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Ninisha Pradhan

Ninisha is a Content Marketing Specialist at G2. When she’s not reading up on Marketing, she’s busy creating music, videos, and a bunch of sweet treats. She likes to believe that she’s a pantomath on all things related to Britney Spears.


How to Write a Press Release That Catches People's Attention

Ancient Greeks had the God of Messengers, but modern-day companies have the King of...


Why Performance Marketing Is a Win-Win for Everyone

In an ideal world, you pay for exactly what you get.


Ultimate Digital Marketing Guide to Improve Your Business ROI

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Splash Pages: 5 Examples To Prove They've Made a Comeback

Here’s your problem statement: Make a good impression in three seconds.


Conversion Rate Optimization: Top 10 Strategies for Success

Converting customers is like getting a second date.


5 Niche Marketing Examples to Help You Get Started

You can’t please everyone.


How Customer Journey Analytics Isn't Journey Mapping (It's Better)

Customers are a difficult breed to please.


Customer Data Platform: What It Is and Why Marketers Need One

Data, data everywhere – but where do marketers begin?


How to Assess Market Opportunities for Your Business

Opportunities are like free samples of food at the mall. 

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