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Maddie Rehayem

Maddie is a former content specialist at G2. She also has a passion for music and cats. (she/her/hers)

Social Media

How to Block Someone on Reddit in 3 Easy Steps

The good news: In 2016, Reddit introduced a block function to its users. The bad news: It’s not...


How Capital Structure Holds Up Your Business

At a glance, it can be tough to tell whether a building is structurally sound based on its...

Social Media

How To Delete Your Reddit Account in 5 Easy Steps

At its best, Reddit can be a valuable resource and an online community. At its worst, it’s a...


What Equity Ratio Means and How to Calculate It Easily

You walk into your office Monday morning and spy a colleague enjoying a powdered donut.


Debt Ratio: How to Find and Use it

Two millennials walk into a bar.


Stock Options: How Employees Are Paid in Equity

“Give me my check...or pay me in equity,” sang Beyoncé on a single off her joint album with...


Small Business Finance Basics (+7 Success Stories)

What do small business entrepreneurs do in between the lightbulb moment and launch day?


What Are Business Loans? (+Which Type Is Right for Your Business)

All small businesses and startups began with a great idea. For many, the next step was to borrow...


Cruising for Capital: Your Guide to Convertible Bond Basics

Depending on where they live, convertible owners keep the tops of their cars covered for most of...

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