5 Reasons to Register for Reach 2020: Customize Your Experience

September 4, 2020

Reasons to Attend Reach

There’s no denying that 2020 has looked a little different than we all imagined.

While you may have had to cancel a vacation or two, or completely restructure your business goals, there are still some positives and things that we can look forward to.

One of those exciting events is G2’s second annual conference, Reach 2020. It takes place on  September 15, and is a completely customizable digital conference based on what people like you care about the most!

We admit that planning for Reach 2020 looks a little different from last year, because obviously some things had to be changed to fit the new landscape. Sure, we won’t all be meeting in person, but this year’s conference is jam-packed with can’t miss speakers and sessions that are one of a kind!

Regardless, Reach is back and better than ever. It’s the first digital conference where all of the content is designed by you. We've invited the world's best marketers, sales leaders, and entrepreneurs from all over the world to share their proven, prescriptive strategies and playbooks in this completely free, completely digital G2 Reach event.

Still need some convincing? Just keep reading for five reasons why you should make Reach 2020 a top priority to turn the year around.

1. Amazing list of speakers

One of the ways Reach 2020 is unlike any other conference is that you decide what you want to learn. Once you take a few seconds to register with your email address, you’ll let us know the topics you care most about

Then, we’ll tally up the most requested topics, and the speakers on September 15 will incorporate them into their exclusive sessions. It’s that simple. You tell us what you want to learn and our speakers include your requests into their presentations. 

One session that we’re anxiously awaiting is when G2’s very own Chief Marketing Officer, Ryan Bonnici, sits down with the CMO of TripActions, Megan Eisenberg. Fellow marketing professionals are sure to get key takeaways from their discussion surrounding the marketing funnel, customer marketing programs, how to leverage reviews, the biggest marketing challenges they’re facing right now, and so much more. 

Other speakers within our can’t-miss line up include:

2. It's fully remote

If you were at last year’s conference, you may remember us announcing that Reach 2020 was going to be a two-day event at Navy Pier in the heart of downtown Chicago.

While we’d love to take a ride on the carousel on our lunch break, we had to pivot our plans due to COVID-19 to reflect the current landscape and keep the health and wellness of our registrants front and center. 

That said, Reach 2020 will be fully remote, and instead of being two days, we’re packing a big punch into one, and it all starts at 9:00 am Central time.

Because it’s 100% digital, you don’t have to worry about remembering to bring along your business cards to pass out to new connections or if you’re wearing comfortable enough shoes. Instead, sit back, relax, grab a snack, and plan to take the dog out at the usual time, because you can enjoy all of the benefits of Reach from the comfort of your own home.

3. It's free

While some conferences set you back a significant amount of money to attend, Reach is the opposite. In fact, this year, Reach is free.

That’s right, not only do you not have to worry about paying for a rideshare or astronomical parking rates at Navy Pier, or buying a new outfit to impress tons of new connections — you also don’t need to factor in the cost of a ticket. It’s completely free to register. Once you do, just sign in on September 15 to enjoy free content from all of the best networks, centered around only the topics you care most about.

4. Actionable takeaways

While some conferences are all fluff and only talk about things that went according to plan and brought them great success, Reach is going to be different.

With each of our speakers bringing something new and different to the virtual meeting table you’ll learn how to build up your sales strategies, enhance your marketing tactics, and boost revenue for your organization in ways that actually apply to you – because you asked for them.

For instance, if you’re unsure how to navigate everything 2020 is throwing your way, check out Slava Podmurnyi, CEO and Co-Founder of Visartech Inc., who will share more about Interactive Business: The Critical Shift in Business Strategy During Uncertain Times. 

If you’re looking for new ways to scale your business, you can’t miss James Watson, CMO at Immerse, share How to Choose the Right Marketing Approach for a Successful Transition from Start-Up to Scale-Up

Or if you’re on the market for a new job opportunity, check out Juliette Kopecky, CMO at LinkSquares, as she dives into How to Market Yourself: 10 Tips for Finding a Job Now.

No matter which of the hundreds of sessions you tune in to, you are sure to leave REACH with action items to apply to your personal life or your business, no matter the size or the industry.

5. Learn from members of G2

Since this year’s conference is completely digital, you won’t get to meet the hard-working and forward-thinking team here at G2 in person. Instead, we’ll do you one better: you get to learn from us instead.

That’s right – some of our coworkers and top leaders here at G2 are getting the chance to share their expertise on the topics they know most about, giving you the chance to gain some of their knowledge and find out what makes our rocket ship fly.

Some of these sessions include:

  • Eddie Shleyner - Lead Copywriter - 10 Timeless Copywriting Tips from the Masters
  • Sara Rossio -- Chief Product Officer --The 7 Truths of Product Leadership
  • Merry Marwig - Market Research Analyst - Getting Data Privacy Right - A Marketer's Competitive Edge, Transparency Earns Trust and How Vendor Security and Privacy Improves Sales Velocity
  • Yoni Solomon - Lead Product Marketing - joined by James Gilbert, Head of Marketing at CRMNext - Your Buyer Intent Masterclass
  • Marie MacBain - Vice President of Research Operations - Trust by Design: G2’s Marketplace
  • Maia Singletary - Lead Web Developer - Worse Than Silence: Moving Beyond Performative Allyship at Work
  • Jasmine Lee, Nathan Calabrese, Michael Gigante, Gabriel Gheorghi - Market Research Analysts - Disruption is the New Normal in the Supply Chain
  • Aaron Walker, Jasmine Lee, Patrick Szakiel - Market Research Analysts  - Unique Security Challenges in Vertical Industries 
  • Kara Kennedy - Director of Market Research - What Buyers Want in 2020
  • Matthew Miller and Isha Kaur  - Market Research Analysts - Clean Data, Happy Business: Getting Data Quality Right
  • Shaun Bishop, Patrick Szakiel, Jasmine Lee, and Matthew Miller - Research Analysts - Speaking to Your Software: How Conversational AI is Transforming Industries

Sign up today!

Reach will be here before you know it. Don’t miss out on the chance to attend G2’s completely digital, totally free, and customizable conference. We’re looking forward to seeing you -- virtually -- there on September 15! 

This is your conference

Over 100 speakers. Customized content. Completely free.

This is your conference

Over 100 speakers. Customized content. Completely free.

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