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G2 + ZoomInfo Offers More Precise Ways to Target Buyers

November 7, 2022

G2 Buyer Intent and ZoomInfo integration

When it comes to data, less is more, right?

(…said no one).

Of course, it isn’t. In fact, data can become even more beneficial when paired with other data sets to provide stronger insights.

While analyzing data can be extremely valuable by itself, you also need the planning, tools, and resources to successfully act on what it’s telling you.

For marketers and sales professionals, putting data to good use is a top determining factor for success. And considering there’s a lot of economic uncertainty looming, the best revenue opportunities will come from using the right data to get in front of buyers at the right time.

That’s why G2 is proud to share the value of its partnership with ZoomInfo, a global leader in go-to-market intelligence solutions. G2 Buyer Intent data integrates with ZoomInfo SalesOS and MarketingOS to give mutual customers an unrivaled combination of capabilities to more rapidly identify and target in-market decision makers.

About G2 Buyer Intent + ZoomInfo

Available at no extra cost to existing intent data customers, this integration allows users to operationalize G2 Buyer Intent data right inside ZoomInfo’s SalesOS and MarketingOS solutions. This means you can now:

  • Understand where and how accounts are researching your products, category, and competitors on G2
  • Reveal contact data for decision makers at the accounts with the highest chance of converting
  • Easily deploy targeted sales and marketing outreach to your ideal customer profile (ICP)
  • Engage buyers at the right moments with appropriate content to their buying journey stages

About ZoomInfo

Known for having one of the most comprehensive and accurate B2B contact databases on the planet, ZoomInfo’s complete lineup of solutions empowers sales and marketing teams to smash their goals with best-in-class technology. ZoomInfo also provides its own intent data to customers that is an aggregate of user behavior data from across the web and customer websites.

To get the most out of this new integration with G2 Buyer Intent, it’s essential to have a basic overview and know the differences between ZoomInfo’s SalesOS and MarketingOS solutions.


A solution built to maximize sales productivity, ZoomInfo’s SalesOS helps sales professionals accelerate their pipeline and reach revenue goals faster than ever.

In addition to ZoomInfo’s renowned B2B database for researching companies and contacts, SalesOS also incorporates contact tracking and ZoomInfo’s proprietary intent data. After activating the integration with G2 Buyer Intent data, the SalesOs platform adds G2 filters to SalesOS to simply include G2 intent behaviors in a prospect and company search.


Purchasers of MarketingOS can seamlessly sync with SalesOS and get access to ZoomInfo’s contact database and intent data as well. The important distinction to know here is that MarketingOS is a demand-side platform that launches targeted display and social ad campaigns.

Integrating with G2 builds Buyer Intent-powered workflows and audience segments to automate ad campaign deployment based on behaviors on G2 and other specific criteria.

How the G2 Buyer Intent + ZoomInfo integration works


Software vendors utilize G2 Buyer Intent as a powerful tool for targeting the right accounts in go-to-market activities. It captures account-level data and shows vendors how users are researching their solutions and competitors on G2. G2 Buyer Intent aims to help software companies understand where buyers are in their buying journeys, and subsequently engage them with the right messaging at every stage.

By connecting G2 Buyer Intent with ZoomInfo, sales and marketing teams access even clearer insights about these accounts, as the integration surfaces likely prospects that could be conducting this research on G2 and allows filtering to match any ICP specificity.

Using both ZoomInfo and G2 Buyer Intent alongside one another opens opportunities to better act on intent data and resonate with in-market buyers than ever before.

Specifically, the new integration helps sales teams:

  • Prioritize high-value accounts that are in-market and primed for outreach.
  • Find the best contacts by matching identified accounts across G2 and ZoomInfo.
  • Engage with personalized messaging based on topics or content that matter most to prospects.
  • Put an end to manual research by removing the guesswork from prioritization and automating sales engagement.

And this integration helps marketers

  • Construct robust ABM campaigns by using workflows for every G2 Buyer Intent signal that trigger display and social ad targeting.
  • Serve relevant creatives to high-intent accounts throughout their journeys.
  • Optimize spending and improve ROAS with a laser focus on in-market buyers.

Driving more revenue as efficiently as possible

In times when sales and marketing teams need greater confidence in their outreach and promotion efforts, this new integration can be an indispensable piece of their arsenal by delivering mission-critical data.

“By adding G2 Buyer Intent to our platform solutions, we can help sales and marketing teams align their outreach in a more precise and efficient way to drive higher value conversations that help them meet and exceed pipeline goals.”

Henry Shuck
CEO and founder at ZoomInfo

Sales and marketing teams can no longer work in silos to impact buying decisions. They need to align to ensure all efforts are creating the most opportunity to have the right conversations with target buyers. Getting in front of prospects that closely match their ICP with precise timing is only going to become more vital.

With this new integration, customers can leverage G2 Buyer Intent and ZoomInfo’s SalesOS and MarketingOS solutions together for better outcomes and win over accounts that are more likely to convert.

Ready to send your sales and marketing efforts into overdrive? Request a demo of the G2 and ZoomInfo integration and discover how you can reach maximum revenue potential.

G2 Buyer Intent and ZoomInfo integration
Reach pipeline and revenue goals faster.

Explore how integrating G2 Buyer Intent with ZoomInfo helps you reach in-market decision makers with incredible accuracy.

G2 Buyer Intent and ZoomInfo integration
Reach pipeline and revenue goals faster.

Explore how integrating G2 Buyer Intent with ZoomInfo helps you reach in-market decision makers with incredible accuracy.

G2 + ZoomInfo Offers More Precise Ways to Target Buyers Introducing the G2 Buyer Intent and ZoomInfo SalesOS and MarketingOS integration. Learn how to rapidly identify and target in-market decision makers today.
Stephen Hoops Stephen Hoops is a former Sr. Content Marketing Specialist at G2. He focused on creating content that helps tech industry sales professionals and B2B SaaS marketers find success with G2 products such as Buyer Intent, Review Generation, and more. After receiving his B.A. in Journalism from West Virginia University in 2013, he has helped countless B2B brands reach new highs through content creation and SEO. When not nerding out about the artistry behind well-written copy, Stephen can be found info-dumping about homemade cocktails, Italian cuisine, and why vinyl is the superior physical medium for music.

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