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1,000,000 Unbiased Reviews

How We Did It



How We Reached the 1 Million Reviews Milestone

By Jed Fudally

Success didn’t happen right away — we had to think outside the box and constantly adapt in order to appeal to new users and grow our review pipeline. READ MORE


How We Leverage Email to Build Relationships with Our Users

By Kelsey Norris

Learn how our email strategy changed over time and became one of the channels to make the biggest impact to our review goals while building trust with our users. READ MORE


How We Partnered with Vendors to Bring Products to Life

By Wyatt Lindsey

One of the top ways for vendors to influence their rating among competitors is to get more reviews. Here’s how we helped vendors campaign for more feedback from their users. READ MORE



How We Found Thousands of Reviewers on Social Media

By Kelsey Norris

Targeting audiences all over the world, our digital strategies have introduced G2 to new users in dozens of countries. READ MORE


How Reviews are Making a Difference with G2 Gives

By Clara Flaherty

Discover why we donate money to global causes for reviews, and how that drive to give back revolutionized our entire review booth strategy. READ MORE


How We Built the Team that Made 1M Reviews Possible

By Jed Fudally

Our team started out small but mighty, and as the number of reviews has grown so too has our team, both at home and internationally. READ MORE