How to Endorse Someone on LinkedIn (+Get Endorsed Back)

Mara Calvello
Mara Calvello  |  January 23, 2019

When building your professional brand, enhancing your LinkedIn profile is a great place to start.

Not only can you apply for jobs, but LinkedIn also makes it easy to add your resume to your profile and post an article that grabs the attention of your connections. And who knew that you could activate LinkedIn Private Mode to browse a profile totally incognito. 

Part of building your professional brand is making sure that your list of skills is accurate and that each skill applies in some way to your past and present job descriptions, which will showcase your abilities.

These skills can be endorsed by your first-degree connections, which contributes to the overall strength of your profile. A great way to get endorsements is to endorse others, especially those who have seen your skills firsthand. Endorsing the skills of your connections is easy, but if you aren’t sure how to do so, just keep reading.

How do I endorse someone on LinkedIn?

LinkedIn introduced the ability to add and endorse professional skills in 2012. Users can add up to 50 skills to their profile, and since its debut, there have been over 10 billion endorsements.

Endorsements on LinkedIn are simply expertise that a peer knows you have. As an example, if you have worked with a first-degree connection in Public Relations, you can endorse any skills they have listed that have to do with PR.

When you endorse someone on LinkedIn, you are recognizing the professional abilities you have seen them demonstrate, as you also maintain a strong relationship with that connection by helping them to build their professional brand.

Go to the Search bar and type in a connection’s name

To endorse someone on LinkedIn, type their name into the search bar. Click your connection’s name from the drop-down list of choices. 

LinkedIn Search Bar

Option One: Scroll to Skills & Endorsements

Once on their profile, you will find their list of Skills & Endorsements towards the middle. Each skill is listed by a blue plus sign. Clicking to endorse a certain skill turns this into a grey checkmark.

LinkedIn Skills and Endorsements

After you endorse a connection’s skill, they are sent an email notifying them of your endorsement. They are given the option of responding to thank you for doing so.

LinkedIn Endorsement Thank You

Option Two: Endorse the shared Skill

If you have any shared skills with your connection, these will be listed towards the top of their profile.

Endorse a Skill on LinkedIn

Just like above, when you choose to endorse the shared skill, LinkedIn will email your connection letting them know of their new endorsement.

Thanks for Endorsing Skill on LinkedIn

Help a connection out

The next time you are browsing the LinkedIn profile of an old co-worker, it may be in your best interest to endorse some of their skills. And, if they’re feeling friendly, maybe they’ll endorse one of yours!

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