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Recruiting Automation: How to Simplify Hiring For Your Team

May 27, 2024

recruiting automation

Finding the right candidates for your business’s open positions can be long and repetitive. Even for the most experienced recruiters, dealing with many applicants and all the accompanying tasks can take up a significant amount of time every week.

Your human resources team and any external recruiters you use play an essential role in helping you find the right people to bring into your organization. They’re the most valuable when they can use their unique perspectives and experience to decide whether to move a candidate forward. Automating parts of the recruitment process can greatly impact your overall hiring strategy.

In most cases, artificial intelligence (AI) tools are used to identify qualified candidates based on the job description, verify their contact details, and manage their application throughout every step of the hiring process. The most effective teams use dedicated recruiting automation software that integrates an applicant tracking system (ATS) and customer relationship management (CRM) data to streamline the process as much as possible. 

These tools can accomplish everything from promoting open job opportunities to sending templated offer letters, leaving your HR team to handle the tasks that require more human intervention.

Types of recruiting automation

There are numerous ways that recruiting automation software can support hiring at any point in the process. For repetitive tasks, from initial candidate sourcing to making a final hiring decision, recruiting teams can use these tools for:

  • Posting open positions to job boards. Continually reposting the same job opening to different online job boards can quickly become tedious, but it’s essential for spreading the news about open positions. Automation tools can speed this up, by simultaneously posting the same information on key job sites like LinkedIn, Glassdoor, Indeed, and more.
  • Tracking applicants. When you have potentially hundreds of candidates applying for a job, it can be a challenge to manage who’s qualified and who isn’t. Automating this part of the process not only improves management time for your internal team but also builds a better relationship with candidates, as response times to communication and application updates are much faster. 
  • Scheduling interviews. Instead of emailing back and forth to set up multiple interviews with several different candidates, your team can automate this through calendar syncing and self-schedule options for the candidates to book their meetings with you themselves.
  • Communicating with candidates. While email is still one of the best ways to share information with your internal team and the candidates you’re considering, automation can support this process. Building templates into your automation software means that data can be connected for personalized communications that are more prompt than if sent manually.
  • Completing assessments and background checks. Some companies may require candidates to complete work assessments or have background checks. Recruitment automation software makes this part of the process much simpler, sending communication about these elements to the candidate and collecting their responses for the internal team to review later.
  • Managing approvals and offers. Once you’ve found the right person or people for the job, automation software can be set up to trigger approvals from leadership and automatically send an offer letter to the successful candidates. 

Benefits of recruiting automation

Automating manual tasks, or those that are repetitive enough that they don’t need as much oversight, comes with a number of benefits. For busy HR teams, particularly if your company has several open positions at one time, recruiting automation can allow you to get the right employees into your team as quickly as possible.

It saves recruiters time and money

Competitive job markets mean that everyone is vying for the same handful of qualified candidates. Being able to act quickly and schedule interviews, or even make offers, before competitors can be an extremely beneficial advantage for many businesses. Automation also means that HR departments save money on tedious administrative tasks and can use their skills in more effective areas.

It allows for better applicant tracking

With automated pre-screening and resume checks, the technology can sift out the least qualified individuals who don’t meet the job expectations immediately before they even reach your recruiters’ desks. There’s also a pro here for the best candidates — with background checks and other information automatically reviewed upfront, they’re less likely to go unnoticed in a sea of job applicants.

Candidates receive information faster

The job search process can be frustrating for candidates, and you want to ensure you’re giving the best impression of your business to anyone interested in working for you. Even if you don’t hire them this time, they could be a qualified candidate who comes back later for a different opportunity or recommends your business to friends and family. 

Just like any type of marketing, how your recruiting team handles the application process is an important reflection of your business as a whole.

It reduces unconscious bias in hiring

It’s an undeniable fact that biases are still part of the hiring process, at all levels of business. Using automated tools, can help teams hire more equitably and bring more diverse candidates into the interview process due to their qualifications and background. 

It provides data for comparison

Having automated tools on hand for recruiting also means that data is being gathered about possible candidates from the day the system is enabled. This information can provide vital insight into what’s working well and where adjustments need to be made, which only makes the hiring process stronger moving forward.

Best recruiting automation software

Automating any process in your business is all about saving time and resources for more mission-critical tasks. When hiring new team members, the repetitive, information gathering tasks that are necessary but not vital to have human oversight over can easily be automated to speed up the entire hiring process and get your new employee on the payroll faster.

To be included in the recruiting automation software category, platforms must:

  • Streamline and simplify the recruiting process 
  • Provide automated AI sourcing to identify passive qualified talent 
  • Build up-to-date talent pools for open and future roles 
  • Create and track candidate engagement

* Below are the top five leading recruiting automation software solutions from G2’s Spring 2024 Grid Report. Some reviews may be edited for clarity.

1. LinkedIn Recruiter

Already one of the top job sites in the world, LinkedIn Recruiter helps hiring managers and their teams search for the best talent for their open roles. With search and filter functions that allow you to look for candidates at competitor organizations or with specific skills, LinkedIn Recruiter makes the hiring process simpler.

What users like best:

“The talent acquisition tasks become easy through LinkedIn job posting. We can provide our requirements and within a few days we get hundreds of applications. We can select from the best candidates through this channel of recruitment.”

- LinkedIn Recruiter Review, Sheeba T.

What users dislike:

“Searching for people who no longer work at a specific company can sometimes be difficult as people who currently work for the company will occasionally slip through. Additionally, if you are looking for people from a specific company and the company name on a person's profile is mis-spelled or incorrect, it might not show up in your search.”

- LinkedIn Recruiter Review, A.Y.

2. Zoho Recruit

Zoho Recruit is an applicant tracking system that offers solutions for both in-house hiring teams and external recruiters. The all-in-one software allows teams to source, track, and hire top candidates for any open role, with automated email and interview scheduling features to make your hiring teams more productive.

What users like best:

“Zoho Recruit allows me to tailor the recruitment process to fit the unique needs of my agency. The ability to create custom modules and fields means that I can track the specific information that's important to my business, making the entire recruitment process more efficient and effective. The automation features have been a tremendous time-saver. The ability to automate repetitive tasks like email responses and job postings allows me to focus more on engaging with candidates and clients, building stronger, more personal connections.”

- Zoho Recruit Review, Tom K.

What users dislike:

“Zoho Recruit's powerful features, while offering granular control, can have a steep learning curve due to limited official tutorials. User-provided tutorials in the forum are often outdated or incomplete, further hindering the onboarding process. Additionally, the website occasionally experiences spinning and freezing issues, disrupting workflow. Finally, getting help via email can take several days, leaving users frustrated when stuck.”

- Zoho Recruit Review, Jirachote B.

3. Ceipal ATS

Ceipal ATS is a staffing software solution with customizable and automated features that help you categorize candidates and search top job boards for your next hire. Resume harvesting and passive candidate sourcing tools make finding the best people easier and faster, along with screening and email integrations to make admin tasks simpler.

What users like best:

“I like the new AI feature of Ceipal its helps me to get the best candidates for my role very easily and effectively, The user interface is best I ever used - I can do Mail Merge to the candidates and to vendors in one go.”

- Ceipal ATS Review, Dheeraj B. 

What users dislike:

“Ceipal could be even better if it had some tools to help find the strong candidates more easily. Sometimes, strong candidates get lost in the search results since we are only able to reach candidates who are at the top of the search, and it becomes difficult to reach out to them. If there could be a way where those candidates could be reached, it would be great.”

- Ceipal ATS Review, Barbara J.

4. JobDiva

A leading service provider for staffing agencies, JobDiva offers a full suite of recruitment tools, including automation capabilities, to improve the hiring process from first contact to onboarding. With over 40,000 global users, the platform gives organizations the tools to find great talent faster and bring them into the team.

What users like best:

“JobDiva is integrated with multiple job boards so it helps me to search candidates on a single portal rather than going to the different site portals. It helps to get candidates engaged for any job openings and at the same time, we can get candidates feedback or follow up on their profile submission and interviews.”

- JobDiva Review, Alok K.

What users dislike:

“Sometimes there are Coddler issues which take time to update new jobs from the list into its list. JobDiva needs to work on it’s buffer speed, we need to be patient for the page to completely settle only then we can make changes as per our need.”

- JobDiva Review, Jordan P.

5. Hireology

Hireology is an applicant tracking system that’s built for all aspects of the hiring process, from sourcing and engaging with top talent, to hiring and onboarding for open roles. Industries such as healthcare, automotive, retail, and hospitality all rely on Hireology to streamline their hiring and recruitment workflows.

What users like best:

“Easy to post open jobs and find new applicants. Now we can send emails to applicants requesting missing information from their applications! Having a text message feature to reach out to candidates for interviews and availability.”

- Hireology Review, Megan R.

What users dislike:

“The downside to using Hireology is the limitation on location radius. We have posted a few different positions in the same area, and it seems one position gets candidates, but the other receives none. In calling customer service, I was told there has to be a 35-mile radius between postings. This has been frustrating sometimes, especially when the positions are entirely different.”

- Hireology Review, Kathy L.

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recruiting automation software
Bring in the new recruits!

Find the right team members for your company more quickly with recruiting automation software.

recruiting automation software
Bring in the new recruits!

Find the right team members for your company more quickly with recruiting automation software.

Recruiting Automation: How to Simplify Hiring For Your Team Recruiting automation is one of the best ways to make your hiring process more efficient. Learn how to automate your recruiting process for your business.
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