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Customer Service Representative Job Description & Qualifications

Alexa Drake
Alexa Drake  |  August 14, 2019

If I know anything, it’s that customer service will never die.

People buy products and when they do, they want to be sure there is someone they can contact if they have questions or concerns. Or… on a bad day, they want a person to angrily tweet at when their new blender turns out to be faulty.

Listen, anyone working in customer service should be considered an unofficial angel. Whether they’re talking with customers to keep satisfaction levels high or responding to tweets, emails, and messages about difficulties customers are experiencing, customer service representatives are essential for any brand, no matter what they’re selling.

Customer service representatives deal with a brand’s customers, often dealing with complaints from users on social media. In this article, we’ll dive into what they do as well as the qualifications and skills you need to land the job.

Customer service representative job description

The backbone of a solid brand is the ability to keep customers happy. This is exactly why customer service is so important to the success of any business.

How effectively customer service representatives can help buyers with their problem is directly connected with how the public perceives the brand. If a brand has excellent customer service, the likelihood that the customers will buy again, recommend it to their friends and family, and eventually become a brand evangelist skyrockets. There’s no denying that great customer service leads to an increase in brand awareness.

Customer service representative responsibilities

Customer service representative roles are often confused with telemarketer roles, however, they are not the same. Representatives work with customers to deal with complaints, provide information, and process orders. They aren’t responsible for cold calling or selling products and are simply there to support and provide assistance to the customer.

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Those who work in a customer service representative role have a plethora of job responsibilities including answering phone calls, assisting the buyer to purchase the appropriate product or service, handling inquiries, providing quick and accurate information, performing administrative functions, and updating client information.

customer service representative responsibilities
These roles are typically trained to work over the phone and on social media but will sometimes interact with customers face-to-face and over email. If stationed in a retail store, customer service representatives show customers where to find the product and demonstrate how it’s used.

Customer service representative qualifications

For the majority of customer service positions, a high school diploma is the minimum requirement for educational development. More advanced roles may list a requirement of a college degree or a state license (usually for finance or insurance positions), so make sure to check when you’re applying.

customer service representation qualifications
Representatives will typically be trained by supervisors on the job for the first couple of weeks or months. This training will walk them through the company’s policies and products to ensure that they’re ready to answer any question a customer may have.

Customer service representative skills

Exceptional interpersonal skills is the most important skill that is required to work in customer service. Other preferred skills may include problem solving, phone and computer expertise, productivity, effective communication techniques, a professional and friendly attitude, stress management, oral presentation and writing skills, multitasking, ability to drive sales, organization, and a driven and motivated mindset.

customer service representative skills

Overall, these representatives are expected to stay calm, friendly, helpful, and patient no matter how aggressive the customer may be. They must actively listen to problems and complaints and answer questions to the best of their ability.

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It's all about the customer

A customer service representative can make the difference between a frustrating buying experience and one that gains the company a customer for life. The people in this role play a big part in the success of a company, even though they work behind the scenes.

The next time you speak with a customer service representative, remember to be kind and patient. They’re there to help you and have probably been dealing with less than friendly customers all day. The more we can remember this, the quicker they can help to solve our problem.

Now that you know the qualifications, start your job hunt and read up on the top eight job search sites of 2019 or read up on the customer experience best practices you should know. 

Alexa Drake

Alexa Drake

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