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21 Content Curation Statistics Revealing Its Importance

May 16, 2024

content curation statistics

In a world where content is king, small businesses and startups often find themselves in an uphill battle to create diverse content in volume. This is especially challenging for businesses that are short on resources. Enter content curation, a valuable approach to finding and sharing insightful content. 

Content curation software lets businesses discover and distribute content from third-party sources to their audience. It automates research and gives shareable information businesses can use to attract prospective customers or establish thought leadership.

More importantly, some of these solutions are available with free trials or plans, and their pricing is a fraction of what a business would otherwise have to pay a full-time employee. 

Let’s dive into the data and see if content curation is something that can benefit a business.

Top content curation statistics

Every piece of content one shares doesn’t need to be theirs. Many marketers and leaders share third-party content with their audience and include their unique opinions or thoughts with it. Use these statistics to understand how content curation is trending in the present market. 

  • 85% of curators establish thought leadership through curation.
  • Only 5% of marketers do not share third-party content, while nearly a third share relevant blogs and publications daily.
  • 32% of marketers share online content daily. 


of content creators struggle to produce enough quality information to establish an engaged audience.

Source: LYFE Marketing

  • 31% of marketers share content every week. 
  • 11% of marketers rarely share any content with their customers and prospects.

Using social media for content curation and distribution 

Social media and content curation go hand in hand. A major share of marketers use social media platforms to find content their audience would take an interest in. Let these statistics explain the relationship of social media with content curation. 

  • 79% of marketers scout social media to curate content, more than the 63% who use newsletters.


of marketers distribute curated content through social media, making it the top approach for sharing.

Source: Writtent 

  • About 64% of curated Facebook posts reach an impressive audience of over 750,000 users.
  • If a brand overshares self-promotional content on social media, 45% of users will stop following them.

Using content curation in content marketing

Content curation is a key part of any content marketing strategy. Content marketing works by creating and distributing diverse content on different channels. Let’s understand how content marketers use curated content through the statistics below. 

  • In an age of "information obesity," sharing high-quality content is critical. Compared to a decade ago, 30% of marketers still find it challenging to source quality content.
  • 78% of marketers use organized systems to manage content curation, ensuring quality and consistency before publishing.
  • With information potentially doubling every 72 hours, search engines might not suffice for future content discovery. This underscores the growing importance of content curation in staying relevant and visible.


of B2B marketers use content marketing as a central strategy.

Source: Brafton

  • 21% of marketers share content from blogs and other publications with prospects and customers monthly. 
  • Over 70% of marketers report that content-focused marketing has significantly amplified customer engagement.

Marketers' perspective on curated content 

Curated content helps marketers achieve their content goals while putting comparatively less effort into creating original content. Take a look at what business-to-business (B2B) or business-to-consumer (B2C) marketing thinks about content curation.

  • Top marketers typically use 65% original content and 25% curated content.
  • Nearly half (49%) of B2B marketers feel that content creation has limited their marketing efforts.


of marketers use content curation to establish themselves as experts and improve customer relationships.


  • 78% of marketers believe learning and development (L&D) teams should adopt content curation as they adapt to new roles.
  • 41% of marketers plan to increase their use of user-generated content in 2021.

Build credibility faster

Sharing third-party content with unique perspectives and opinions establishes thought leadership on a topic. The audience sees the sharer as an expert in the subject and is likely to engage with their perspective. Thus, content curation and distribution help a business establish thought leadership faster. 

Learn more about how to find the best content for your audience

Content Curation Software
The right content is out there

Explore content curation software to help discover content from third-party sources and share it with audiences for marketing purposes.

Content Curation Software
The right content is out there

Explore content curation software to help discover content from third-party sources and share it with audiences for marketing purposes.

21 Content Curation Statistics Revealing Its Importance Explore these content curation statistics to see if it makes sense in your marketing strategy. Learn more about marketers’ perspectives on it.
Sagar Joshi Sagar Joshi is a former content marketing specialist at G2 in India. He is an engineer with a keen interest in data analytics and cybersecurity. He writes about topics related to them. You can find him reading books, learning a new language, or playing pool in his free time.

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