Derek Doeing

Derek is a former G2 staff writer who specialized in HR and recruitment trends and insights. He is a graduate of Iowa State University, a proud son of Chicago, and can usually be found discussing pop music, politics, or digital marketing on the internet. (he/him/his)


10 Amazing and High-Paying Jobs That Don’t Require a Degree

College isn’t for everyone.


Weekly Schedule Template (+Tips for Sticking to It)



Third Party Beneficiary - Definition and Explanation

Contracts often have lots of legal jargon and extra wording, making it tough to understand...


How to Claim the Property Tax Deduction You’re Entitled To

What can I deduct? Do I still owe anything? What number do I put in this box? 


How to Become a Social Media Manager (Preparation + Duties)

Believe it or not, there is a person behind your favorite Wendy’s tweet and National...


The Role of an Actuarial Analyst (+Salary and Skills)

Do you have an interest in math and business? There’s an extremely lucrative career out...


What Does an Actuary Do? (+Salary and Skills Required)

When it comes to finance, there’s a common mentality of “no risk, no reward.” 


3 Problems With Improper Employee Offboarding

Many companies have great processes for welcoming new employees, but only great companies...


How Long Is a Semester? Guide to College Term Length

As the school year goes on, students all across the country are feeling the days and weeks...

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