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Mary Clare Novak

Mary Clare Novak is a Content Marketing Specialist at G2 in Chicago, where she is currently exploring topics related to sales and customer relationship management. In her free time, you can find her doing a crossword puzzle, listening to cover bands, or eating fish tacos. (she/her/hers)


Close Deals and Spike Profits with a New Sales Process

Let’s make a deal.


7 Pressing Questions About an IRS Audit Answered

Knock, knock. It’s the IRS, and you better open up.


10 Crucial Tips for Selling on eBay and Making a Profit

Cluttered garages. Overflowing closets. The desire to move.


10 Simple Public Speaking Tips for the Nervous Presenter

We’ve all been told to imagine an audience in their underwear when feeling nervous for a speech.


What Is a Floating Holiday? (+How It's Different From PTO)

Who doesn’t love a day off?


Let’s Talk About Cyber Law: Crime, Security, and Legislation

The gift of the internet is one loved by all.


What Is Corporate Law and Why Is It Important?

Abiding by the law has wiggled its way into our daily routines.


How to Use a Goal Setting Worksheet to Reach Your Potential

Big or small, setting goals is an important part in reaching our potential and becoming the...


The Logistics Behind Becoming A Logistician

It’s incredibly convenient that our favorite products can be delivered right to our doorstep for...

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