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Devin Pickell

Devin is a former senior content specialist at G2. Prior to G2, he helped scale early-stage startups out of Chicago's booming tech scene. Outside of work, he enjoys watching his beloved Cubs, playing baseball, and gaming. (he/him/his)


8 Big Data Technologies On the Rise

The media storm surrounding big data has calmed, but businesses are still searching for ways to...


The 4 Most Important Big Data Programming Languages

Programming languages, just like spoken languages, have their own unique structures, formats,...


Keyword Stuffing Your Content? Avoid it at All Costs

Stuffing is great for Thanksgiving, but not so much for your keywords.


Google Buys Looker, Salesforce Buys Tableau – What This Means for Business Intelligence

If you’ve been paying attention to tech news recently, you know something big is on the horizon.


What Is Cached Data and Should You Keep it or Clear it?

Not sure if you’ve noticed, but opening an app or visiting a website for the first time can take...


5 Clever Examples of How Machine Learning is Used Today

If you used Google, Spotify, or Uber in the past week, you’ve engaged with products that utilize...


How to Make a Graph in Google Sheets (Step-by-Step Guide)

Whether it’s for work, fun, or research, creating charts and graphs in Google Sheets can add a...


30 Business Intelligence Statistics for Data-Driven Companies

From marketing and sales to product and operations, every team would like a hand in business...


Supervised vs Unsupervised Learning – What's the Difference?

Machine learning has been a hot topic for years now and has led to technological breakthroughs...

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