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10+ Sales Podcasts Every Rep Should Listen to in 2020

April 25, 2019

Another day, another dreaded work commute. Sigh.

Up until recently, this was the general sentiment toward my monotonous daily commute to and from work. That is until I received some advice from a colleague who suggested that I start my day by listening to a business podcast. At first, I was hesitant. Why would I want to fill my morning with something work-related when I’m not even at the office yet?

Despite my hesitation, I gave it a try and turned out to be pleasantly surprised. Listening to a podcast during my commute not only made it go by quicker, but helped me kick start my day and got my mind working before I got to the office.

When it comes to sales and business development, there are plenty of high quality podcasts out there that are both informative and entertaining. The sheer number of podcasts can be overwhelming, especially if you’ve never listened to one before. To help, I searched the web to gather a list of the 10 best sales podcasts out right now. If you’re interested in trying this out for yourself, check them out below.

Sales podcasts to follow in 2020

Whether you’re just starting your career as a business development representative or you’re a veteran sales leader, there’s something on this list for you. Best of all, every podcast listed below is available to listeners for free.

Let’s get started.

Make It Happen Mondays by John Barrows

In the world of sales training, John Barrows is a household name. Barrows is a world-class sales trainer that has worked with some of the top teams at the most recognizable companies in the world. On his podcast, Barrows shares his wealth of knowledge and chimes in on trending topics in the world of sales and business. He frequently brings on industry leaders as special guests to join in on the conversation.

You can stream Make It Happen Mondays on iTunes or Spotify. It airs every week on – you guessed it – Monday.

Hey Salespeople

Hey Salespeople is a podcast hosted by Jeremey Donovan, VP of Sales Strategy at SalesLoft and self-proclaimed sales nerd. On every episode, Donovan hosts a new sales expert to discuss a variety of topics such as career paths, forecasting, and business development. Listeners can expect to walk away from each new episode with practical tips they can apply to their own professional lives.

Stream all episodes of Hey Salespeople on iTunes, Stitcher, and Spotify.

Sales Secrets

Sales Secrets is hosted by Gabe Larsen, VP of Marketing, at Larsen covers classic sales topics such as cold calling but also explores non-traditional ideas such as artificial intelligence and account-based selling. If you’re looking for a modern take on sales and interested in learning about the impact of science and technology on the industry, this podcast is for you.

Each episode of Sales Secrets runs around 20 minutes in length and airs once a week on iTunes.

#FlipMyFunnel with Sangram Vajre

#FlipMyFunnel is a wildly popular podcast hosted by Sangram Vajre, entrepreneur and co-founder of Terminus. While this isn’t strictly a sales podcast, it is still incredibly relevant for salespeople who want to gain more insight into the marketing world and are interested in bridging the gap between the two. The podcast frequently includes a guest and explores topics such as account-based marketing, leadership, and tech evangelism.

#FlipMyFunnel airs daily on Spotify and iTunes.

The Sales Development Podcast

The next podcast on our list in unique in that it’s entirely focused on sales and business development. The host, David Dulany, brings on a new guest for each episode and leads the conversation on all topics related to sales development such as personalization at scale, avoiding burnout and even career trajectory for SDRs.

The Sales Development Podcast airs weekly on Spotify and iTunes.

Accelerate! with Andy Paul

Accelerate! is a podcast hosted by Andy Paul, Founder of The Sales House. With a career spanning nearly four decades, Paul is an expert on sales strategies and tactics, especially when it comes to leadership and management. On this podcast, listeners have the option to submit a question directly to Paul in between episodes. Each week, he chooses one question to answer on air and awards the winner with a free half-hour-long training call.

Each episode runs about 30 minutes in length and airs once a week. Accelerate! is available on the iTunes store.


The Quotable podcast is created by the team over at Salesforce. The host, Kevin Micalizzi, invites a new sales leader to come on every episode and offer their advice and insight on all things sales.

You can listen to Quotable on iTunes, Spotify and Stitcher.

The Salesman Podcast

Next on the list is The Salesman Podcast hosted by Will Barron. In this podcast, Barron focuses specifically on the world of B2B sales and explores topics of body language and psychology in sales. During each episode, you’ll learn from a new industry expert about the science of selling.

New episodes of The Salesman Podcast air every 2-3 days and run about 45 minutes in length. You can listen on Spotify or iTunes.

The Sales Hacker Podcast

The team over at Sales Hacker, the online community for sales professionals, recently launched the Sales Hacker Podcast. Every week, host Sam Jacobs sits down with a different industry leader to break down sales tactics and provide listeners with actionable takeaways.

The Sales Hacker Podcast airs new episodes every Tuesday on iTunes and Stitcher.

The Startup Chat with Steli & Hiten

This next podcast isn’t only focused on sales, but still informative and very relevant to salespeople. The Startup Chat is hosted by Steli Efti and Hiten Shah, both entrepreneurs who have founded their own SaaS companies. Efti and Shah cover topics such as sales and marketing, as well as general business and startup culture.

You can listen to The Startup Chat on iTunes or Spotify. New episodes air every Tuesday and Friday.

The Sales Engagement Podcast

The Sales Engagement Podcast created by the folks over at Outreach. As you can guess from the title, this podcast focuses on the importance of engaging with customers and prospects. By listening, you can expect to learn different tips and tricks for boosting your existing sales engagement strategy and deliver results in the form of revenue.

New episodes of The Sales Engagement Podcast air every other day on iTunes and Spotify.

Belkins Growth Podcast

From Belkins, Vladislav Podolyako & Michael Maksimov interview different founders, entrepreneurs, marketers, & professionals on what it takes to grow a company. Although not targeted only at sales reps, The Growth Podcast chats with leading professionals on a variety of topics such as the role of an SDR in the sales process, how to run a profitable agency, & more.

New episodes of The Growth Podcast can be found on Simplecast, iTunes, Spotify, & Stitcher.

Outside Sales Talk

Last but not least is Outside Sales Talk, a podcast geared toward outside sales reps. It's hosted by Steve Benson, field sales expert and co-founder of Badger Maps. Steve interviews sales experts, thought leaders, authors, speakers, and trainers. Listeners receive actionable advice on how they can become more successful in their job and develop their sales skills.

New episodes of Outside Sales Talk air on Wednesdays on iTunes and Stitcher.

Just press “Play”

Next time you’re about to head out the door for work, throw on one of the podcasts on this list. So, what’re you still waiting for? All you have to do is press “Play.”

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10+ Sales Podcasts Every Rep Should Listen to in 2020 We gathered a list of the top 10 sales podcasts on the web that every sales rep should follow. If you’re unsure which podcast to listen to, we’ve got you covered.
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