RoomSketcher’s floor plans, 360-degree view photos, and interactive 3D walkthroughs. RoomSketcher users can rely on floor plans that come equipped with accurate measurements, render those plans in 3D and panorama, and even customize the finished home design with custom colors and textures.

RoomSketcher Home Designer floor plan softwareImage courtesy of RoomSketcher

Free option:
  • RoomSketcher's core solution is a free design tool that facilitates drawing, measuring and presenting drawn-from-scratch or templated design plans.
Paid option:
  • Paid upgrades result in more powerful features that offer more customization and professional branding options for finished floor plans and room designs.
  • Ability to draw floor plans and home designs
  • Furniture and fixture database
  • Integrated measurement tools
  • 2D and 3D visuals and rendering
  • Interactive, 3D walkthroughs
  • Business branding
  • Blueprint uploads
  • Site plans and landscape designs
  • Print and download

What users like:

“The ease of use in the program to make spaces for clients to review.”
RoomSketcher review by Rachel T.


What users dislike:

“Some of the features [need to] be adjusted to make it [easier] to use.”
RoomSketcher review by Rachel T.


Recommendations to others considering the product:

“The product needs to improve on speed.”
RoomSketcher review by Rachel T.

10. PlanningWiz Floor Planner

Product Name: PlanningWiz Floor Planner
G2 Star Rating: 3.5 out of 5.0 stars
Number of Reviews: 1

PlanningWiz offers both floor plan design services and a floor planner solution. The software can be used when designing both indoor or outdoor spaces. PlanningWiz is designed to handle the intricacies that specific industries might require when planning blueprints. It also offers tailored editions for designers in specific industries like property development or recreational facilities.

PlanningWiz free floor plan softwareImage courtesy of PlanningWiz

Free option:
  • PlanningWiz’s free solution is a WYSIWYG drawing tool that requires a login. With the free account, users can draw, decorate and save up to five projects in either 2D or 3D, but may not export or print out their designs.
Paid option:
  • PlanningWiz offers a “Grow” subscription that is suitable for freelancers. In “Grow”, users can create an unlimited number of 2D and 3D floor projects, and export and print them in medium resolution. “Grow” subscribers receive a 25 percent discount on PlanningWiz’s floor plan design services.
  • PlanningWiz’s Pro subscription lets professionals create high-resolution 2D and 3D floor plans, receive the same 25 percent discount, and add company logos.
  • Database of floor services
  • Database of doors, windows, walls, furniture, and decor
  • Drag-and-drop functionality
  • Variety of textures
  • Photo upload and import

What users like:

“The application is a WYSIWYG, which means ‘What You See Is What You Get’ so for people used to drawing things in PowerPoint or similar programs, it can be very friendly.”
PlanningWiz Floor Planner by Juan Pablo A.


What users dislike:

“The software is missing a premium look and feel and, depending on your version, your number of saved plans can be limited. Sharing is available only by saving a plan or downloading it in medium resolution unless you have a business account. Some more ‘help’ options are also missing. You have to figure out how to use it, although it is very easy to use.”
PlanningWiz Floor Planner by Juan Pablo A.


Recommendations to others considering the product:

“Great for quick design planning. Make sure to check on the limitations for the different plans. Also, keep in mind that the look and feel might not be the most polished and the plans can then be downloaded to be shared.”
PlanningWiz Floor Planner by Juan Pablo A.

11. Roomle

Product Name: Roomle 3D Floor Planner
G2 Star Rating: N/A

Roomle is a digital, 3D configurator that helps furniture designers advertise and display their stock. Roomle’s 2D and 3D room planning module helps real estate agents and interior designers use high-quality, engaging visuals to create interactive floor plans. Roomle’s floor planner supports virtual walkthroughs and easy sharing capabilities.

Roomle free floor plan softwareImage courtesy of Roomle

Free option:
  • Roomle offers a web application and iOS mobile app that are both free to download and use. (As of publication, an Android mobile app is in beta.) Users simply need to create a Roomle account to start creating floor plans and designing and furnishing rooms.
Paid option:
  • Roomle offers a white-label web application which starts at €200/month
  • Roomle business-specific pricing is on a quote basis and includes white-glove service
  • 2D or 3D floor plan visualizer  
  • Floor plan editor
  • File sharing, saving, and printing
  • 3D product database
  • Virtual walkthrough
  • Company branding
  • Virtual reality-agnostic
*Please note: Reviews have been edited for spelling, grammar and clarity.

Next steps for selecting a best free floor plan software

Determine what kind of software will best suit your floor plan needs. Are you an architectural firm who needs to create high-quality renderings of potential floor plans for your commercial real estate client? Are you a homeowner who wants to plan a renovation? Are you a real estate agent who needs to create and maintain both 2D and 3D floor plans to share with potential buyers?

Once you’ve determined your design needs, you must figure out your budget and your absolute “must haves.” Free floor plan solutions offer comparable functionality to paid floor plan software. It’s just a matter of whether your needs will be met with a scaled-down version of design tools.

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