Rob Browne

Rob is a former content associate at G2. Originally from New Jersey, he previously worked at an NYC-based business travel startup. (he/him/his)


Creating an Effective Expense Reimbursement Policy

It’s no secret that running a business is expensive.


8 Common Business Trip Mistakes (+How to Avoid Them)

Gearing up for a big business trip can be stressful.


A Business Travel Packing List for Every Trip

We’ve all been there before.


The Runway to Success: 9 Jobs that Require Travel

Do you live for the road? Does a restless night of sleep far from home beat a good night’s sleep...


11 Business Travel Tips From Frequent Business Travelers

From figuring out what to pack to scheduling an itinerary,, preparing for a business trip can be...


What is a TMC (Travel Management Company)?

Business travel is a trillion dollar industry. With all of the money that is spent on travel every...


5 Ways Bleisure Is Disrupting the Business Travel Industry

Your company signs a new client and the email comes in: you’re traveling to their San Diego office...


8 Business Travel Trends to Watch For in 2020

The way we travel is changing. We look for flights and hotels differently than we used to, we get...

Business Travel: The Beginner’s Guide

In a world where it has become as easy as a quick few taps on smartphone to book a trip across the...

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