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Rob Browne

Rob is a former content associate at G2. Originally from New Jersey, he previously worked at an NYC-based business travel startup. (he/him/his)


What Is Email Open Rate? (+How to Calculate and Maximize It)

With all that goes into developing an optimized and successful email campaign, the whole email...


What is an Email Unsubscribe Rate? (+How to Calculate and Keep It Low)

The pressure of sending an email to thousands of subscribers can be a lot to worry about when...


What is Email Click-Through Rate? (+How to Calculate and Maximize It)

Anytime you send an email, you of course want to know how your recipients are reacting to it.


How to Calculate and Maximize Email Conversion Rate

Every email in your newsletter carries an end goal.


What is Bounce Rate? (+How to Calculate and Keep It Low)

No one wants their efforts to go to waste, especially in the time-consuming world of email...


Why a Welcome Email Is Essential to Your Email Newsletter

Any relationship, personal or professional, can be dictated by first impressions.


What is Direct Response Copywriting? 4 Key Elements

The instantaneous click. The quick browse. The purchase. An email marketer’s dream.


11 Expert Email Newsletter Strategies to Boost Engagement

How many of the emails that come into your inbox do you actually engage with?


What Is a Drip Campaign? (+ How to Implement a Successful One)

When engaging with a brand via a purchase, signing up for their email newsletter, or requesting...

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