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Reddit Marketing: How to Promote Your Business

February 26, 2019

Reddit is a platform full of opportunities.

With constant discussions taking place on topics across the board, it's quite literally anyone's dream.

But is it a marketer's? 

The basics of Reddit marketing

Reddit is a social media network that has a huge user base; more than 330 million users visit the site every month. "The front page of the internet” features posts from users about the latest news, trending stories, niche GIFs, and share-worthy images. Anything and everything you could possibly imagine lives within Reddit. 

The fifth most visited site in the United States, Reddit has more than 330 million active users on average. There are more than 130,000 active subreddits, or communities, and there are more than 21 billion screen views per month on average. 

As of November 2018, Reddit reported that the site received 153 million posts, had 1.2 billion comments (and counting), and 27 billion votes. 

But what is Reddit, really? 

Below, we'll go over how you, a marketer, can take advantage of these numbers. 

1. Sign up for Reddit

If you haven't done this already, there's no better time than the present. If you're working with a team of marketers, consider creating a group of usernames that all have the company name and something to identify each individual within that name. For example, G2daniella, G2ryan, G2rob, and so on.

If you're the only marketer for your company, or you'd like a single account, name it after the company or business you're representing. If that username is taken, try to get creative with what you have. Usernames that may work for us could be G2, G2dotcom, G_2, and so on. 

2. Find your community to market to

Sharing on Reddit is different than other types of social media marketing in that you'll have millions of audiences to choose from: your subreddits of choice. Target subreddits  that are talking about your product or service, your competitors, or topics of interest to your company such as your values. 

Keep a list of these subreddits so that your team can continue to add to it. Make sure that you all are aware of the rules of each of the communities – some subreddits may allow for things that others will penalize you for. 

3. Know how to market on Reddit

Marketing to a community on Reddit should be done subtly. Posting something just to advertise your three hundred dollar product isn't going to earn you any upvotes or karma any time soon. That's what Reddit ads are for. 

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Instead, if you come across a question regarding how to start an e-commerce store, don't directly promote your services. Offer authentic insight and advice, and be real about it.

Remember that it's more than okay to leave comments and replies that aren't related to your product or service. In fact, that's encouraged. Some users may check your profile, and if they do, you want seem natural.

4. Remain active

This may seem like a silly piece of advice, but all too often, accounts are forgotten. If you want to be successful on Reddit, make yourself present, and remain that way.

What are some ways marketers can remain active? How about asking questions, sharing links, telling stories. Anything to get a conversation rolling.

Ask questions and share links or news – in other words, do anything to stir up a conversation. Make sure that the content you're sharing and replying with is appropriate for the subreddits you're participating in.

5. Create your product’s subreddit

If you're looking to build a little product or brand awareness, Reddit just might be the place to do it. And creating a subreddit is definitely the way to go. 

If your company is a startup, for example, your subreddit could be a great place to share the most recent product updates, rebrand news, and answer questions that customers or prospects may have. 

TIP: See an example subreddit for X-Cart, which includes the company logo, color, and posts. 

6. Find your community to market with

While Reddit has a ton of communities, the platform can also be utilized for networking, advice, and feedback.  Marketing on Reddit isn't so easy, and this short guide is nowhere near the be-all, end-all. Luckily, Reddit is full of extremely experienced and intelligent people who are trying to achieve the same goals you are. It's just a matter of finding them. 

Here are some subreddits that might be a good place to start:  

SEO subreddits 

Blogging subreddits 

Social media marketing subreddits 

Startups, entrepreneurs, and small business subreddits 

Additional marketing subreddits 

Know the golden rule: Redditors first

Here's the truth: Redditors don't like being marketed and advertised to. But that doesn't mean you shouldn't try. Instead of going about this process with metrics in mind, go about it with humans in mind, and remember their experience is the most important. There's a person behind every one of those usernames that might be interested in learning a little more about your business and your product. 

Just ease into it. 

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Reddit Marketing: How to Promote Your Business Learn the basic structure of Reddit and how you can use Reddit marketing to the advantage of your brand in 2019.
Veronika Vaghina Veronika is a marketing manager at X-Cart. The company provides X-Cart, an open-source eCommerce platform, along with a full range of services for online business.,%20Images,%20Misc/GP%20Headshots/veronica-vaghina.png

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