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Maddie Rehayem

Maddie is a former content specialist at G2. She also has a passion for music and cats. (she/her/hers)


What Are Convertible Bonds? Definition, Types, Pros and Cons

People in investing often look for options that promise security and potential for high- growth....


What Are Corporate Bonds? Definition, Types, Features

Beyond stock and loans, companies have another tool to raise money: corporate bonds.


Pecking Order Theory: How to Put Funding Sources In Order

The pecking order theory or pecking order model explains how companies prioritize financing sources...


What Is Net Profit Margin? Definition, Formula, And Examples

Each sales dollar you make leaves you some profit.


What is Cost of Equity? Formula to calculate it

If you could have any superpower, what would it be?


Hospitality Careers: Your Guide To Opportunities in the Industry

Looking to get into the field of hospitality?


401(k) Calculator: Project Your Retirement Savings in Seconds

Planning for the future is daunting, especially when the end goal feels out of sight.


How to Create Folders in Gmail on Desktop or Mobile

Keeping a tidy inbox is no small feat.


How to Format a Subscript or Superscript in PowerPoint

You’re here because you need to make a superscript (or subscript) in PowerPoint.

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