Data analytics, AI and apps are on the rise. Get to know the tech basics while staying up to date with the latest trends.


4 Automation Strategies That Winning Companies Get Right

In a world of instant gratification, your customers expect immediate responses to their...


How to Become a Top-Notch Database Administrator

Database administrators are more important than their title might reveal to the layman.


How Fintech Is Changing Banking for SMEs (+Trends for 2020)

Is highstreet banking dead?


Don’t Fall Prey to Spear Phishing: Protect Yourself Now

Everyone wants to keep their information safe.


Correlation vs Regression Made Easy: Which to Use + Why

We’ve all heard the phrase “correlation does not imply causation” but what does that mean,...


5 Clever Ways to Enhance Your Personal Data Security

These days, every aspect of our lives is connected in some way to the internet. 


4 Ways AI Aligns and Enhances Marketing and Sales Teams

Sales and marketing alignment is a longstanding topic, but the current rise in artificial...


AI or the Grim Reaper? Predicting Mortality Rates With AI

The evolution of artificial intelligence has seen its impact in various industries. 


Why Automating Application Security Testing Is Critical for Developers

In the modern software development landscape, things tend to escalate rapidly.  

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