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Awesome Brand Positioning Statement Examples (+Template)

April 30, 2019

Position your brand for success.

This seemingly simple task takes extensive time, research, and company-wide reflection to ensure your customers are perceiving your brand the way you wish it to be perceived.

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Creating a brand positioning statement allows your company to compile its efforts to establish a uniformed direction to ensure positive public perception.

A positioning statement is ever-changing. It must reflect the present while still having the flexibility to change as your business evolves.

This statement is for employees’ eyes only and is used to ensure all business efforts are on par with your overall brand identity.

Positioning statement examples

Once you fully understand what a position statement is and the steps used to write one, let’s utilize our template to create positioning statement examples for some of the most beloved brands in America.

Remember, positioning statements are kept from the public’s eye, so these are just examples created from what we already know from each company’s popular brand identity.


To get us started, I'll use my company, G2, as an example.

G2 provides a B2B review site for business professionals who are looking to quickly discover, buy, and manage the best technology for their needs. Unlike other B2B review sites, G2 offers 700K+ unbiased and verified user reviews in over 1400 categories.

G2 Advertisement

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Apple provides cutting edge technology for tech-savvy consumers who want the top of the line laptops, computers, and mobile devices. Apple promotes inclusion and accessibility for all and takes responsibility for its employees in addition to committing itself to sourcing the highest quality materials and products. 

Apple Advertisement



Chipotle provides premium, real ingredients for customers looking for delicious food that’s ethically sourced and freshly prepared. Chipotle’s dedication to cultivating a better world by cutting out GMOs and providing responsibly raised food sets them apart in the food industry.


Source: Seeking Alpha


Disney provides unique entertainment for consumers seeking magical experiences and memories. Disney leads the competition by providing every aspect of related products and services to the world and appealing to people of all ages.

Disney Experiences

Source: Disney


Starbucks offers the best coffee and espresso drinks for consumers who want premium ingredients and perfection every time. Starbucks not only values every interaction, making each one unique, but the brand commits itself to the highest quality coffee in the world.

starbucks advertisement

Source: Starbucks

A statement to guide all efforts

As you can see, the tag-lines on each brand's advertisement touched on at least one aspect boasted in the example positioning statement. This is exactly what brands need to do to ensure clear public perception.

The most obvious and notable brand features should always be the main points advertised. Allow your brand positioning statement to eliminate confusion and provide a strong direction for your business to accomplish its marketing goals.

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Position yourself well

Creating a singular statement that encompasses the entire essence of your brand may seem like an impossible task at first glance, but it really comes down to having a comprehensive understanding of the direction your business needs to take to accomplish set goals.

Utilizing the template provided in this article will assist your business in building a strong brand position statement that ultimately defines your presence in the marketplace and aligns all business efforts for the future.

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Awesome Brand Positioning Statement Examples (+Template) Learn from these positioning statement examples to understand the best way to write one for your business! Position statement template included!
Hannah Tow Hannah is a former content marketing associate at G2. She graduated from the University of Missouri with a degree in Journalism. In her free time, Hannah enjoys running with her dog, Teddy, traveling to new and exciting places, and capturing the beautiful places she travels to with her DSLR camera. (she/her/hers)

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