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Ordinal Data: Definition, Examples, Collection, and Analysis

Companies invest more in data tools to help their marketing teams make better decisions. 


How Marketing Information Management Helps Your Business

Software is eating the world – and with that comes a lot of data.


What Is Price Discrimination? Types, Benefits, and Examples

Do you ever drive to a different part of town and say to yourself, “Wow, gas is so much more...

Guest Post

Scrollytelling: How to Visually Transform Content and Engage Readers

We have entered an era where the visual internet is no longer what it used to be.


What Is a SKU Number? How to Organize Your Inventory Better

Imagine you were at your local shoe store and wanted to try on a pair, but the salesperson had no...


What Is Conversational Marketing? Top Examples + Benefits

Communication creates communities.

Guest Post

Content Optimization: 7 Effective Ways to Make Content Shine

Savoring content, bit by bit, drop by drop.


What Is a Customer Profile? The Ultimate Guide + Free Template

The days of mass marketing are behind us.

Guest Post

What Is Organic Search? How To Improve Your Rankings

In a perfect world, every piece of content would rank well.

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