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Derek Doeing

Derek is a former G2 content associate. He can usually be found discussing pop music, politics, or digital marketing on the internet. (he/him/his)


What is an HR Manager (+How You Can Become One)

Advancing your career is an endless process.


HR Manager Job Description (+Template and Examples)

Are you in the market for a new HR Manager?


State of Recruiter Salary Ranges in 2019

If you’re a recruiter, or interested in becoming one, it’s important you know exactly how much you...


13 Essential HR Manager Interview Questions

As you look towards advancing your career in human resources, it’s important that you do all you...


State of HR Manager Salary Ranges in 2019

If you’re an HR Manager, or interested in becoming one, it’s important that you know exactly how...


LGBTQ+ Marketing the Right Way for Pride Month

June is commonly recognized across the world as LGBTQ+ Pride Month, and folks, it’s here again.


Streamline Your Hiring Process by Using a Recruitment Chatbot

As a job candidate, I occasionally felt quite a bit of anxiety over scheduling interviews and...


6 Characteristics of Corporate Culture to Better Your Company

Have you ever seen the 1999 cult classic movie Office Space?


Core Values List: 222 Ideas to Inspire Your Value Statement

Here at G2, we have a company culture of “Living at the PEAK.”

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