Snapcodes: Everything You Need to Know in 2019

Holly Hunt
Holly Hunt  |  December 11, 2018

If you’re a Snapchat aficionado, you should take advantage of Snapchat codes, or Snapcodes.

Created for convenience, you can now add Snapchat friends as quickly as you can scan groceries at the self-checkout station. The general concept is the same. Unlike groceries, however, Snapcodes can have a wide range of uses, including for marketers that use Snapchat for business.

Snapchat Snapcode

This article will cover everything you need to know about Snapcodes.

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What is a Snapcode?

Previously, the only way Snapchat users could add friends was by searching their username and typing it into the ‘Add Friends’ search box. If you misspelled it, you’d quickly find yourself sending pictures to a complete stranger. Awkward. Or if you had their number in your Contacts, you could add them by linking your Contacts to Snapchat.

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Now, every user is assigned their own personal Snapcode. You can scan the Snapcode to add them as a friend in a jiff!

How to scan a Snapcode

There are two ways you can use Snapcodes. If you are with the person you want to add, you can do so on the spot. If you aren’t with the person, they can screenshot their Snapcode and send it to you. Let’s go over both options.

Open up Snapchat as if you’re about to Snapchat a photo.Using a Snapcode in person

  1. Point the camera at your friend’s Snapcode.
  2. Press and hold a finger on the screen over the Snapcode (do NOT take a picture).
  3. You should get a notification that you added a friend.

Using a screenshot of a Snapcode

1. Open up Snapchat and go to your messages (bottom left corner icon).


2. Choose the humanoid icon with the little plus sign by it.


3. Select 'Add Snapcode.'


4. Select the Snapcode screenshot from your camera roll to add!

How to make a Snapcode

Snapchat now offers a way for you to create and customize Snapcodes. This is great news for marketers, as it's a new way to use Snapchat for business. A business can create its own Snapcode with a URL to its website and a picture of their choosing within the ghost icon.

Once you create the customized Snapcode, you can send it wherever you want! Snapchat offers easy ways to send it via email or save it in your camera roll.

Let’s go through how to create a Snapcode.

1. On your Snapchat profile, go to Settings (the gear icon in the top right).


2. Choose 'Snapcodes.'


3. Select 'Create Snapcode.'


4. Enter the URL you want to link your Snapcode to.


5. Click 'Create.'

You’ve successfully created a new Snapcode for your business! Now you can choose ‘Edit’ to personalize it even further and add a photo to the Snapcode.

You’re a Snapcode guru!

Now you know everything about Snapcodes. Next time a friend shows you their personal QR code, you'll know what to do. And don't forget to use Snapchat to its full potential by creating a custom Snapcode for your business. 

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