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Izabelle Hundrev

Izabelle is a Partner Marketing Specialist at InStride and a former content specialist at G2. Outside of work, she is passionate about all things pop culture, food, and travel. (she/her/hers)


So, What Does a Real Estate Agent Do Anyway?

Whether it’s a home or a commercial property, selling real estate is no simple feat. That’s why...


60+ Must-Read Real Estate Statistics for 2019

The business of real estate is always changing.


What Is a Pocket Listing? (Definition, Advantages + Disadvantages)

Selling a real estate property has a lot to do with effective marketing.


The Basics of a Home Appraisal (+ Free Checklist)

Between the buyer, seller, and lender, there are countless steps to take before a real estate...


What Is a Mortgage? The Basics of a Home Loan

Nobody likes the idea of debt.


What Is a Short Sale? Definition, Benefits + Drawbacks

No matter what it is that you’re shopping for, it’s always exciting when you get a discount on...


Net Operating Income in Real Estate: What It Is + How to Calculate It

Investing in real estate is a gamble, and not always the fun Las Vegas-type of gamble either.


Escrow: What It Is and How It Works In Real Estate

For most people, buying a property is a big deal.


What Is Cap Rate? (+How to Calculate It)

The primary goal of investing is to end up with more money than you started with.

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