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Expand Your Reach With Facebook Messenger Marketing

January 16, 2020

Whether you're in the process of putting together a brand-new small business or you've successfully managed more than one high-profile company, you need to understand how to effectively spread your marketing message.

Social media has become the bullhorn for businesses to reach and engage with their customer base. One of the newest tools for achieving this goal is Facebook Messenger – specifically Facebook Messenger chatbot.

This is a chatbot that lives within the Facebook Messenger environment, and allows businesses to engage with potential customers in real time. Before you launch into using the Facebook Messenger bot to drive more business you need to first create a good brand messaging foundation for engaging your audience.

Facebook Messenger marketing: what to say?

What exactly is a marketing message? This message is the ideas or emotions you want to elicit from your audience as you sell your products or services. The main goal of this message is to prompt an emotional response that triggers personal positive feelings. It should make the people in your target consumer pool feel that they have a personal connection with your business, your goods, and your services.

Elements of a successful marketing message

As you work to put your marketing plan together, there are several factors to include.

Most obviously understand who your consumers are right from the start. You won't get good results with a generic message that doesn't connect deeply with your target audience. Your message must provide valuable and interesting content that is relevant to the lives of your consumers. Ask yourself why your target customers are interested in what you have to offer.

Then, explain how you can help your customers. What problems can you solve for your audience? How will your products or services make life better? Identify the problems and inconveniences for your potential clients and then show how you can bring about improvements.

Next, create a powerful headline statement. This statement may be the first point of contact between your business and the consumers. You need to make a great first impression by summing up the most relevant benefits in a succinct line of content. You have to convince your consumers that you truly care about them, their problems, and the benefits of enjoying your goods or services. Resist the urge to simply list the features of your offering. 

As you review these elements of a successful marketing message, you may think it's easier said than done to satisfy each requirement. While it's true that a lot of effort goes into perfecting your brand image and message, it's also true that the resulting message is a powerful element of your marketing strategy.

Helpful tips for communicating effectively

Developing effective marketing messages is a key skill set for any digital marketer. Use the following tips to communicate positive, impactful ideas to your target audience.

Emotions and logic fuel purchasing decisions

Consumers make purchases based on a balance of emotions and logic. This means that your message should appeal to both. Think about talking up the details that go into creating a product of great quality and then address the emotional appeal of enjoying the solutions provided by your product.

Instill trust via examples

Don't expect people to just “take your word for it”. Instead, give examples of people just like them who have had the same trouble and have enjoyed the same relief by working with your business. Remember to avoid generic examples, too. Those are worse than none.

Set your business apart from others

What makes your services unique from others in your area? Why should people choose your business over your competitors? Work to make your brand as unique and personal as possible.

Avoid jargon

Use the same language, words, and phrases that your customers use. This doesn’t mean giving up professionalism. It means avoiding technical lingo or overly-complicated jargon if your target audience doesn't use them. Work for a conversational tone that is friendly and straightforward.

With these important message elements and tips for having a powerful and positive impact in mind, it’s time to take a look at how you can share through Facebook Messenger.

Understand the Facebook platform, policies, and tools

One of the first things you need to do when preparing your message is to make sure it's appropriate for Messenger. Don't make the mistake of trying to use the same content for a tweet as for a Facebook post. Similarly, your Messenger content requires unique characteristics that aren't always pertinent to another platform. Think about the primary purpose of your chosen platform and tailor your message to that platform.

Your next step is to become familiar with the governing policies that Facebook has established for business communications, including those occurring in Facebook Messenger. Your goal in using the Messenger platform is probably geared toward engaging with as many target consumers as possible. Along the way, you want to avoid getting reported which could result in your page being banned from using Messenger. Avoid complaints and provide content according to Facebook's rules, so you don't get reported.

Learn to use a chatbot. These are used by politicians, religious organizations, small businesses, large corporations, and just about everyone else to reach out to billions of Facebook users. The bot has already been set up to let you provide automatic messaging. You actually engage with your customers and potential customers at any time. When your target audience wants information about your business, it is easily available. 

Use the chatbot to increase consumer engagement and to provide interactive responses to your customers' questions and concerns. Don’t forget to have a little fun with your bot, too! These tools are primarily used to pass along information, but you'll have better responses if your bot is friendly and personable. You may find that some techniques such as sharing helpful tips or providing entertaining replies are great ways to keep readers engaged. 

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It’s also important to make sure you include an unsubscribe message that is simple and visible. One of the best ways to avoid getting reported is to make it easy for readers to unsubscribe when they want. A common way to allow readers to discontinue getting your messages is to respond with STOP.

Work within established guidelines

Here are some examples of using Facebook's tools and policies for positive results. Understand the boundary between the one reply autoresponder and further messaging. You've put up a post and someone messages your post, now you have permission to send one short reply – no more than this. That response to your post does not constitute an opt-in for receiving messages. This is true until the individual responds to your free response. If the individual responds to the FREE reply, they’ve officially opted in. A question or message that invites an immediate response is a great way to get consumers to opt-in for messaging.

You also need to learn how to use chat blasts. Why? An email campaign has a goal of 15 to 25 percent engagement; a chat blast in Messenger typically results in 70 to 80 percent open rates during the first hour. Today's generation of users is much more likely to interact with a Messenger prompt than an email. You'll need to build a chat dialogue, include your "unsubscribe" message, and personalize the content. Facebook has made it easy to send these messages with several tools and message types already set up and waiting for your content.

Surpass competitors with emerging tools

An effective Facebook Messenger marketing strategy is a great way to attract new customers, develop a deeper relationship with existing customers, and increasing customer loyalty through meaningful communication. Your first efforts should go into developing a message that resonates with existing and potential consumers.

When you know what you want to say and what you want consumers to think and feel about your offerings, you're ready to turn your focus to using Messenger to enhance your marketing. It's time to get on board with this fairly new technology before your competitors outpace you. 

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Expand Your Reach With Facebook Messenger Marketing See why Facebook Messenger marketing is so essential to having a successful engagement rate for your social and marketing strategy!
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