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Data analytics, AI and apps are on the rise. Get to know the tech basics while staying up to date with the latest trends.


Statistical Analysis: A Better Way to Make Business Decisions

If your business isn’t taking a closer look at its data, there’s a whole world of possibilities that...


ERP vs. CRM: Avoid Catastrophe with the Right Solution

The world has become a complex place over the past decade.


The Role of AI in Checking Plagiarized Text

Plagiarism is an unethical use of content, yet people still do it. 


How ITIL, DevOps, and SRE Work Together for Your Organization

When someone asks what type of “shop” your organization is, can you answer confidently that it’s...


Cohort Analysis: An Insider Look at Your Customer's Behavior

Whether you do it subconsciously or on purpose, it’s human nature to put things into groups.


The Good, Bad, and Ugly of Data Replication

Every second of the day, the world accesses, changes, and relies on data.


5 Ways to Write Tech Content for Non-Tech Audiences

When you sell tech products or solutions to other engineers, everything’s simple: all they need is a...


Using SaaS Technology to Improve Golf Course Efficiency

As a golf course owner or manager, you want to create an exceptional experience for your patrons.


Learning the Importance of Accounts Payable (AP) Automation

Regardless of a company's size, the accounts payable (AP) department fulfills an essential role...

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