Grace Pinegar

Grace Pinegar is a lifelong storyteller with an extensive background in various forms such as acting, journalism, improv, research, and content marketing. She was raised in Texas, educated in Missouri, worked in Chicago, and is now a proud New Yorker. (she/her/hers)


How to Write a Resignation Letter (+ Free Template!)

All good things must come to an end, and all bad things must come to an end quickly.


How to Take Advantage of the Many Benefits of Freelancing

The stability of a nine-to-five is necessary for some.


3 Ways to Grow A Customer Base Quickly

Rome was not built in a day.


42 Must-Have Features for Your Business Website in 2021

Have you ever completed a jigsaw puzzle?


How to Become an Editor: Characteristics of Success

Some jobs are so coveted, so powerful, that people take to the internet to learn how to find them.


How to Accept Credit Card Payments Easily: Ideas and Examples

When I walk into a store and see the phrase “cash-only,” I panic. I almost never have cash, and I...


What Is the Federal Unemployment Tax Rate in 2020?

In the same way that employees pay taxes to the state and federal governments, employers and their...


Is Accounts Receivable an Asset?

A “current asset” includes any cash and assets that will be converted to cash within a year.


6 Foolproof Strategies for Building Credit

The concept of “building credit” can feel kind of elusive.

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