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Why the G2 + Slack Integration Is a Must-Have for Revenue Teams

January 5, 2023

The G2 + Slack integration

There’s nothing quite as satisfying as a cold drink on a sweltering summer day.

Imagine you’re a child and the weather’s hot. You’ve got some crisp dollar bills burning a hole in your pocket. The moment you hear an ice cream truck’s jingle around the corner, you know just what to do with your cash.

You may get excited at the idea of a delicious treat any other day, but the heat makes this feel different. Wiping the sweat from your forehead, you step up to order your favorite frozen treat, and it just hits differently at that moment when you take your first taste.

What makes this example special is also the magic ingredient in sales: timing. Future customers want to buy from you in the moments when they need you most or when you’re fresh on their minds.

The G2 Buyer Intent and Slack integration marries pertinent buyer behavior data with perfect timing. Read on to learn how this new integration can help sales and customer success teams have impeccable timing to capitalize on opportunities faster.

The convergence of sales and brand awareness

From longer sales cycles to expanding buying committees, B2B software sales is only getting more challenging. Efficiency, trust, and resolve are keys to winning over buyers.


of companies have buying committees that influence buying decisions.

Source: 2022 G2 Buyer Behavior Report

1 hour

is the best time to follow up with leads after an initial inquiry.

Source: CallHippo


of sales require 5 or more follow-up calls.

Source: Invesp

Even if you’re consistently following up and you’re doing it quickly, it might still not be enough to close more deals.

Recency and brand awareness play a big part in a customer’s buying journey. Finding an edge will set you apart from competitors and make more of an impact on each touchpoint your prospects have with your company. 

How intent data has become critical in B2B software

Couple the difficulty of B2B software selling with the likelihood that companies will face ever-shrinking marketing budgets soon.

Marketing and sales teams have to do more with less in the near future. The good news is that the accuracy and value provided by intent data make it an exceptional solution to gaining a unique edge.

Specifically, G2 Buyer Intent harnesses the power of behavior signals from active users on the world’s largest B2B software marketplace. Depending on a signal’s context, you can use its insight to understand how prospects use G2 to research your or your competitor’s offerings.

Suggested reading: Learn how to get intent data in front of your revenue teams with The Buyer Intent Playbook.

Using this second-party intent data from G2 in conjunction with other data types can help your team devise a strategy for engaging prospects, upselling customers, triggering automated marketing campaigns, or creating custom content assets.

But to take this a step further, what if customer-facing teams could act on intent data at precise moments when your brand is fresh on a buyer’s mind?

Introducing the G2 Buyer Intent + Slack integration

Like so many things that have changed how we do business in a post-pandemic world, business instant messaging software has become an irreplaceable solution for how teams communicate. As one of the most well-known offerings out there, it’s easy to see why Slack is used by so many companies worldwide.

Slack has countless apps and integrations that give users more choices to empower their teams. We’re proud to announce this integration, which immediately makes  G2 Buyer Intent data actionable for Slack users.

How the integration works

After activating the integration, mutual customers of G2 Buyer Intent and Slack can select specific ideal customer profile (ICP) characteristics to trigger automatic notifications for their best-fit prospects, delivered to Slack channels.

Specific accounts, companies in a given region, or even companies in a particular buying stage are tracked on G2. When software buyers commit relevant in-market actions on G2, these notifications are sent via public Slack channels each hour. Members of these channels can then collaborate to plot the next logical step for each given opportunity.

For example, here’s what a notification using this integration might look like at your organization:

What the new G2 + Slack integration looks like

The notification above shows a target account that has viewed a company’s product profile and category. Other filters are available to surface insights, and here are a few use cases to consider.

  1. A target prospect viewed an alternatives/competitors page for a competitor in your shared category
  2. An ICP-fit company in your target selling region viewed your G2 product profile and category page
  3. A target account is in the awareness stage and showing high activity levels on G2
  4. A customer account is comparing your product to another in your category

For those who already employ a workaround using productivity bots or business automation software in Slack, this integration will save hours in implementation time and offer greater flexibility in configuring these notifications.

In combination with real-time notifications when users leave a new review on G2, your sales, customer success, and marketing teams will get a ton of value from integrating Slack with G2 Buyer Intent and G2 Reviews. 

Setting up the G2 Buyer Intent + Slack integration

The setup for this integration is simple. Here’s what to expect:


  1. Filters and notification setup are on the Slack Integrations Hub page in my.G2.
  2. Set your preferred Buyer Intent Notifications and/or Review Notifications to Active.
  3. Buyer Intent filters are available for: adding a target account list, selecting firmographics based on region and company size, filtering by Buying Stage or Activity Level on G2, and relevant G2 Category.
  4. Review notification filters are available for: tracking any G2 profile and selecting a review score range for your alerts.
  5. Create your public channels in Slack and invite the relevant audience for each channel.

Your game plan to win more deals using G2 + Slack

There’s a reason the best athletic organizations are so successful. Teams set themselves up to win titles when they know their plays backward and forward. 

Best practices for the G2 Buyer Intent + Slack integration

Consider these best practices to get you started with this exciting, new integration: 

  • Invite your selling counterparts or account team to your custom channel to receive notifications when your accounts are active on G2.
  • Find ideal contacts at net-new accounts showing intent signals, using sales intelligence integrations with ZoomInfo, Cognism, or LinkedIn Sales Navigator.
  • Create email cadences for top, middle, and bottom-funnel intent signals so you can funnel these accounts into sales software and engage them right away.
    • Example: For prospects that viewed an alternatives or competitors page for a competitor in your category, build an email that shares your competitive differentiation and thought leadership collateral on your software category.
  • Reach out to customer accounts visiting G2 pages that indicate either opportunity for expansion or risk of churn.

As much as sales teams will get out of this new integration, intent data is only good when you know what to do with it. With a rigorous and calculated process for operationalizing your intent data, the sky’s the limit.

But don’t let perfection get in the way of launching an intent data strategy. In the case of acting on G2 Buyer Intent signals, this integration is an excellent way to get teams on the intent data bandwagon.

Engage your prospects and customers at the most critical moments. Activate the G2 + Slack integration today to empower your sales teams to act on G2 Buyer Intent signals as they happen.

G2 Buyer Intent data
Capitalize on intent data more efficiently.

Learn how to get started with the G2 Buyer Intent + Slack integration to close deals even faster.

G2 Buyer Intent data
Capitalize on intent data more efficiently.

Learn how to get started with the G2 Buyer Intent + Slack integration to close deals even faster.

Why the G2 + Slack Integration Is a Must-Have for Revenue Teams Revenue teams armed have an advantage when time is on their side. Learn how the G2 + Slack integration is a must-have.
Stephen Hoops Stephen Hoops is a former Sr. Content Marketing Specialist at G2. He focused on creating content that helps tech industry sales professionals and B2B SaaS marketers find success with G2 products such as Buyer Intent, Review Generation, and more. After receiving his B.A. in Journalism from West Virginia University in 2013, he has helped countless B2B brands reach new highs through content creation and SEO. When not nerding out about the artistry behind well-written copy, Stephen can be found info-dumping about homemade cocktails, Italian cuisine, and why vinyl is the superior physical medium for music.

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