5 Reasons to Register for Reach 2023: The Pulse of Software

November 8, 2023

reasons to attend reach 2023

A lot has happened in 2023, and it feels like just yesterday everyone was talking about getting tickets to see The Barbie Movie, Rihanna’s Super Bowl performance, and what to wear to Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour. 

So, if you feel like 2023 flew by, you’re not alone. But before this year comes to a close, there’s one more thing to get excited about – G2’s third annual conference, Reach 2023. Packed with all-star speakers and one-of-a-kind sessions, it’s all happening on December 6th!

We’re so excited that Reach is back and even better than before. We've invited the world's best marketers, sales leaders, and entrepreneurs to share their proven, prescriptive strategies, and timely tactics in this completely free and digital G2 event.

And if that weren’t enough, we’re also offering masterclasses, led by leaders here at G2, on how to build a diversified review gen strategy, win over software buyers who are actually in-market, and the best way to leverage G2 content.

Still need some convincing? Keep reading! We’ve got five great reasons why you should make Reach 2023 a top priority and end the year on a high note!

1. Amazing list of speakers

This year's list of speakers will give attendees a chance to gain exclusive insights into the ins-and-outs of the current software market from leading venture capitalists and C-suite software executives across industries.

Some of the speakers on the outstanding lineup include:

Reach 2023 will also feature our very own Godard Abel, co-founder and CEO of G2, and Sara Rossio, our Chief Product Officer. Their session will pull back the curtain to discuss how G2 is powering software buying and selling in an age of Artificial Intelligence (AI) with Monty, G2’s AI assistant, powered by ChatGPT. Plus, they’ll share our latest innovations  and what’s on the product roadmap in 2024.

2. It's fully remote

Reach 2023 will be fully remote and 100% digital. This means that all attendees can learn more about the pulse of software – from go-to-market strategies and  measuring marketing’s effectiveness to AI use cases and what to know about B2B SaaS investment trends — all from the comforts of their own homes or a conference room at the office with their team members. 

There’s no need to consider factors like how to travel to G2’s headquarters in Chicago for attendance – log in from wherever you are!

3. It's free

While the price of some conferences sets you back a significant amount, Reach is absolutely free. We understand that budgets are tight as companies continually aim to do more with less. The goal of Reach is to offer a free, virtual experience to clarify the state of software during these difficult and transformative times. 

So don’t worry about paying for parking, the cost of the ticket, or buying a new outfit to impress the connections you’ll make along the way. Reach is free to register. All you have to do is sign in on December 6th to enjoy top-notch content from software execs and experts centered around the topics you care about most.

4. Actionable takeaways

Reach 2023 attendees will hear actionable tactics used by Chief Marketing Officers and other top executives to help explore and navigate strategies surrounding AI, exciting B2B investment trends, approaches to GTM alignment, and how to maximize marketing efficiencies.

With each of our speakers bringing something new and different to the virtual meeting table, attendees will discover new ways to build up sales strategies, enhance marketing tactics to nurture customers, and boost revenue in ways that actually apply to teams.

For example, we know attendees have AI on the brain, so Reach will feature a panel focusing on AI use cases for marketers moderated by Carilu Dietrich, advisor and former CMO. Going beyond the casual ChatGPT prompt to draft a piece of content or conduct basic research, she’ll hear from Tim Handorf, G2 co-founder and head of G2 Labs, and other tech leaders on their AI applications that are driving real results for marketing teams. 

There will also be a session highlighting how to drive and measure marketing efficiency, featuring moderator Amanda Malko, Go-to-Market Advisor and former CMO here at G2, plus guest speaker Latané Conant, Chief Revenue Officer at 6sense. In their chat, the duo will discuss how to measure marketing efficiency, how to gain support for brand investments, and showcase practical ways go-to-market teams can not just do more, but be more.

And G2’s own Christine Li, VP of Partnerships and Enablement, will be moderating a session on amping up your revenue team, which will feature leaders from G2 partners Bryan Law, CMO of ZoomInfo and Udi Ledergor, Chief Evangelist of Gong. In this session, Reach attendees will learn how to be prescriptive when it comes to helping the sales team accelerate, pivot, and make the right tech investments. 

With so many sessions to attend, you’re sure to leave Reach with action items to apply to your personal life or your business world, no matter the size or the industry.

5. Learn from members of G2

Instead of meeting the hard-working and forward-thinking team here at G2 in person (like we did for Reach 2019!), we’ll do you one better: you get to learn from us instead.

Some of our employees and top leaders at G2 will share their expertise so attendees can find out what powers our rocket ship. You’ll get a front-row seat to a conversation with G2 Vice President of Market Research, Chris Voce, centering around what’s happening in the B2B software landscape, all based on the trends observed from over 2 million trusted reviews, 150,000+ products and services, and 2,000+ categories on the G2 marketplace.

Attendees can join the following masterclasses led by G2 employees:

  • G2 for Customer Marketers: Masterclass with Katlin Hess, G2 Director of Customer Marketing, and Rachel Bentley, Senior Director of Product Marketing. This session will focus on how  to build a diversified review generation strategy.
  • G2 for Demand Gen Markers: Masterclass with Michael Pannone, G2 Director of Demand Generation, and Robin Izsak-Tseng, G2 VP of Revenue Marketing, sharing tips on how to know what customers are in-market and tactics for engaging and winning them over. Get ready to explore tips on how to effectively do this by tapping into G2 Buyer Intent Data and integrations.
  • G2 for Sales: Masterclass with Colin Danaher, G2 VP of Enterprise Sales, and Caroline Celis, Senior Director of Global Business Development. This session will highlight how to leverage G2 content and data to nurture prospects, retain and  grow customers, and close deals.

Sign up today!

Reach 2023 will be here before you know it. Don’t miss out on the chance to attend G2’s completely digital, totally free conference. We’re looking forward to seeing you – virtually – there on December 6th!

reasons to attend reach
The future of software is here!

Join us for Reach 2023 on December 6th for an inside look into how accelerating trends for software’s next chapter will unfold.

reasons to attend reach
The future of software is here!

Join us for Reach 2023 on December 6th for an inside look into how accelerating trends for software’s next chapter will unfold.

5 Reasons to Register for Reach 2023: The Pulse of Software G2 is back with another can’t-miss conference event, Reach 2023! Find out why you need to register for G2’s completely digital and FREE conference on December 6th. https://learn.g2.com/hubfs/Event-Reach2023-BlogFeaturedImage-ReasonstoAttendReach@2x.png
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