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The Modern G2 Review Form: How Our Design Changes Benefit You

February 2, 2023

The new G2 Review Form includes improvements to user experience

Buckle up, Speed Racer. The software world moves so fast that it’ll make your head spin.

Constant change comes with the territory when you’re accustomed to this rapid pace. But change can be scary. It forces you to challenge your thinking and venture into uncertainty. Change is also a fundamental ingredient for consistent growth and presents tremendous opportunities.

Because so much of what we do at G2 is driven by maintaining a thriving marketplace for software buyers and vendors, reviews are crucial to our success. When we improve the user review experience, we also drive better results for software vendors.

The G2 Review Form is how real people submit reviews, and it just got an awesome new facelift. In this article, we’ll explore the changes to this experience and why they’ll lead to bigger wins for you on G2.

User experience is a huge deal

If you can remember what it was like browsing the web in the early 2000s, it’s interesting to think about what we tolerated back then. From web pages loading at a snail’s pace to frustrating design choices, we were much more forgiving because it was all so new.

Today is a much different story because of how integral technology has become in daily living. Users now expect much more, and their experiences heavily influence how likely they are to keep using a product.

User experience (UX) design is a practice in which an organization attempts to assess how users and customers interact with a product or service. These organizations rely on research and testing methods to find opportunities that aim to optimize experiences for as many customers as possible. 


of online customers say they won’t return to a website after having a bad user experience.

Source: Amazon Web Services

1 in 3

consumers say they’ll abandon a brand they love for a bad experience.

Source: PwC

Simply put: if you don’t give your customers an experience they’ll love, they’ll go elsewhere.

One of the reasons why G2 is the world’s largest B2B software marketplace is that we never settle for the status quo. We’re constantly challenging ourselves to make G2 better to connect buyers with software vendors.

Since all users submit their reviews through the G2 Review Form, we know this is a major experience worth getting right.

Why these changes are crucial for software vendors

Let’s take a moment to be transparent. Optimizing our review form experience means more reviews for our vendors. By removing roadblocks or friction, we ultimately increase the likelihood of more users completing the review submission process.

The new G2 Review Form aims to increase conversion rates and lower abandonment rates.

Striking a delicate balance for the best outcomes

Growth and embracing change go hand in hand. And this certainly isn’t the first time the review form has received updates.

Part of G2’s success comes from our commitment to collecting authentic, unbiased reviews from real people. That means deeply understanding what buyers need to know when researching and choosing software that best fits their needs.

The process of software buying is far from straightforward. Not to mention that our research suggests that the software sales cycle will continue to become more complex. Buyers need as much information available to aid them in their decision-making.

Unlike leaving a review on a site like Yelp or Google, reviews on G2 are intentionally comprehensive by comparison. Customers have a lot to say about the products and services they use, and there’s a ton of nuance we aim to capture when someone submits a review.

We heard you loud and clear

In this latest iteration of the G2 Review Form, the research, data, and user feedback all said the same thing: streamlining the experience is a top priority.


The number one piece of feedback we heard from buyers and sellers was that the review form asked many questions and took some time to complete. Our changes needed to consider many factors, but this was one area we had to get right. 

Say hello to the new G2 Review Form

Our team needed to figure out how to strike a delicate balance between creating a smoother, faster experience without compromising on our obligation to encourage users to submit in-depth reviews. The new G2 Review Form has numerous meaningful and noticeable updates, and we’re thrilled to share them with you.updated-g2-review-form-2023

Key design changes to know about

After careful consideration and loads of experimentation, the new review form is here and ready for the world to see. Check out the following noteworthy changes that matter most.

  • New progress bar: To encourage more submissions, the new progress bar provides a visual cue for users on their overall progress before submitting. This will go a long way in setting expectations for time to completion and reducing total abandoned reviews.
  • Improved question flow: Re-ordering questions creates a more logical flow that makes the intent of the review form more obvious to the user. It’s also critical to note that the number of clicks on the “Next” button drops from over 20 to just 4.
  • Streamlined question groupings: The form now groups questions into five separate tabs, each of which defines what the questions will focus on for a given tab. Doing so prevents the user from having to switch gears mentally. This was a much-needed change because it is far easier to answer questions that follow a similar contextual theme.
  • Two-column layout: A new two-column format will prevent “gotchas” and surprise users with more questions based on how they answer dependent questions. This overall improvement in user experience will make questions feel more apparent straight away.

What’s staying the same

We’ve talked about all the exciting changes coming to the new review form, but plenty will remain intact.

  • Review moderation flow: We’re confident that these changes will increase completion rates, which means many more reviews must be vetted and can only be approved under strict guidelines. All reviews will continue to follow our current moderation flow.
  • Historical data: Any reviews and data previously collected on the old form will be retained and continue to be used.
  • How reviews display on The look and feel may differ for the review form, but reviews will still display as they do on G2 Profiles.

Stepping on the gas to more reviews

The newly designed G2 Review Form is an all-around win-win. Optimizing this experience will delight more users than ever, and vendors on G2 will benefit greatly from better completion rates. 

Key takeaways about the new review form

We’ve covered a lot of ground in this article, and there were countless quality improvements that we didn’t mention. Here are the learnings that matter most to vendors on G2.

  • A streamlined, modernized review form experience. The new review form supports a more logical workflow for reviewers with a fresh design, question groupings, and a new progress bar.
  • Retaining high standards for comprehensive reviews. Despite an overhaul to the look and feel of the review form, G2 will continue to prioritize and encourage users to leave authentic, in-depth feedback about the software they use.
  • More reviews mean more success for vendors. Ultimately, these changes aim to improve conversion rates and increase reviews. Additionally, G2 continuously assesses user drop-off data to find new opportunities for optimization. 

Experience the all new G2 Review Form for yourself. Submit a review today to see these changes in action.

G2 Review Form A better experience for all.

Check out the all new G2 Review Form for yourself and submit a review to see these changes in action.

G2 Review Form A better experience for all.

Check out the all new G2 Review Form for yourself and submit a review to see these changes in action.

The Modern G2 Review Form: How Our Design Changes Benefit You The G2 Review Form just received some massive upgrades. Learn more about how these changes improve user experience and what it means for vendors.
Stephen Hoops Stephen Hoops is a former Sr. Content Marketing Specialist at G2. He focused on creating content that helps tech industry sales professionals and B2B SaaS marketers find success with G2 products such as Buyer Intent, Review Generation, and more. After receiving his B.A. in Journalism from West Virginia University in 2013, he has helped countless B2B brands reach new highs through content creation and SEO. When not nerding out about the artistry behind well-written copy, Stephen can be found info-dumping about homemade cocktails, Italian cuisine, and why vinyl is the superior physical medium for music.

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