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How to Write a Sales Call Script in 2019 (+7 Killer Examples)

January 8, 2019

Estee Lauder herself, the queen of today’s modern cosmetic industry, taught me amazing sales secrets when I was 21.  

Amongst the best was her tip to always be prepared for customer interactions with sales scripts, which answered sales objections and overcame obstacles to make greater sales. (I am happy to report that using her sales secrets helped me buy my first car and pay for college!)

How to write a sales call script

If a naive 21-year-old can succeed with a good cold-calling sales script, it's time for you to write your sales script using these proven techniques and examples to close more deals.

What a sales script is and is not

Simply put, a sales script is a written dialogue guide for your prospect discussions that you can use on the phone, in person, or on voicemail.

It is not meant to be, nor should it be used, like a robotic monologue.

Sales scripts should be used as maps to help get you to your intended destination of making a sale or setting an appointment.

Common objections to sales scripts

Thanks to the legions of sleazy telemarketers who use poorly-written sales scripts to call you during dinner, many salespeople object to using scripts.

However, their effectiveness has been proven by industries with the hardest-to-sell products, such as insurance and cars. So, they're sure to work wonders for your company’s bottom-line.  

A fear that comes with sales scripts is that creativity will be stifled and you and your employees will sound bad. Some people are offended when given sales scripts and claim they know “how to sell.” But, research has proven that sales teams that use well-written scripts post double-digit increases in closing rates and conversions.

Why using sales scripts is smart

In addition to increased closing rates, there are compelling reasons why smart executives are using sales scripts.

1. Builds confidence

Having a written set of responses to prospect objections gives salespeople security, knowing they won’t be caught off-guard with unexpected questions or objections. This increased confidence is communicated to your prospect, which inspires trust.

2. Reminds you to always be closing

Every salesperson needs to be reminded to always be closing. Often, I've found myself getting sidetracked and forgetting the most important part of the conversation – to ask for the sale and close the deal.  

3. Not forget key points

Having your sales script handy, in hard copy or on your screen, helps you to remember the key points of your product’s features that could go unsaid if you try to rely solely on your memory.

4. Improves sales skills

The use of sales scripts improves sales skills both in new and veteran sales people. Having the main framework of the sales presentation scripted frees intellect to more skillfully handle nuanced aspects of a sales process.

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ABCs of how to write great sales scripts

To write a great sales script, I've outlined basic steps that will help get you off to a good start.

A) Decide your purpose and goal

First, clarify your objectives. Do you want to make a sale, set an appointment, build client relationships, renew your contract, or get a referral? Net down on your exact goals of the contact.  

B) Match your product's benefits to your prospects needs

Second, envision your ideal prospect and hone in on their perspective, needs, and wants as they relate to your product or service features and benefits. What are their problems that your product will solve?

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Suppose you are contacting marketing executives about your web development services; it is far better to focus on how your web technology increases inbound leads, rather than mentioning your high level of programming expertise. While both are true, the marketer will better respond to the benefit of inbound leads solving their marketing problems.

It is vital to separate features from benefits and focus mainly on benefits.

Here’s an illustration: An umbrella's features are that it is made of water resistant cloth, but its benefit is that it keeps you dry in the rain.

Make a list of your product’s features and corresponding benefits. Add those benefits to your sales scripts to make them work for you.

C) Detail objections and craft client meaningful responses

Finally, list all the objections you are likely to encounter and use your benefits to overcome them.  

The five most common prospect objections that stump sales executives are: time, money, shopping around, needing boss (or spouse) approval, and indecision.

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7 killer sales script examples to steal

Below are seven examples to help inspire you when drafting your next sales script. 

1. Cold call script – gatekeeper tactics

“Hello, I was hoping you might be able to help me out here. [pause] I’m looking to connect with the person in your department who manages social media marketing. Do you know who that night be?”

In their haste to get off the phone, this person will almost always reveal the name of the person you need to talk to.

Now ask to be put through or call back and ask for the contact by name.

“Hello, my name is Ben. I need some help. I looked on your website, but I couldn’t find your name. Are you the one who usually answers the outline line? I’d feel much better if I knew your name before I asked my favor?

Okay, Donna, thanks.

I’d like to speak with your boss. How can I make that happen?"

(Courtesy of Eventual Millionaire.)

2. Appointment setting script – focus on prospect need

"Hi there!

This is [Name] at [Company name]. How’s your day going?

The reason I am calling is that we develop software that notifies recruiters when clients hire their candidates and forgot to tell them [Prospect’s problem]. Last year, we found over 4,200 missed fees across just 120 customers. [Prospect’s need and want.]

I’d love to set up a time for you to speak with our account director [Name], because I think we can identity fees you’ve already earned. Do you have 20 minutes on [Date] or [Date]?"

(Courtesy of First Round.)

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3. Voicemail script – hook interest with Social Proof

"Hey there! [Name] from [Company name] here.

You’re hearing from me today because it looks like your organization loves to focus on honest, superior customer service. At [Company name], we’re all about that too. We’re backed by awesome customers like [Customer 1] and [Customer 2], and [Social media proof].

These organizations typically see [Results] (Consider prospect needs/wants, such as increased sales, cost savings, etc.) within [Time] after implementing with us.

[Prospect's first name], I would love to connect with you about your specific needs and what your resources currently look like. I also have a suggestion for how to [Result]. Give me a call back at [Number] if it’s convenient for you, or feel free to reply to the email that I will be following up with. Thanks!"

(Courtesy of Yesware.)

4. Phone script – overcome obstacle to defer to email sent

"Can we find [Amount of time] next week to talk more?"

[Prospect says to send email in order to get off the phone.]

"Yeah, that’s not a problem. What’s the best email to send that to?"

[Prospect gives email address.]

"Great, I’ll send you an email and include some possible times. Just so I send over reasonable times, is there a day that works better for you?"

[Prospect tells you day(s) that are most ideal.]

"Typically, mornings or afternoons?"

[Prospect chooses either morning or afternoon.]

[You pick a specific time on a day mentioned in either the morning or afternoon.]

"Great, [Day] at [Time] works for me. I’ll send you a calendar invite as a placeholder."

Note: If the prospect won’t budge on giving timing, saying no time is good right now, try asking one question about their biggest pain point (and ask for an email address if you don’t already have it). Then tell them exactly what you’ll be sending over (Not just a generic one-pager — personalize it to their specific needs) and follow up by email, asking for a condensed amount of time.

(Courtesy of YesWare.)

5. Phone script - use prospects curiosity

Salesperson: "Hey Naomi. It’s Ian from Acme Company. How are you?"

Prospect: "I’m okay. What can I do for you, Ian?"

Salesperson: "I noticed a number of your ads on Facebook and Twitter promoting [X] product, and felt you could really boost your conversions by making just a few small changes."

Prospect: "Sorry, what do you guys do?"

Salesperson: "We work with eCommerce companies like Harry’s to manage social media ad campaigns. In fact, after only one month of working with Harry’s, for every $1,000 spent, it gets a 30 percent increase in conversions."

Prospect: [thinking]

Salesperson: "I’d love to learn more about your ad campaigns, Naomi, and share ideas that've worked really well for us. Can we find a 15-minute window next week for a brief call?"

(Courtesy of Copper.)

6. Sales tactic script – using competitive information 

"My name is Jane Smith, and I am with [Company name]. We're a [Type of company]. As a part of that work, we have just completed a benchmark study where [industry] firms rate over 350 major suppliers in those areas critical in deciding who they will do business with.

What we've been doing as a way of introducing ourselves is to share with some select suppliers survey details specific to you:

How [Company name] rates on six critical success factors, where your competition stands in relation to you, and what areas you can focus on that will have the greatest impact on increasing your share of wallet.

That's it. Even if you decide not to pursue this any further than this first meeting, at least you'll have valuable intelligence as a result. What does your calendar look like next Wednesday or Thursday?"

(Courtesy of Rain Sales Training.)

7. Cold call – demo schedule script

"Hi, [Name]. My name is Jacob with [Company name].

The reason that I am calling today is to get some time on your calendar.

I noticed that you were hiring 10 new salespeople this quarter. A number of your competitors are using [Hiring software] to help their sales development teams secure more conversations with ideal prospects and book more meetings. They have been able to cut the on-boarding time of new reps in half using our solution.

I thought the best place to start might be to schedule a quick call to learn about your current sales challenges and goals that you have for your sales team. Do you have time to talk on Thursday or Friday at 1 p.m. EST?"

(Courtesy of Risefuel.)

Next steps with sales scripts

Take time to write a powerful sales script using these examples and customize by inserting your product’s benefits matching to your prospects needs to dramatically increase your closing rates.  

Below is a video presentation by Salesscripter on how to write a phone script:

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