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Lauren Pope

Lauren Pope is a Content Marketing Manager at Oracle and a former content marketer at G2. You can find her work featured on CNBC, Yahoo! Finance, the G2 Learning Hub, and other sites. In her free time, Lauren enjoys watching true crime shows and singing karaoke. (she/her/hers)


How to Prevent Customer Churn With Retention Marketing

Attracting new customers is cool and all, but do you know how to keep them around?

G2 Qs: Brendan Hufford's Journey From Blackboards to Dashboards

Director of SEO at Directive and founder of SEO of the Rest of Us, Brendan Hufford, spoke with...


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The secret to converting leads to customers is as simple as personalization.


Put Your Business on the Map With Local Voice Search

Hey Siri, is voice search really the next big thing in marketing?


Here's How to Delight Your Customers Using Database Marketing

How many times have you opened an email from a brand or a company only to see your name spelled...


Keep Your Data Clean With Marketing Information Management

Software is eating the world – and with that comes a lot of data.


How to Make Marketing Attribution Work for Your Business

As technology continues to connect us, the crossover between departments deepens as well.


How to Make Cents of Your Marketing Budget

Product launches. Webinars. Co-marketing campaigns. Email newsletters. None of these marketing...


Talent Acquisition Is a Special Skill: Discover the Secret

Recruiting exceptional job candidates is an art. 

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