Weekly Schedule Template (+Tips for Sticking to It)

Derek Doeing Derek Doeing  |  November 25, 2019


That’s the number of weeks in a calendar year. That’s 52 Mondays to dread going into the office, 52 Fridays to go out with friends, and 52 of everything else, too. The weeks can come and go quickly, so it’s important to plan out your time wisely and stay organized. 

Sticking to a weekly schedule can increase your productivity, but it can be hard to just start one out of the blue. That’s why we have you covered with our weekly schedule template below.

TIP: Need this schedule template for school? Read our guide on how many weeks are in a school year to help you plan accordingly.

Weekly schedule template

One of the best ways to keep yourself on track during the week is to fill out a weekly schedule before the week begins. Include blocks of time for any meetings, social events, and personal time. It may be smart to hang this up somewhere visible in your bedroom or office so that you always know what’s next on your agenda. 

Click below to access the weekly schedule template on Google Docs. Either save it to your own Google Drive and fill it out online or print it out and use pen and paper in order to edit things more easily as you go. 

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Sticking to a weekly schedule

One of the hardest things about using a weekly schedule template like this is forcing yourself to regularly fill it out and stick to the time blocks you’ve made for yourself. It’s easy to get lazy and let it go to the wayside. If you want to keep your life organized, however, follow some of these tips to get the most out of your schedule. 

  • Know when you’re most effective. Some people are early birds, some are night owls; recognize the times of day when you’re at your best, and be sure that those are the times when you schedule the things you need to be productive at.
  • Color code everything. If you’re a visual person, color coding different types of time blocks can help you quickly see what you have in store for the week. Classes, meetings, recreation, exercise - give everything a color to help you see it at a glance.
  • Look at it regularly. A schedule won’t help you if you aren’t regularly checking it. Keep it in a visible spot where you can regularly be reminded of what’s coming next. 
  • Add in cushion time. Accounting for breaks between certain time blocks will help keep you sane and comfortable with your scheduling.
  • Don’t be afraid to break away. The important thing about a weekly schedule is that it’s yours and yours alone. Don’t punish yourself for deciding to change things up at the last moment. 

Schedule and conquer

This weekly schedule template is sure to help you keep on-task and give you a stronger sense of time management. It may not be enough though, calendar software is intended to organize a user’s tasks, appointments, and goals in a visually simplistic way. These electronic agendas can then be accessed, edited, and shared with family, friends, or associates. 

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