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Mary Clare Novak

Mary Clare Novak is a Content Marketing Specialist at G2 in Chicago, where she is currently exploring topics related to sales and customer relationship management. In her free time, you can find her doing a crossword puzzle, listening to cover bands, or eating fish tacos. (she/her/hers)


How to Turn VDI Into a Remote Worker's Dream

Nowadays, it’s rare for an organization to not provide a way for people within it to access...


How to Build a Sales Playbook You Can Be Proud Of

When presented with a task, our first thought is to explore options on the best way to approach...


Stop Winging Your Sales Territory Management: Make a Plan

A lot of factors contribute to whether or not a sales rep hits their quota. 


Sales Operations: Your Behind-the-Scenes Revenue Generator

A lot happens behind the scenes of a sales department. 


Work-Life Balance: Yes, You Really Can Have It All

As you start your career and gain traction as an aspiring expert in a field, you have a decision...


Churn Rate: You Win Some, You Lose Some

Persuading a customer to buy your product is one thing, but convincing them to remain loyal to...


Sales Dashboards: What You See Is What You Get

Coming across an image in a sea of data is an overwhelming relief.


Annual Contract Value (ACV): A Big Deal for Your Bottom Line

Signing on the dotted line screams big commitment for a buyer and good news for a seller.


How to Craft Sales Quotas That Actually Benefit Reps

If there’s any person that finds it almost impossible to walk away from a challenge, it’s a...

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