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How G2 Gives Continues to Make a Difference

February 10, 2023

G2 Gives 2022

Optimism and hope are two of the most powerful qualities humans possess.

Through these qualities, we find the courage to seek positive change in our world. Big or small, how we choose to make a difference adds up.

The same goes for us at G2. We know that it’s our responsibility to do more for impacted communities and empower those in a position to influence real change.

That’s why we created G2 Gives, and we can’t wait to share the great results we had in the last year.

How G2 Gives connects vendors with charitable organizations

As any software vendor on G2 will tell you, getting tons of reviews is tough. Incentivizing people to leave a review, whether positive or constructive, is a consistent strategy to generate more reviews to overcome these challenges.

While some folks are perfectly content with gift cards to their favorite retailers, what if we could incentivize others in a different way? What if, instead of a gift card, people had the choice to donate to causes that resonate with them?

Fast forward to today and several iterations later, G2 Gives now offers incentive options to include a $10 donation to one of our pillar partners for qualifying reviews. Here’s a snapshot of what we’ve accomplished in the last few years.


raised since 2017


organizations donated to since 2017

G2 Gives partner organizations

In some cases, reviewers may opt to donate to their charity or non-profit of choice. However, we try to encourage donations for a smaller collection of organizations since more funding in their hands can go a lot further than small donations to a larger pool.

Beginning in May 2021, G2 Gives began our partnership with 11 different organizations across North America, Europe, and Asia. Each of these pillar partners was carefully selected based on their reputation, the communities they represent, and the themes G2 proudly supports.

G2 not only helps companies reach their potential, but they are just as committed to making an impact by helping the American Cancer Society provide critical programs to the many who need our patient support services.

 Wayne White
Executive Vice President of North Central Region at American Cancer Society

Check out this complete list of the pillar organization we proudly partner with through G2 Gives:

If you haven’t already, explore the organizations above to learn more about their mission. For now, let’s take a look at how G2 Gives has made a difference in the last year.

Looking back on 2022

With a sense of what G2 Gives stands for and its mission, let’s get to it and see just what we achieved between February to October 2022.


in donations


new charities supported


software reviews submitted via G2 Gives

This is tremendous progress, but this data only tells part of the story.

Making an impact in Latin America with New Story

Safe shelter is necessary for happiness and prosperity for all people. Throughout the world, shelter is harder to come by, and homelessness continues to skyrocket year after year.

That’s why G2 Gives is proud to partner with New Story, an organization whose mission is to successfully provide for families in need in Latin America. By securing access to safe housing, people have access to much more than somewhere to sleep.

G2 has enabled a generational impact for families in need of safe housing in Latin America. Families will now see an increase in health and wellness, safety and security, opportunities in education, and income generation from the remarkable impact made.

Kristen Harrington
Senior Manager of Partnerships at New Story

We were extremely pleased with what we were able to achieve in 2021 in partnership with New Story. Here’s a direct look at the results.


homes funded


Raised by G2’s employees and programs

Changing the world, one review at a time

We look forward to seeing where we can go with G2 Gives this year. With your help and our commitment to connecting software vendors with some amazing organizations, we want 2023 to be our most successful yet and contribute towards meaningful change.

As thrilled as we are with our results over the last year across all the organizations we’ve supported, our work isn’t done yet. We’re confident that G2 Gives will come to represent something truly special in the years to come.

Want to partner with G2 Gives and generate more reviews for your brand? Learn more about how the world’s biggest software vendors succeed with G2-managed Review Generation campaigns.

Connect reviewers with charities and nonprofits through G2 Gives
Create an impact with G2 Gives

By partnering with G2 Gives, you can scale review collection by connecting customers with charitable organizations.

Connect reviewers with charities and nonprofits through G2 Gives
Create an impact with G2 Gives

By partnering with G2 Gives, you can scale review collection by connecting customers with charitable organizations.

How G2 Gives Continues to Make a Difference We're changing the world one review at a time. G2 Gives enables software vendors to incentivize and scale reviews. Learn more about our recent success.
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