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25+ Best Marketing Project Management Software in 2023

September 22, 2023

best marketing project management software

Let's be real – wrangling marketing campaigns sometimes feels like herding cats. You've got tasks flying left and right, deadlines that sneak up on you, and collaborations that sometimes take you to your wit's end. Not to mention that trying to coordinate with your team isn’t really a walk in the park, either. 

But guess what? Project management software might just bring you back from the edge. 

Project management software helps marketers, both in-house and agency-based, to efficiently plan campaigns, allocate tasks, and track progress and metrics related to their work. 

As a marketer, you can use these tools to break down each of your marketing projects into sub-tasks, add collaborators to the project, and give out assignments to your team members. 

And don’t worry! Whether you’re hunting for a specific feature or sniffing out budget-friendly options, we’ve got everything covered for you.

Selecting the perfect project management tool for your marketing needs is not an easy job amidst a sea of options. After all, G2 alone lists 400+ tools under the project management category. That’s why we’ve put together this list of the best product management software for the marketing industry based on real, up-to-date reviews from verified users.

Whether you are working in a marketing agency or in an in-house marketing department, there’s an option for you with the features you are looking for.

As marketers, you often juggle multiple projects at a time with different budgets and sizes and stakeholders involved. If you’re on an in-house marketing team, you’re likely tapping into a variety of internal and external VIPs, like partners from ad agencies, media buyers, branding firms, or social media platforms. If you’re a digital marketing agency, you’re probably working with multiple clients at a time. Neither version of marketers can afford a missed deadline or cost overrun. 

Project management tools truly shine in this situation, providing marketers with a structured and organized approach to managing their projects with internal and external partners. They enhance collaboration and improve productivity, so it’s easier than before to deliver projects on time and create successful marketing campaigns. 


of high-performing teams use good project management software.

Source: PWC

1. Smartsheet

Smartsheet - marketing project management software

Smartsheet is one of the leading project management tools for marketers. Over 90% of Fortune 100 companies depend on it for their project needs. 

Similar to spreadsheets, it uses a grid-based interface where you can create and edit cells. This might be intimidating for beginners. However, the powerful platform has an intuitive interface and robust features for task management, Gantt charts, Kanban boards, forms, reporting, and dashboards. You’ll also benefit from integrations with other marketing tools. 

It’s best for large marketing teams and agencies with multiple projects and clients. 

Smartsheet at a glance:

  • Free plan: No
  • Free trial: 30-day trial
  • Price: Starts at $7 per user per month
  • Highest-rated features: Planning, creation and assignment, due dates
  • Market segments: Rated #1 for mid-market and enterprise businesses

Try Smartsheet now!

Smartsheet features

Marketers appreciate these valuable features from Smartsheet: 

  • Calendar view and tracking 
  • Dashboards with PDF reporting
  • Ready-made marketing project templates
  • Drag-and-drop tasks within a marketing calendar 
  • Integration with other marketing tools like Adobe Creative Cloud, Lucidspark, and Google Apps

Smartsheet pros and cons

Pros: Smartsheet is praised for its multifaceted project planning and tracking capabilities, flexible task management, and seamless integration with other marketing tools. 

Cons: Some reviewers note a learning curve for new users and limited advanced analytics and reporting options.

Smartsheet review Watch the full video review

Smartsheet pros  Smartsheet cons
Robust project planning and tracking capabilities Steeper learning curve for new users 
Flexible task management and collaboration features  Limited advanced analytics and reporting options 
Automation and workflow capabilities  Can be resource-intensive for big projects 
Mobile accessibility for on-the-go work Limited offline functionality
What users like best:

"Smartsheets is what my team and I use to keep on track of all our marketing projects for all our brands. Staff can be in different locations and time zones and come to our sheets and update the team or share content we are waiting on."

- Smartsheet Review, Crystel F.

What users dislike:

"I think the hardest thing about the transition to Smartsheet for me is that it took me longer than I thought it would to transition and use it as intuitively as I wanted to."

- Smartsheet Review, Peter P.

Smartsheet pricing:

  • Free trial: 30-day trial
  • Free plan for 1 user + 2 editors + 2 sheets
  • Pro: $7
  • Business: $25
  • Enterprise: Available upon request
  • Smartsheet Advance: Available upon request

* All plans are per user per month, billed annually.


If you’re at a small business, is the project management tool for you. It has flexible pricing plans, a vibrant interface, and versatile features.

You can add tasks, set due dates, add descriptions and attachments, and use labels to prioritize and categorize tasks, ensuring that nothing falls through the cracks. You can also utilize the time tracking feature, a crucial element for client-facing agencies. at a glance:

  • Free plan: Available
  • Free trial: 14-day trial for the Pro plan
  • Price: Starts at $8 per user per month
  • Highest-rated features: Task creation and assignment, due dates, task prioritization
  • Market segments: Rated #1 for small business

Try now! features

Here are some standout features of that marketers and creative teams can use:

  • Highly customizable visual interface
  • Pre-built marketing project templates
  • Data visualization for all marketing data with graphs, charts, and dashboards
  • Easy-to-use automation for workflows and recurring tasks
  • Time tracking and reporting capabilities pros and cons

Pros: has positive reviews overall, with high praise for ease of use, flexibility, and customization.

Cons: While the tool offers 200+ integrations, reviewers voice concerns that it doesn't integrate with some applications as they would like. review

Watch the full video review pros cons
Flexible, customizable visual interface Interface potentially overwhelming for complex projects
Wide range of templates for different projects Occasional mobile app experience performance issues
What users like best:

" We are a small customer service management (CSM) team working with enterprise brands, and we use to keep all of our customers’ projects organized. We love monday because it's easy for leadership to check in on all key accounts in a quick and transparent way. It's also easy for each CSM to update monday with new info on their customers."

- Review, Rachel K.

What users dislike:

"Establishing a hierarchy between projects/lists proves to be challenging within the tool. The software exhibits significant bugs, particularly in relation to Gantt chart views and the alignment of data in the mobile app. Although file uploads are possible, it is surprising that direct integration with Google Drive is unavailable."

- Review, Shinoy R. pricing:

  • Free trial: 14-day trial for Pro
  • Free: Free forever up to 2 users + 3 boards
  • Basic: $8
  • Standard: $10
  • Pro: $19
  • Enterprise: Available upon request

* All plans are per user per month, billed annually.

3. Asana


Another leading and popular project management tool that marketers widely use is Asana. It's simple to navigate and suitable for small and large teams alike. The project boards and list help plan and track projects, ensuring they stay on schedule. The tool even provides workflow templates for every marketing initiative, like product launches, event planning, and creating and managing editorial calendars.

However, it can be pricey for small teams and companies with limited budgets.

Asana at a glance:

Try Asana now!

Asana features

Asana’s features offer a way for marketers and cross-functional teams to collaborate smoothly and see all their projects in one single place. Key features include:

  • Task management
  • In-built marketing project templates
  • Integration with other marketing tools like Hubspot, Adobe, Miro, Canva, Lucidchart, Mailchimp
  • List, board, calendar, and timeline views of projects and tasks
  • Drag-and-drop projects and tasks within a marketing calendar
  • Ability to export all marketing activities to PDF reports

Asana pros and cons

Pros: One standout feature of Asana is its ease of use. Additionally, teams also highlight the seamless collaboration features of Asana with comments, @mentions, and approvals as major benefits. You can create custom fields, views, and workflows to suit your use case.

Cons: Like Smartsheet, Asana might be difficult to learn for first-time users. In addition, some have grievances about the lack of an in-built time tracking feature, the inability to assign tasks to multiple people, and getting email notifications for unrelated tasks.

Asana review

Watch the full video review

Asana pros Asana cons
Intuitive and non-technical Limited formatting options for task descriptions
Powerful task management and organization features Steeper learning curve for complex workflows
Seamless collaboration and communication tools No built-in time tracking functionality
Customizable task views and project templates Pricey for small teams
Workflow automation Lack of granular permissions for task access and inability to assign tasks to multiple users
What users like best:

"We decided to introduce Asana in our work team to improve communication and collaboration between team members, as we work in different locations and needed a tool that would give us a clear picture of project progress in real time. In particular, what I liked about Asana was its ease of use. The user interface is very intuitive and the setup process was simple and fast. In addition, the integration with other apps such as Slack and Google Drive facilitated the work and allowed us to store all relevant information in one place."

- Asana Review, Wes P.

What users dislike:

"One of the main drawbacks of Asana is the limited functionality of the free version.It can be frustrating for teams that need more advanced features. Another issue with Asana is the somewhat steep learning curve. While the platform is generally easy to use, some users may initially find it overwhelming. The platform offers many features and options, making it difficult to know where to start. Additionally, some users may find the interface a bit cluttered and confusing."

- Asana Review, Wahid R.

Asana pricing:

  • Free trial: 30-day trial
  • Basic: Free forever for 15 users with limited features
  • Premium: $10.99
  • Business: $24.99
  • Asana enterprise: Available upon request

* All plans are per user per month, billed annually.

4. ClickUp


ClickUp is an all-in-one project management tool that’s Loaded with features just for marketers working on social media management, email marketing, content marketing, and web analytics. It acts as a single source of truth where marketing teams can organize, collaborate. and track progress toward marketing goals, big and small.

Its cost-effective paid plans make it suitable for freelancers and small digital marketing agencies.

ClickUp at a glance:

  • Free plan: Available
  • Free trial: 14-days trial
  • Price: Starts at $7 per user per month
  • Highest-rated features: Task creation and assignment, due dates, to-do-lists
  • Market segments: Rated #3 for small businesses

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ClickUp features

Several of ClickUp’s features set it apart from other project management tools like:

  • Customizable views of projects, tasks, and workflows
  • Comprehensive task organization options and document collaboration
  • Multiple assignees for tasks
  • Goal tracking
  • Multichannel marketing campaign deployment and management
  • Analysis of marketing data
  • In-built time tracking

ClickUp pros and cons

Pros: Most users love ClickUp for its flexibility, customization, and integration capabilities. They also appreciate how the ClickUp team constantly offers new features.

Cons: There have been concerns about the tool's learning curve and occasional bugs.

ClickUp pros ClickUp cons
Highly customizable and flexible platforms Difficult to learn for new users
Seamless collaboration capabilities User interface possibly overwhelming for some
Ability to assign tasks to multiple assignees Bugs and glitches
What users like best:

"ClickUp is an exceptional task management tool that has greatly enhanced my productivity. Its user-friendly interface, customizable features, and seamless collaboration capabilities make it an absolute game-changer...The integrated time tracking and reporting functionalities are invaluable for monitoring project progress and analyzing team performance. ClickUp's versatility and intuitive design truly simplify my work processes."

- ClickUp Review, Takasi Venkata S.

What users dislike:

"The workflow templates aren't as helpful as they could be. In the end, it was easier for us to build our workflow from scratch because it took too much time to redo the ClickUp workflows.

Task automation is also a lot harder to set up than it should be, and they're not as user-friendly as they need to be for an aging population of managers who are trying to switch over from filing cabinets to digital project management. Our biggest pain point is ClickUp's incompatibility with Excel data."

- ClickUp Review, Ariel P.

ClickUp pricing:

  • Free trial: 14-days trial
  • Free forever: No user limit, restricted storage
  • Unlimited: $7
  • Business: $12
  • Enterprise: Available upon request

* All plans are per user per month, billed annually.


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5. Wrike


Wrike fits teams of all sizes. It’s stacked with the must-have capabilities marketers need in project management tools – task management, Gantt charts, Kanban boards, and document collaboration. Like Asana, it’s not cheap, however, you get the extra perks of customizing it to suit your team's specific needs and integrating it with the other marketing apps you use.

Wrike at a glance:

  • Free plan: Available
  • Free trial: 14-day trial
  • Price: Starts at $9.80 per user per month
  • Highest-rated features: Task management, connectivity, alignment
  • Market segments: Rated #5 for enterprise and mid-market business

Try Wrike now!

Wrike features

Several of Wrike’s features benefit both agencies and in-house marketing teams. Among the best are:

  • Project and task list organization
  • Tracking project/task time
  • Ability to update multiple tasks across multiple projects at the same time
  • Budget and cost estimation
  • Integration with other productivity tools, marketing technology, or publishing tools

Wrike pros and cons

Pros: Users appreciate Wrike’s strong building blocks to help them track, manage, and delegate work from start to finish with features like request forms, approval, and blueprints. Cons: Compared to other project collaboration tools, Wrike seems a bit more expensive. Some reviewers point out that the platform can be slow at times.

Wrike pros Wrike cons
Highly flexible and collaborative tool Costly compared to other project management tools
Robust project management features Occasionally slow platform
Custom dashboards and automated notifications Subpar mobile experience
Integration with a wide range of third-party apps Limited customization and automation options
What users like best:

"Wrike has been helpful to me and my team for keeping track of our entire workload. The ability to set up custom dashboards so that employees know what to work on that day, with tasks grouped into widgets customized for our processes and workflows, keeps us running efficiently. Native time tracking allows us to pull billing reports and keep track of everyone's timesheet. Blueprints save the project management team time while keeping our processes consistent. The request forms have been beneficial as a way to facilitate organized communication between external clients and our internal production team."

- Wrike Review, Emily L.

What users dislike:

"The user experience in Wrike is clunky. Managing the system from the backend is frustrating. Blueprint templates don't always work. Dashboarding is incredibly difficult and not intuitive. All of the features I've wanted to use have all had issues and errors. The bug reporting process takes too much time – I don't have an account rep who has the answers. I have to open multiple tickets to process issues, and I can't keep up with all the communication. It's disappointing because I truly believe Wrike could be a great contender."

- Wrike Review, Sage R.

Wrike pricing:

  • Free trial: 14-day trial
  • Free plan: No user limit + 200 active tasks + limited storage
  • Team: $9.80
  • Business: $24.80
  • Enterprise: Available upon request
  • Pinnacle: Available upon request

* All plans are per user per month, billed annually.

6. Airtable

AirtableAirtable looks like a spreadsheet at first glance, which might put off some users. However, it integrates the functionalities of a database, spreadsheet, and forms under one platform that you get to customize to fit the specific needs of your marketers.

You can create databases with tables called "bases" to record and manage all marketing activities and data. Since multiple users can access and update the same base simultaneously, real-time collaboration on tasks, projects, and data turns out to be a breeze. And don’t be afraid to play around with different views of bases, just like you can in other project management software platforms.

Airtable at a glance:

  • Free plan: Available
  • Free trial: 14-days trial
  • Price: Starts at $10 per user per month
  • Highest-rated features: Views, task creation, and assignment, drag and drop interface

Try Airtable now!

Airtable features

Airtable empowers marketers to create tailored databases for content calendars, campaign tracking, and contact management. Some standout features of the tool include:

  • Different views like Grid, Calendar, Kanban, Gallery, and Gantt charts
  • Project mapping
  • Free templates for creating marketing bases
  • Resource management
  • Integration with other marketing tools like Salesforce, Google Calendar, Box, Hootsuite, and Sprinklr

Airtable pros and cons

Pros: Users commend that they can easily tweak Airtable and endlessly integrate other tools. They also like its data management capabilities.

Cons: Price, once again, is an issue for teams with multiple clients. Users also note that there’s a barrier to entry for anyone unfamiliar with databases. Setting up bases and tables and connecting them for effective use takes a lot of time to figure out for such users.

Airtable pros Airtable cons
Highly customizable platform Steeper learning curve for inexperienced database or spreadsheet users
Powerful data management and organization capabilities Costly pricing plan for teams with a large number of partners or clients
Wide range of customizable templates Limited advanced features for base tiers
Endless integration options Limited reporting capabilities
What users like best:

"Airtable makes it easy for my team to know what projects they're assigned, when they're due, and the details of the project that they need to know. It allows you to get specific, too, in terms of SEO, with their dropdowns for SEO Status, Target Keywords, and Monthly Search Volume (MSV)."

- Airtable Review, Macie M.

What users dislike:

"If not completely tech savvy, Airtable can seem very daunting. The other attribute I dislike is the price. It gets very expensive if you want multiple people to have more permissions than "read-only." This barrier to entry has unfortunately stopped us from being able to add in all of our team members and being able to tag them for updates or tasks."

- Airtable Review, Dylan S.

Airtable pricing:

  • Free trial: 14-day trial
  • Free plan: up to 5 users
  • Plus: $10
  • Pro: $20
  • Enterprise: Available upon request

* All plans are per user per month, billed annually.

7. Notion


Notion started off as a note-taking app and has since become a full-fledged workspace collaboration and productivity tool where you can ideate, write, and collaborate with others.

Compared to traditional project management tools, Notion is more of a general-purpose platform. It combines the functionality of documents, wikis, and databases in one platform. This means you can create comprehensive project documentation, share knowledge, and manage project information without switching platforms.

Like spaces or bases that you create in other project management tools, you make pages and databases in Notion to manage all your marketing activities. Notion also has umpteen for free and paid templates that you can select for your marketing project.

Many freelancers and solopreneurs in the marketing field find Notion’s free plan ideal for their work and personal use, though it has a limit on file storage and guest collaborators.

Notion at a glance:

  • Free plan: Available
  • Free trial: Available upon request
  • Price: Starts at $8 per user per month
  • Highest-rated features: Knowledge sharing, organization, link sharing

Try Notion now!

Notion features

Notion allows for a tailored, personalized approach to organizing and managing projects. A few key features are shared here:

  • Ability to create and share pages, documents, and templates
  • Rich media support for text, images, files, and more
  • Collaboration and real-time editing capabilities Integrations and automation
  • Notion AI, their AI assistant

Notion pros and cons

Pros: Notion’s greatest strength is its clean look and user interface. Reviewers also appreciate its new AI features built on top of ChatGPT.

Cons: Users who desire a traditional project management tool find its features limiting. Some users also complain about performance issues and subpar mobile app experience. It’s hard if users don’t have a template to start on for their specific needs.

Notion pros Notion cons
Flexible and customizable workspace Lack of advanced project management features
Notion AI features to ideate, write, edit, summarize, translate, and analyze text Overwhelming interface for some due to its high flexibility
Ability to create and share pages, documents, and templates Poor mobile app experience
What users like best:

"Notion is clean and straightforward. The block system is very intuitive and easy to learn. I like being able to link information, use databases, create custom rules, and apply different views on the same databases for a better overview and the overall freedom to create a workspace that's perfectly designed. What is even more impressive is that even the free plan is more than enough for personal use or if you are a freelancer."

- Notion Review, Andreas S.

What users dislike:

"The thing I dislike about Notion is the creation of tasks such as Asana. Because Notion is more advanced in coding and creating, it becomes difficult for someone who lacks such knowledge to create it on their own. Therefore, I still use Asana for many of my tasks and to-dos."

- Notion Review, Lisa T.

Notion pricing:

  • Free trial: Available upon request for Business and Enterprise plans
  • Free plan: 1 user + 10 guest collaborators
  • Plus: $8
  • Business: $15
  • Enterprise: Available upon request

* All plans are per user per month, billed annually.

8. Trello


Trello is a good choice if you want a visual way to track work. It uses boards, lists, and cards to help organize tasks and projects.

For marketers, try using Trello to simplify campaign planning, content creation, and project coordination. You can design boards for different campaigns, set up lists to represent project stages, and organize tasks as cards that can be moved across lists as they progress. This visual approach makes collaboration easier, tracks progress, and aligns the goals of the marketing teammates.

Trello offers small teams one of the cheapest plans, at just $5 per user per month with its Standard plan.

Trello at a glance:

  • Free plan: Available
  • Free trial: 14-day trial for Premium plan
  • Price: Starts at $5 per user per month
  • Highest-rated features: Task creation and assignment, drag-and-drop, to-do lists

Try Trello now!

Trello features

Trello’s unique features distinguish it as a project management and collaboration tool:

  • Kanban-style organization
  • Boards, cards, and lists for project and task management
  • Customizable cards with labels, due dates, attachments, checklists, and assignees
  • Power-ups and integrations with other services
  • File sharing and versioning

Trello pros and cons

Pros: Trello is painless to use, even for teams that aren’t familiar with project management tools. Users appreciate the simplicity and convenience it provides.

Cons: People using the free version face limitations such as size caps on attached files and integrations. It can also be difficult to customize workflows for complex tasks.

Trello pros  Trello cons
Intuitive and user-centric tool Underwhelming functionality for free version
Visual and flexible project organization Limited reporting and analytics capabilities
Easy collaboration and sharing Less suitable for detailed project management
What users like best:

"Trello helps keep all my to-do list items in one place. I previously would write notes everywhere and never act on anything. I use it to organize my content calendar for my personal blog, as well as freelance writing work for clients.It is easy to use and has a great visual interface that lets me quickly keep track of the status of each item I am currently working on."

- Trello Review, Skyler B.

What users dislike:

"Trello has its drawbacks. The amount of information on the screen can be a bit overwhelming, especially when dealing with complex projects. Also, if the information is not well organized, it can be difficult to find what you need."

- Trello Review, Courtney R.

Trello pricing:

  • Free trial: 14-day trial for Premium plan
  • Free plan: Available for individuals and teams up to 10 boards per workspace
  • Standard: $5
  • Premium: $10
  • Enterprise: Starts at $17.50 for 50 users

* All plans are per user per month, billed annually.

9. Quickbase


Quickbase is a no-code project management tool made to customize applications for tracking tasks.

If you want to personalize your project management app to suit your preferences completely with a no-code platform, then Quickbase might be suitable for you. With its clear interface and customizable features, you can design tailored workflows, manage campaigns, and track tasks. However, it's quite costly compared to other project management tools, hence not the best option for freelancers, and small teams.

Quickbase at a glance:

  • Free plan: Not available
  • Free trial: 30-days free trial
  • Price: Starts at $35 per user per month
  • Highest-rated features: To-do-lists, task prioritization, due dates

Try Quickbase now!

Quickbase features

Quickbase delivers all essential features marketers look for in a project management software. Among them are:

  • Drag-and-drop workflow builder
  • Customizable dashboards and reporting
  • Workflow automation
  • Custom app development 

Quickbase pros and cons

Pros: Marketers praise the flexibility that lets them adapt Quickbase to their specific needs, enhancing project visibility, team collaboration, and overall marketing efficiency.

Cons: Users note Quickbase’s user interface (UI) looks a little outdated and complain about frequent pricing changes. Also, setting up workflows and databases requires more time and effort than expected.

Quickbase pros Quickbase cons
Flexible and customizable workflow builder Steep learning curve for advanced customization, app development, and automation
Customizable dashboards and reporting tools Expensive
Robust automation capabilities Clunky UI
What users like best:

"It's simple to build new fields, reports, dashboards, and forms that allow users to keep track of their projects and help ensure proper users have access to only what's relevant to them."

- Quickbase Review, Mark L.

What users dislike:

"The platform lacks a fresh and an enhanced user experience, especially from a UI perspective. All you can do so far with the platform is change its color. However, client needs have gone way past this feature, and an ability to synergize with the client's branding requirements is the need of the hour. QuickBase needs to pull up its socks in this area and provide enhanced user experience (UX) capabilities."

- Quickbase Review, Mohit C.

Quickbase pricing:

  • Free trial: 30-day trial
  • Free plan: Not available
  • Team: $35
  • Business: $55
  • Enterprise: Available upon request

* All plans are per user per month, billed annually.

10. Basecamp


Basecamp’s history as a web design agency before its turn as a marketing management tool guarantees that it has created an easy-to-use and perfect collaborative space. Its Pro Unlimited plan is well-designed for dealing with a number of external clients and partners. Use it to createY projects and discussions in a centralized platform for advertising campaigns, email marketing, budgeting, design, social media, and events.

Basecamp at a glance:

  • Free plan: Not available
  • Free trial: 30-day trial
  • Price: Starts at $15 per user per month
  • Highest-rated features: to-do-lists, task creation, and assignment, due dates

Try Basecamp now!

Basecamp features

Basecamp provides several features that are specific to its platform:

  • Campfire Chat, a real-time, informal message board
  • Project planning and budgeting
  • File sharing
  • Automatic check-ins for updates on projects
  • In-built templates and automation

Basecamp pros and cons

Pros: Basecamp is known for its simple and beginner-friendly interface, efficient communication tools, and centralized project management capabilities. Users also praise its capability to share files easily.

Cons: Some users find the flat fee of $299 for Pro Unlimited less economical than other project management tools that offer per-user pricing. Basecamp's simplicity is also perhaps a drawback for larger or more complex projects that require advanced management features and customization.

Basecamp pros Basecamp cons
Simple and straightforward  Flat fee for Pro Unlimited not suitable for small teams
Centralized project management Limited customization options
Efficient communication tools Subpar reporting and analytics capabilities
Easy document and file sharing Cannot add subtask to main task
What users like best:

"Basecamp is a unique and effective solution for team collaboration. One of its most outstanding features is its minimalistic approach which avoids information overload and allows you to focus entirely on the most important tasks. Organization and communication become child's play thanks to an intuitive structure."

- Basecamp Review, Moses B.

What users dislike:

"The inability to add subtasks to the primary task is one of Basecamp's shortcomings in my opinion. When planning more complicated jobs, this can be a little difficult. The platform can occasionally be a little slow when loading a lot of files."

- Basecamp Review, Kiran V.

Basecamp pricing:

  • Free trial: 30-day trial
  • Free plan: Not available
  • Basecamp: $15 per user per month
  • Basecamp Pro Unlimited: $299 per month
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11. Hive


Hive is a powerful platform that’s chock-full of features you can confidently depend on for effective marketing project management. It has customizable workflows, task tracking, and real-time communication to improve campaign planning, content creation, and project execution. What’s more, it’s easy to set up and use.

Hive at a glance:

  • Free plan: Available
  • Free trial: 14-day trial for Teams plan
  • Price: Starts at $12 per user per month
  • Highest-rated features: Task creation and assignment, due dates, views

Try Hive now!

Hive features

Here are some features that Hive brings to the table, designed specifically to empower marketers for project management:

  • Task management
  • Project planning and tracking with Kanban board
  • Project templates
  • Time tracking within projects to manage billing
  • Real-time collaboration

Hive pros and cons

Pros: Users have high praise for Hive’s intuitive UI and hgihgly customizable templates and workflows.

Cons: Users aren’t happy with the mobile version’s limitations. Some functionalities, like automation, integrations, could be improved.

Hive pros Hive Cons
Intuitive and user-friendly interface Poor mobile app experience
Robust collaboration features Improvements needed in functionalities like integration and automation
Highly customizable workflows and templates Occasional bugs
What users like best:

"My favorite thing about Hive is the template feature. We use action card templates daily for all of our projects. They're a great way to ensure all projects follow the same steps and provide consistent deliverables. Templates have been a game changer in efficiency for us."

- Hive Review, Lindsey C.

What users dislike:

"Hive needs to work on its mobile app. I have an Android phone, and Hive on mobile is pretty much unusable due to extreme lag. I have had no issues with Hive on a desktop, but sometimes replying to a message from a mobile device would be much more convenient. This issue bothers me more than others because sometimes I am out of the office and still need to reply to messages."

- Hive Review, Devon S.

Hive pricing:

  • Free trial: 14-day trial for Teams plan
  • Free plan: Up to 10 users + limited storage and features
  • Teams: $12
  • Business: Available upon request

* All plans are per user per month, billed annually.


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12. Rocketlane


Rocketlane rates as a fantastic choice for boutique digital marketing agencies or large marketing enterprises with multiple clients and external partners. From onboarding your clients to managing projects and tracking their performance, the tool offers it all.

Your teams get a dedicated space for their internal use to keep projects and activities organized away from their customers’ gaze, while clients get the necessary level of visibility into how you’re working toward their success.

Rocketlane at a glance:

  • Free plan: Not available
  • Free trial: 14-day trial for Essential and Standard plans
  • Price: Starts at $19 per user per month
  • Highest-rated features: Scheduling, project budgeting, capacity

Try Rocketlane now!

Rocketlane features

Below are the features of Rocketlane that give digital marketing agencies an advantage when it comes to their project management:

  • Task creation
  • Separate spaces to divide internal and client-facing activities
  • Approvals, proofing, and annotation capabilities for marketing and creative assets
  • Automated status updates and reminders sent to clients
  • Customer management

Rocketlane pros and cons

Pros: Users appreciate Rocketlane for its ability to help shorten time to value and deliver a delightful onboarding experience for their customers.

Cons: Some find the pricing costly and note a few features and improvements that could be made to the tool. A few suggest having a learning center or more training materials to understand the ins and outs of the product.

Rocketlane Pros  Rocketlane cons
Refined onboarding Pricing costly for smaller teams or limited budgets
Collaborative platform Learning curve for fully utilizing all features
What users like best:

"Very intuitive and easy to use! Rocketlane has very logical features; the system has everything we need for onboarding clients, project management, to-do's, and so much more."

- Rocketlane Review, Brent M.

What users dislike:

"Our team is eagerly awaiting a mobile interface! Otherwise, the timeline/Gantt chart does present some challenges, as not every task needs to have a specific start/end date, and it can overcomplicate the timeline. But I understand the limitations and intention of the software. I would also like to see some rules implemented for those tasks that aren't tied to any specific date but more to a dependency. If X task is marked done, that triggers the start date for Y."

- Rocketlane Review, Erika F.

Rocketlane pricing:

  • Free trial: 14-day free trial for Essential and Standard plans
  • Free plan: Not available
  • Essential: $19
  • Standard: $49
  • Premium: $69
  • Enterprise: $99

* All plans are per user per month, billed annually.


If you want to diligently track your marketing tasks, time, and performance, is an excellent option. The unique feature of is its focus on time tracking and resource management. It provides comprehensive tools for users to accurately track the time spent on tasks and projects, a godsend for client-facing digital marketing and creative agencies for their billing purpose.

Its free plan is quite sufficient for freelancers and solopreneurs, except for its limited storage options. at a glance:

  • Free plan: Available
  • Free trial: 14-day free trial
  • Price: Starts $8 per user per month
  • Highest-rated features: Task creation and assignment, drag and drop interface, project planning

Try now! features

Here are the central features of that hold great value for marketers:

  • Time tracking
  • Task management
  • Resource management
  • Kanban board
  • Integration with PowerBi pros and cons

Pros: Users value the simple and intuitive interface of and the strong time tracking features.

Cons: Some users highlight glitches with the time tracking feature at times and note mobile app experience and integration options can be improved. pros cons
Robust time tracking capabilities Mobile app experience can be improved
 Task and project management tools Glitches in the time tracking feature at times
Resource management functionality Integration options may be limited
What users like best:

" is a platform with a very simple and intuitive interface, and it greatly assists me in managing my team's projects and tasks. With it, I can optimize time and convey information more clearly and quickly to the team. Without a doubt, it is a great ally in my day-to-day activities."

- Review, Marcella A.

What users dislike:

"There are a few drawbacks to mention. The reporting and analytics capabilities could be more comprehensive, and occasional lags or glitches might hinder smooth navigation."

- Review, Gabriel C. pricing:

  • Free trial: 14-day free trial for up to 100 users per account
  • Free: Up to 5 users + limited features and storage
  • Business: $8
  • Enterprise: $25

* All plans are per user per month, billed annually.

14. TeamGantt


TeamGantt is a cloud-based project management tool that's a great fit for marketing teams. It's GANTT chart-based visual timeline helps you effectively plan, organize, and track your marketing projects. The tool's user-friendly interface makes it easy for marketing teams to navigate and get up to speed quickly.

Unlike other tools where pricing is mostly based on number of users, TeamGantt's pricing is based on the number of managers and projects.

For instance, its Lite plan costs $19 per manager month and a manager can add up to five projects and five collaborators.  This makes it pricey for small businesses where multiple people manage a number of projects at a time. 

Team Gantt at a glance:

  • Free plan: Available
  • Free trial: 30-day trial for Lite and Pro plans
  • Price: Starts at $19 per manager (+ collaborators) per month
  • Highest-rated features: GANTT charts, creation and assignment, project map

Try TeamGantt now!

TeamGantt Features

Following are the features offered by TeamGantt that help marketing teams stay organized, manage deadlines, and collaborate effectively.

  • Ability to view all projects in a single GANTT chart  
  • Drag and drop tasks 
  • Project mapping 
  • Project health reports
  • Resource management

TeamGantt pros and cons

Pros: Users highly praise the simplicity of the tool and the visualization it offers for projects and tasks. 

Cons: Small organizations with limited budgets find it expensive. Some users complain of occasional glitches, difficulty to download projects.   

TeamGantt pros TeamGantt Cons 
Intuitive and user-friendly Expensive for teams with small budget
Visual timelines with GANTT charts Limited features 
What users like best:

"Forget spreadsheets and clunky over complicated planning tools. TeamGantt plans are so easy to build, update and share with colleagues and clients. I've used it both personally and professionally and love it for both."

- TeamGantt review, Keri M.

What users dislike: 

"The pricing has changed and now restricts each project manager in number of projects, which is a problem for small companies that utilize one or two project leaders to manage many jobs. Also, the default setting on email notices hammers your inbox."

- TeamGantt review, Kelly S.

TeamGantt pricing:

  • Free trial: 30-day free trial for Lite and Pro plans
  • Free plan for 1 project manager + 2 collaborators with limited features
  • Lite: $19 per manager
  • Pro: $49 per manager
  • Gamechanger:$399

*All plans are per month, billed annually.

15. MeisterTask


MeisterTask carries all the essential features that you expect in project management software. It has Kanbanesque project boards, Gantt-style timeline features, automation, time tracking, and templates for recurring tasks.

You can easily connect your project tasks with visual mind maps created using the MeisterMind tool. This integration enhances the flexibility and visual representation of your project management process.

MeisterTask at a glance:

  • Free plan: Available
  • Free trial: Available for Business and Enterprise plans
  • Price: Starts at $6.50 per user per month
  • Highest-rated features: Due dates, drag and drop interface, task creation and assignment

Try MeisterTask now!

MeisterTask features

Marketers draw on the following features of MeisterTask for their project management needs:

  • Customizable project boards
  • Automation for recurring workflows
  • Integration with third-party apps like Slack, Google apps, Zendesk
  • Reports and statistics

MeisterTask pros and cons

Pros: Users appreciate the intuitive interface and user-friendly nature of MeisterTask that make it easy to get started and navigate the tool.

Cons: There’s a notable level of concern over the low amount of features in the free version.

MeisterTask pros  MeisterTask cons
Intuitive interface and user-friendly experience Advanced features are available for higher tiers only
Robust task management capabilities Poor customer service
What users like best:

"The program is visually elegant, simple to use, and has all of the features required to get started in the free edition. I really enjoy the fact that I can add comments, links, tags, and checklists to each task entry. I can divide projects and assign duties to team members." -

- MeisterTask Review, Abhishek P.

What users dislike:

"I upgraded to a paid level because I wanted to manage more boards than the free version allowed. However, I learned after upgrading that EVERYONE collaborating with me had to be upgraded if I wanted to use the upgrade features in my boards. I contacted customer support, and they refused to issue a refund even though it was less than a week after I paid. Disappointing."

- MeisterTask Review, Verified User from the Marketing and Advertising industry.

MeisterTask pricing:

  • Free trial: Upon request
  • Basic: Free forever for 1 user + 3 projects + limited features
  • Pro: $6.50
  • Business: $12
  • Enterprise: Available upon request

* All plans are per user per month, billed annually.

16. does an excellent job helping out client-facing digital marketing agencies who want support managing their projects. This comprehensive tool elevates collaboration, simplifies communication, and enhances project execution for marketing teams.

With a suite of features designed to align marketing strategies and client deliverables, empowers agencies to effectively oversee campaigns, track tasks, and maintain transparent client interactions. at a glance:

  • Free plan: Available
  • Free trial: 30-day trial
  • Price: Starts at $5.99 per user per month
  • Highest-rated features: Due dates, recurring tasks, project creation, assignment

Try now! features’s range of capabilities cater to the needs of marketing teams. Here's an overview of the essentials:

  • Marketing project templates
  • Collaborative document editor
  • Time tracking and invoicing
  • Automations
  • List, Kanban, Gantt charts, and other views
  • Intake forms for requests, feedback, details pros and cons

Pros: Users, specifically from marketing agencies, find the tool useful for keeping up with projects and associated client hours, ensuring no billable minute goes unaccounted for. Cons: Users share grievances about its mobile application and chat being unusable. pros cons
Robust project management features Poor mobile app experience
Collaboration and document sharing capabilities Disappointing chat capabilities
Strong time tracking tool Expensive compared to other tools and the features its offers
What users like best:

"Quick and reliable Kanban view. Very nice way to filter tasks, especially per comments. So as an administrator and as regular users, it becomes very easy to set up and use the different tasks. Teams can be easily separated and managed in each project. In addition, filtered and customized notifications make my life easier. And it has integration with Zapier, too! Woohoo!"

- Review, Ali K.

What users dislike:

"Don't trust their salespeople. We very clearly stated that we wanted a task management solution with a Mac app. The sales team stated very clearly that there was an app with a dedicated team. A few weeks after we paid for a year, we found out the Mac app is very, very buggy. I sent in several bug reports and waited. When I contact support about the bugs, they tell me they've discontinued the Mac app, there is no dedicated Mac app team, and I should just use the browser.

I tell them what the sales team had told me, and they just say they ‘understand my frustration.’ They won't bump up the issue to senior staff, and they won't give me an apology."

- Review, Ari M. pricing:

  • Free trial: 30-day trial
  • Free plan: Free forever up to 5 users + limited features
  • Starter: $5.99
  • Deliver: $9.99
  • Grow: $19.99
  • Scale: Available upon request

* All plans are per user per month, billed annually.

17. Lytho Creative Workflow

Lytho creative workflow

Lytho Creative Workflow is a project management software solution built specifically for creative and marketing teams. Known for its digital asset management software, Europe-based Lytho recently added Creative Workflow products to cater to the needs of European brands and creative teams.

This versatile platform can be used for a variety of creative projects, such as marketing campaigns, website design, and product development. The company provides custom pricing options tailored to your needs.

Lytho Creative Workflow at a glance:

  • Free plan: Not available
  • Free trial: Not available
  • Price: Available on request
  • Highest-rated features: Templates, taks creation and assignment, drag and drop interface

Try Lytho Creative Workflow now!

Lytho Creative Workflow features

Some of the key features of Lytho Creative Workflow for marketers include:

  • Creative brief request forms
  • Project management
  • Online proofing and & mark-ups
  • Approval routing
  • Custom reporting
  • Gantt chart timelines
  • Kanban board
  • Image, pdf, video, web, and email annotation

Lytho Creative Workflow pros and cons

Pros: Users are happy with the level of customization the tool has and say the features are easy to use, making communication and collaboration among the team better. The tool also has praise for its workflow setup, proofing capabilities, and reporting features.

Cons: Some users think the learning curve is too steep and the implementation process is too given the overwhelming number of features that tool provides.

Lytho Creative Workflow pros Lytho Creative Workflow cons
Customization capabilities  Steep learning curve
Efficient workflow management Long implementation process
What users like best:

"The ability to customize at such a detailed level is incredible. Lytho is not an out-of-the-box product, which is critical. The time the implementation team takes to ensure every aspect of the system is set up to work how you need it to is remarkable. Our favorite part, though, is the ability to review proofs in the system while using the connector to work between our design programs. Every aspect of Lytho is saving us time."

- Lytho Creative Workflow Review, Amanda B.

What users dislike:

"I'd say there are just so many features and tools that it takes a while to learn and train others on the process flows."

- Lytho Creative Workflow Review, Michael U.

Lytho Creative Workflow pricing:

  • Free trial: Not available
  • Free plan: Not available
  • Workflow Business: Available upon request
  • Workflow Enterprise: Available upon request

18. Zoho Projects

Zoho Projects

Zoho Projects stands proud as one of the cheapest online project management software tools that’s suitable for both teams and marketing agencies. You can automate routine tasks and create personalized fields, layouts, statuses, and workflows to easily perform marketing work. Count on integration to be simple as well.

Zoho Projects at a glance:

  • Free plan: Available
  • Free trial: 10-day trial
  • Price: Starts at $4 per user per month
  • Highest-rated features: Task creation and assignment, due dates, to-do-lists

Try Zoho Projects now!

Zoho Projects features

Take note of the essential features of Zoho Projects that marketers stand to gain:

  • Task tracking and automated reminders
  • Project budgeting
  • Time tracking
  • Custom views
  • Drag-and-drop interface
  • Document collaboration with Zoho Docs

Zoho Projects pros and cons

Pros: Zoho Projects is well-received by users for its friendly, appealing interface and the customization it provides.

Cons: Users note the mobile application lacks several features and that some features may be difficult to locate for first-time users.

Zoho Projects pros Zoho Projects cons
Comprehensive feature set with robust task and resource management capabilities Mobile app lacks full functionality
Affordable Interface can be overwhelming for beginners
What users like best:

"Zoho Projects is a project management software with a user-friendly interface, customizable project templates and workflows, collaboration tools, built-in time tracking, and reporting and analytics features. While it has limited integrations and a learning curve, it can still be a valuable tool for teams looking to collaborate and streamline their project management processes. In our span of usage of 1 year, it has performed well for us."

- Zoho Projects Review, Sachin S.

What users dislike:

"The Zoho Projects mobile application is very summarized compared to the desktop version. I think it would be very useful to link more functions in it so you don't have to switch between one and another every time you need to perform a particular process."

- Zoho Projects Review, Carlos P.

Zoho Projects pricing:

  • Free trial: :10-day free trial
  • Free plan: Up to 3 users + limited features
  • Premium: $4
  • Enterprise: $9

* All plans are per user per month, billed annually.

19. Podio


Podio is yet another cloud-based work management tool that brings together all marketing conversations and processes into one platform. Podio has features like task management, file sharing, calendars, and communication tools to organize your campaigns.

Podio at a glance:

  • Free plan: Available
  • Free trial: No
  • Price: Starts at $11.20 per month per user
  • Highest-rated features: Creation and assignment, issue tracking, to-do lists

Try Podio now!

Podio features

Podio’s features support marketing teams and their efforts to clarify and refine their work processes with the following features:

  • Task and activity management
  • Email marketing and campaign supervision
  • Workflow automation
  • Document management
  • Extensions for Gantt chart views, time tracking, and additional features

Podio pros and cons

Pros: Users are impressed by how easy it is to collaborate and keep track of their projects. Cons: Several users express dissatisfaction about the platform's slow response time. Its integrations might seem limited for a fast-growing marketing team.

Podio pros Podio cons
Seamless collaboration tool Slow response time
Robust task management capabilities Limited integrations for essential marketing needs
Custom integrations and automation Restricted mobile app capabilities
What users like best:

"It's very easy to use and allows oversight for all team members on what's happening. The system sends prompts and reminders for tasks that are due to keep everyone on track. You can literally just set it and not worry about forgetting it!"

- Podio Review, Emjae W.

What users dislike:

"While it has a lot of integrations, ultimately, our company outgrew it. Its integrations are limited and don't expand to the areas that are essential for marketing."

- Podio Review, Sara M.

Podio pricing:

  • Free trial: Not available
  • Free plan: Up to 5 users; features are limited
  • Plus: $11.20
  • Premium: $19.20

* All plans are per user per month, billed annually.

20. Nifty


Nifty eases the burden of campaign management for marketing teams. It helps with visualizing campaign schedules, adding tasks, setting deadlines, and assigning members. In addition, all files and assets related to the marketing team can be kept under the files section for reference.

Nifty at a glance:

  • Free plan: Available
  • Free trial: 14-day free trial
  • Price: Starts at $39 per month
  • Highest-rated features: Task creation and assignment, due dates, to-do-lists

Try Nifty now!

Nifty features

Features of Nifty’s that are particularly useful for marketing project management are:

  • Task management
  • Team chat, discussions and file sharing for collaboration
  • Time tracking and reporting
  • Budget tracking
  • Workflow automation and custom fields
  • Different views like Kanban, list, timeline, and calendar view

Nifty pros and cons

Pros: Users appreciate its beginner-friendly user interface and file management capabilities. Several users also find its availability in languages like Spanish to be helpful. Cons: Dissatisfaction related to its UI, time tracking capabilities and team chat’s usability afflict several users. They also believe the tool has limited integration options.

Nifty pros Nifty cons
Beginner-friendly and easy to use  UI could be more modern and customizable
Native language support Team chat and dashboard needs improvement
Reasonable pricing Limited integrations
What users like best:

"One of the best things about Nifty is that it combines all of the essential project management features into one software, making it easy for me to collaborate and stay organized with multiple teams/clients. The Kanban, List, and Timeline views allow for flexible task management, while the built-in discussion threads and document sharing capabilities make it easy to collaborate and share knowledge across teams.

Additionally, Nifty's integration with popular calendar platforms like Google and Microsoft Outlook makes scheduling tasks and meetings a breeze."

- Nifty Review, Osheen J.

What users dislike:

"There doesn't seem to be a way to link tasks easily. While it is similar to Asana, there were some major differences – like being unable to have a task on multiple boards/projects. It's not easy to tell what is still being timed – it's a very small thing in the bottom left corner and more than once I've forgotten to stop a timer so it went on for days.

I feel like the UI could be a bit improved as well. It was so like Asana, but then as I started using it some things were more difficult to navigate."

- Nifty Review, Kassandra K.

Nifty pricing:

  • Free trial: 14-day trial
  • Free plan: Unlimited users + 2 projects, limited features
  • Starter: $39 for 10 users
  • Pro: $79 for 20 users
  • Business: $124 for 50 users
  • Unlimited: $399

* All plans are per month and billed annually. Nifty also has a separate pricing plan for teams with 1-5 members.

21. Scoro


If you’re in a marketing agency or consultancy business, Scoro might be the option for you. While it looks pricey compared to other project management tools, the premium comes from the features it offers.

Scoro provides a unified platform to manage all aspects of a marketing agency’s business by consolidating essential functions such as project management, time tracking, collaboration, invoicing, and reporting into a single solution.

Scoro at a glance:

  • Free plan: Not available
  • Free trial: 14-day trial
  • Price: Starts at $26 per user per month
  • Highest-rated features: Task creation and assignment, project budgeting, due dates

Try Scoro now!

Scoro features

Marketing agencies find value in Scoro because of these helpful features:

  • Gantt charts and dashboards
  • Task lists and task boards
  • Time tracker
  • Project templates and recurring tasks
  • Project budgeting, invoicing, and billing

Scoro pros and cons

Pros: Users greatly appreciate Scoro for its centralized platform that allows agencies to create, plan, and track projects, quotes, and bills in the same place.

Cons: Some users initially find a learning curve, particularly for users who are new to project management software. The pricing for Scoro gets a little high compared to some other project management solutions, which may be a challenge for small teams on a limited budget.

Scoro pros  Scoro cons
Comprehensive project management tool High price for small teams
 Complete time tracking and billing capabilities Difficult search functions that can slow down workflow
Track time spent on tasks and automatically generate accurate invoices Takes time to learn all the features
What users like best:

"Scoro is a robust project management software that is perfect for agencies. We got it because it consolidates information from quote to production to invoice, giving us visibility throughout. They have also continuously improved and added features and integrations to make it even better. It has exceeded our expectations."

- Scoro Review, Richard H.

What users dislike:

"It's a bit pricey, in my opinion. Design and UX could be improved. More connectivity with other tools, for example, the connection with Google Calendar, is not well done."

- Scoro Review, Simone P.

Scoro pricing:

  • Free trial: 14-day trial
  • Free plan: Not available
  • Essential: $26
  • Standard: $37
  • Pro: $63
  • Ultimate: Available upon request

* All plans are per user per month, billed annually.


As the name suggests, is a dedicated project management software that gives you a clear view of your team’s work to simplify collaboration. Its free forever plan has essential features that you might see in a more expensive project management tool. It’s also generous compared to the other plans, allowing 3 users, 10 projects, and 1GB of storage.

The other pricing plan of $8 per user per month is also great given there’s no additional payment for any advanced features like AI assistant or document proofing. at a glance:

  • Free plan: Available
  • Free trial: 7-day trial
  • Price: $8 per user per month
  • Highest-rated features: To-do-lists, methodologies, task creation and assignment

Try now! features

Following are some of the features of that marketing teams can use to their advantage:

  • Sub-tasks
  • Custom fields
  • Recurring tasks
  • List, calendar, scheduler, and Kanban views
  • Real-time comments, reactions, and threads, reply to notifications by email
  • AI assistant
  • Task timer pros and cons

Pros: Users like the fact that the tool is easy to navigate and provides robust communication and collaboration tools, time tracking, and flexible customization options. Users also appreciate the unique notes and embedding feature.

Cons: The tool has no major cons except the desire for a personal space for task management. pros cons
Robust collaboration tool Lack of personal user space for individual task management
Competitive pricing Other task features could be improved
What users like best:

"Simple, simple, quick. Managing projects is very easy because you only have a few correct options to handle normal tasks without many subtasks or complicated structures as with many other solutions. The ways to add notes, bullet points, task points, embed external resources, add tasks from a note are very powerful. Also the price is competitive."

- Review, Davide A.

What users dislike:

"It would be a great help if tasks could be marked as done without opening the task. So you could update many tasks faster. It would be a big plus if you could export notes as PDF, for example. I miss a bit of a personal user area, where you could create tasks and notes for yourself separate from a specific project."

- Review, Christoph K. pricing:

  • Free trial: 7-day trial
  • Free plan: Up to 3 users + 10 projects + 1 GB
  • Paid: $8 per user per month

* All plans are per user per month, billed annually.

23. Worksection


Worksection fits in at agencies operating on an hourly model with a comprehensive set of features like a time-tracker, Gantt chart, or Kanban board. It enables teams to create projects, break them down into tasks, assign responsibilities, set deadlines, and monitor progress.

Worksection at a glance:

  • Free plan: Available
  • Free trial: 14-day free trial
  • Price: Starts at $29 per month
  • Highest-rated features: Dashboards, planning, views

Try Worksection now!

Worksection features 

These tailor-made features support marketing agencies: 

  • Multiple views (List, Board, and Calendar) for projects 
  • Web and mobile apps support 
  • Integration options and application programming interface (API) access 
  • Gantt chart for visual project planning 
  • Time tracking and budget control 
  • Task dependencies and subtasks

Worksection pros and cons

Pros: Users consider Worksection convenient and easy to use. They also tout the different functionality and the technical support. 

Cons:Users cite issues with the lack of in-built messaging system and occasional slow loading.

Worksection pros Worksection cons
User-friendly interface No messaging feature
Great technical and customer support Slow loading
What users like best: 

"It is very convenient to visualize project tasks thanks to various viewing methods. Previously, I really missed automatic reminders about deadlines, clear distribution of tasks for the team and conducting dialogue in one place. Thanks to the use of Worksection, it has become much more convenient: the number of problematic untracked tasks has decreased, as has the number of routine email correspondence." 

- Worksection Review, Yuliya D. 

What users dislike:

For one thing, I've noticed that the platform can be a bit slow to load at times, especially when working with larger projects or teams. This can be frustrating when I'm trying to quickly access important information or update project details." 

- Worksection Review, Dmitry B.

Worksection pricing:

  • Free trial: 14-day free trial
  • Free plan: Up to 5 users + 2 active projects + limited features
  • Basic: $49 for 20 users
  • Business: $99 for 50 users
  • Premium: $199 for 50 users

* All plans are on per month basis.

24. Paymo


Paymo works well for marketing agencies and teams working with a large number of external clients. Compared to other tools, it stands out is its specific focus on the time tracking, billing, and expenses side of projects.

The pricing of its starter and small office plans sounds reasonable for small businesses vis-à-vis available features. Plus, Paymo comes in 22 languages.

Paymo at a glance:

  • Free plan: Available
  • Free trial: 15-day free trial
  • Price: Starts at $4.95 per user per month
  • Highest-rated features: Task creation and assignment, time and expense, planning

Try Paymo now!

Paymo features

 Shared below are the unique features of Paymo that’ll be of interest to marketers: <

  • Task management
  • Project templates
  • Time tracking with live reports and active times 
  • Recurring tasks
  • File proofing and version control 

Paymo pros and cons

Pros: Users greatly benefit from its time tracking and billing feature and highlight great support from its team. 

Cons: The mobile app experience leaves users unsatisfied because it’s confusing and hard to work with. 

Paymo pros Paymo cons
Full time tracking, billing, and invoicing features with project management Poor mobile app experience
What users like best: 

"I like the way Paymo has been designed. With its straightforward menu sidebar, it's easy to access everything your business needs quickly and easily.

From adding users to creating tasks in the 'Project’ tab for members within my organization or working with accounting by invoicing expenses, inputting estimates, and making one-off payments, I no longer have any problems keeping track of finances, either, as there are fantastic support systems set up that allow me to migrate from free plans to larger ones depending on what works best for my growing business – amazing!" 

- Paymo Review, Jamie Lee J. 

What users dislike:

"The mobile application on my iOS doesn't encompass all features that are on cloud apps." 

- Paymo Review, Angel G.

Paymo pricing:

  • Free trial: 15-day trial
  • Free plan: Up to 1 user + 3 clients + 50 tasks + limited features
  • Starter: $4.95
  • Small office: $9.95
  • Business: $20.79

* All plans are per user per month, billed annually.

25. ProProfs Project

Proprofs Project

ProProfs Project makes it easy for marketers to manage all their campaigns in one place. Create tasks, assign responsibilities, set deadlines, track time spent on tasks, and visualize project timelines through Gantt charts.

The software also allows for document sharing, team communication, and progress tracking, making it a comprehensive solution for managing projects and promoting efficient teamwork.

ProProfs Project at a glance:

  • Free plan: Not available
  • Free trial: 15-day free trial
  • Price: Starts at $39.97 per month
  • Highest-rated features: Task prioritization, resource allocation, scheduling

Try ProProfs Project now!

ProProfs Project features

Below are the key features of ProProfsProject:

  • Add task dependencies
  • Collaboration and discussion with @mention and feedbacks
  • Custom fields and workflows
  • Due dates, reminders, and instant task update notifications
  • List, calendar, Kanban, and Gantt chart views

ProProfs Project pros and cons

Pros: Users like its interactive dashboards and note it helps manage multiple campaigns easily.

Cons: Several users say the automation features and reporting capabilities should be improved.

ProProf Project pros ProProfs Project cons
Project management capabilities Reporting capabilities need improvement
Instant notifications on task updates Limited automation
What users like best:

“ProProfs Project offers excellent features for team collaboration. Our team can exchange feedback via task comments, which makes it so easy to track feedback. Also, its real-time notifications ensure that my team leads are up-to-date with project progress on the go.”

- ProProfs Project Review, Kapil T.

What users dislike:

“The tool doesn’t offer automation features. Having these features would really enable me to offload quite a few of my tasks so that I can give dedicated attention to more important tasks."

- ProProfs Project Review, Archi G.

ProProfs Project pricing:

  • Free trial: 15-day free trial
  • Annual plan: $39.95 per month

26. Float


Float is a popular choice for project management among in-house marketing teams and agencies alike. It helps with project planning, budgeting, resource allocation, scheduling, and time tracking. You can add milestones, track time spent on projects, and see your team’s schedule to assign tasks accordingly. With these features, Float becomes more like a resource management and scheduling tool that marketing teams find useful.

Float offers a 30-day trial, and it has a fair pricing plan that’s suitable for small businesses.

Float at a glance:

  • Free plan: Not available
  • Free trial: 30-day trial
  • Price: Starts at $6 per user per month
  • Highest-rated features: Scheduling, drag-and-drop interface, calendar view

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Float features

Marketers can rely on Float for:

  • Project planning
  • Resource scheduling
  • In-built time tracking with timesheets
  • Straightforward mobile app function

Float pros and cons

Pros: Users compliment the visibility Float provides about completed and pending tasks as well as the people associated with those activities. The color coding also makes the dashboard visually appealing.

Cons: Several users note When the interface has to deal with multiple tasks, consumers experience drawbacks related to its interface, as well as occasional crashes. Because there’s no time tracker, you’ll have to enter that info manually.

Float pros  Float cons
Easy to use  Clunky UI and limited integrations
Colour coding for projects Manual time tracking is burdensome
What users like best:

“The ability to schedule and log hours per specific client is essential for proper time management and for ensuring that clients aren't over- or under-serviced. The interface is easy to navigate, and the color scheme makes it really easy to distinguish tasks. I really like being able to move tasks around simply by clicking and dragging. Overall, an easy-to-use interface that has become essential to my agency.”

- Float Review, Christopher H.

What users dislike:

“When multiple people have many smaller tasks in their diary, it can make the overall interface look messy and confusing at a glance. This makes it harder to read and plan.”

- Float Review, Felix B.

Float pricing:

  • Free trial: 30-day trial
  • Starter: $6
  • Pro: $10
  • Enterprise: Available upon request

* All plans are per user per month, billed annually.

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Learn more about marketing project management and its software 

What do digital marketing, search engine optimization (SEO), social media marketing, product marketing, email marketing, branding, and content marketing have in common? They all require planning, whether in B2C or B2B. And marketing project management helps with the process.

Project management is a systematic approach organizations put into practice in order to achieve specific goals within defined constraints by planning, executing, monitoring, and controlling tasks and activities. In the realm of marketing, project management plays a pivotal role in orchestrating campaigns, strategies, and initiatives to meaningfully engage target audiences.

What is marketing project management?

Marketing project management is the process of planning and overseeing all aspects of a marketing campaign or project. It’s used to set goals, define tasks, assign resources, track progress, and ensure the project is completed on time and within budget.

The same project management principles applied across industries are carried out in marketing. It involves the following steps:

  1. Define the project: clarify the goals of the project, identify the target audience, and develop a timeline and budget
  2. Plan the project: break down big tasks into smaller ones, assign tasks to team members, and create a project schedule
  3. Execute the project: complete the tasks as planned, monitor progress, and make adjustments as needed.
  4. Close the project: finalize the project, evaluate the results, and make recommendations for future projects. 

Benefits of project management in marketing 

In today's competitive marketing landscape, project management is essential for ensuring that marketing campaigns are executed efficiently, effectively, and on time. It helps: 

  • Improve efficiency and productivity by making sure tasks are completed on time and within budget.
  • Provide a central place for team members to share information and collaborate on tasks.
  • Gives stakeholders regular updates on the progress of the project for improved visibility and transparency.
  • Reduce risk by identifying and mitigating potential problems early on.

Choosing the best project management software for your marketing needs 

Each of the numerous project management software options available has its own strengths and weaknesses. It’s important to consider certain factors before taking a call. Here are a few questions that’ll help you make a choice.

  • What are the primary goals or objectives of my marketing team? 
  • What specific features or functionalities do I need in a project management tool? 
  • How many team members will use the tool? 
  • Are there any specific integrations or software I need? 
  • What’s my budget? 
  • Do I need a software solution with specific project management methodologies that my team follows? Agile? Kanban? Waterfall?

Answer these questions to narrow down which options from our list fit your needs. You can try free trials or free versions of the tools if available and make your decision from there. 

How to effectively use project management software for marketing 

Once you have a project management software for your marketing team, it’s important to use it effectively. Follow these tips for help along the way.

  • Assign roles and access control to your team members and other stakeholders.
  • If available, get assistance from the software provider for implementation and training sessions to get the best out of the tool.
  • Once you’re ready, start creating your projects. Set clear goals and objectives for each one.
  • Break down projects into smaller, more manageable tasks. Get the integrations you need for meaningful project management. 
  • Assign tasks and deadlines to team members.
  • Track progress and make adjustments as needed.
  • Communicate regularly with team members and stakeholders.
  • Review and evaluate the results of each project.

If you have any problems with the tool or need a hand navigating the project management system, talk to the vendor and get it resolved to avoid any bottlenecks in your workflow.

Marketing project management software: Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

What is marketing project management software?

Marketing project management software is software designed to help teams plan, execute, and track their projects efficiently. It provides features like task management, collaboration tools, timeline visualization, resource allocation, and reporting specifically tailored to the needs of marketing campaigns and projects.

Is project management useful for marketing?

Yes. Marketing projects often involve multiple tasks, stakeholders, and deadlines. Project management methodologies and software help organize these complex processes, ensuring efficient communication, tracking progress, managing resources, and staying on top of deadlines. This leads to higher chances of successful campaign execution.

What are the most common software solutions used in project management?

Smartsheet, Asana,, ClickUp, Wrike, Trello, Airtable, Notion, Basecamp, and Quickbase. 

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project management software
Rise and organize!

Get your marketing mojo on with project management tools.

project management software
Rise and organize!

Get your marketing mojo on with project management tools.

25+ Best Marketing Project Management Software in 2023 Explore the top 26 marketing project management software tools for marketers in 2023. Compare reviews, features, and pricing to choose your ideal solution.
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