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Derek Doeing

Derek is a former G2 content associate. He can usually be found discussing pop music, politics, or digital marketing on the internet. (he/him/his)


Core Values List: 222 Ideas to Inspire Your Value Statement

Here at G2, we have a company culture of “Living at the PEAK.”


Craft the Perfect Diversity Statement for Your Organization

You may think that diversity, equity, and inclusion are just trendy buzzwords. But for...


Tapping Into Passive Interest as a Recruitment Source for Your Company

Does your new employee pipeline seem to have run dry? The problem could be that you’re not...


How to Own the Room at a Networking Event

It’s all about who you know.


What Does a Recruiter Do? (+Skills, Salaries, and Career Tips)

On the receiving end of every job application you’ve sent to a company is a person (allegedly).


Job Fairs: the Ultimate Guide for Recruiters

A large portion of the modern job hunt has shifted online. For recruiters, this can make the...


Scoring the Best Talent Through On-Campus Recruiting

At my university, a large white tent on Central Campus is a welcomed sight. This signalled an...


3 Proven Strategies to Recruit Millennials and Gen Z (+Keep Them Engaged)

Some of you reading this may be surprised by the fact I’m about to share:


How to Answer Behavioral Interview Questions (+24 Examples)

No interviewer wants to hear the same canned response about a “hard worker” who values...

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